HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Roaming Dog: Chocolate Lab, 2 collars – Highway 103, near exit 6

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Chocolate Lab, 2 collars - Highway 103, near exit 6

This dog has been reunited with their very happy owners.  Thanks so much to Melanie for making the effort to stop and catch this guy.  Thanks to everyone who shared the news.

Found…male chocolate lab on Hwy 103, near Exit 6.

2 collars…


Updated April 16/11 Resolved

LOST DOG: Long Term: Lola: Am Staff Mix, beige, female – Riverside Rd, Fort Ellis/Stewiacke

LOST DOG: Long Term: Lola - Am Staff - Fort Ellis/Stewiacke

We live on Riverside road Fort Ellis Stewiacke-our dog has been missing for a few months, she went missing on January 21/11. I didn’t have the heart to post this sooner because I had hope that she would find her way back to us! Ive asked all of our neighbors and local people, spca, animal control no luck. So I’m hoping by posting her picture someone may know where she is or may be taking care of her. ( we will pay you for taking care of her)! WE MISS HER SOOOO MUCH! it was a nice evening snowing a little we let our dogs out to play. We were all  in the yard our two boys myself and my husband and Teddy our other dog. Lola was chasing Teddy – he took off in the woods – she never follows him and was never on her own – but that night she did – Then it started to rain/hail/snow mix- they took off around 530pm – we found Teddy around 7pm-and searched for Lola all night and the next morning and for a good week and we are still looking. If you have any information please call! Thank you soooo much!!


HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Laya: Am Staff, 11yr old, Female – Ardoise, Hants Co.

FANTASTIC!!! Laya, the 11 yr old Spunky Pup… came home on her own today… the owner was out putting up posters when a neighbour called to say Laya was barking to get in at home.  SWEET!!!!  She has been vet checked and is resting at home.  Wonderful news… thanks to everyone who took the time to care and spread the word.

LOST DOG: Laya: Am Staff, 11 yr old, female, black with white - Ardoise, Hants Co

LOST DOG: Laya: Am Staff, 11 yr old, female, black with white - Ardoise, Hants Co

A very special part of our family is missing! PLEASE HELP US FIND HER!!!!
Laya is our black and white 11year old Am Staff (she looks a lot younger and is still very mobile) and was last seen on the evening of Sunday, Apirl 10th at 9:30pm at our home in Ardoise, Hants County NS. She is wearing her red collar and is friendly but timid of strangers. Laya went out to pee and is always back at the door to find her bed next to the fireplace…she wasnt….and literally vanished. THIS IS NOT LIKE HER AT ALL!!!!! We have searched everywhere we can possibly think she’d be. There are a lot of woods in our area and she could be in just about any part of Hants County!!

Updated: April 12/11 Resolved

LOST DOG: Long Term: Jericho, Reward – Truro and Cape Breton


LOST DOG: Long Term: Jericho - Cape Breton

Hi, we have lost our dog jericho on September 05th, 2008. We lived in capebreton and he was stolen an taken to truro n,s…He had been spotted a couple times and each time I went to go get him, he was gone.  About two months had passed and someone in truro had seen him on the road.  he also placed an ad on here and I responded but when I said Id come to get him, he had given him to a family that he thought was the correct one.  We loved him Desperately.  He was our family dog. If you have seen him or know where he is or think youve seen him, please contact us as we miss him terribly. we are in cape breton but would still travel the distance to get him back along with a $1000 reward  Please please help us find him.  902 849 0944





Missing dogs focus of online search network
Sisters who operate website share passion for animals
Mon, Apr 11 – 4:54 AM

Tyler Naugler and his dogs Daisy, left, and Duke look over a laptop at their home in Spryfield on Wednesday. Naugler was able to find Duke, who was lost recently, with the help of a dog finding service on Kijiji. (PETER PARSONS / Staff)

When Duke went missing last week, a team of investigators quickly mobilized to find the 40-kilogram boxer.
Shortly after he posted his dog’s information on Kijiji, Duke’s owner Tyler Naugler of Spryfield got a call from Anne Morrison of the Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network saying she was on the case.
“She was absolutely unbelievable,” Naugler said.
The network, launched with a website in January, has quickly grown into a popular resource for dog owners whose pets go missing, with around five new posts every day.
Morrison gave Naugler a template for a lost dog poster and told him what steps to take to find his missing dog.
He made calls to a local shelter and filled out posters with Duke’s photo. The following morning, Halifax Regional Municipality’s animal services brought Duke home. The happy ending is one of many the lost dog network has had role in.
Morrison and her sister, Heather, see their website as a way to get the word out about missing dogs and provide a resource to those who are under emotional stress while their dogs are missing.
“We’ve all lost a dog, whether it was for five minutes or five days, and it is just heart-wrenching,” said Morrison.
The sisters are volunteers with the Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership and are passionate about animals.
They created the website after locating a missing Burmese mountain dog over Christmas using Facebook and posters. The network of people they created through Facebook was determined to find the dog, which turned up after 11 cold days wandering in the woods.
“We thought, ‘Wow, we could do this for a lot of dogs,’ ” said Heather Morrison. They created the lost dog network website, found at bit.ly/eCGsAQ, soon after.
The sisters trawl Craigslist and Kijiji every day looking for new posts and people they can help. But people are now coming to them when their dogs go missing.
The majority expect the worst, thinking their pet is either stolen or lunch meat for a hungry coyote, the Morrisons said. They give encouragement to them, reminding them that 80 per cent of the time dogs are just lost.
The sisters post the information they receive from owners on their website and send it out via linked Twitter and Facebook accounts.
The site has photos of lost dogs as well as posts for dogs that people catch roaming in their yards and neighbourhoods.
And there’s a list of happy endings, dogs reunited with their owners, each filed with the same update: “Home safe ’n’ sound.”
( gbird@herald.ca)

LOST DOG: Passport/Bella: Greyhound, Female, Brindle – North End Halifax

LOST DOG: Bella: Greyhound, female - Hydrostone Area, HRM

LOST DOG: Bella: Greyhound, female, brindle - Hydrostone, HRM

REWARD: $1500!!!

HALIFAX ALERT: Hydrostone Area: Urgent – Lost Greyhound – female, brindle, last seen in Hyrdrostone area. Still has collar and lead on her. Please cal If you find her or even see her.

This rescue Greyhound came in Saturday – NEW – her name is Bella – her owner Anna – is out looking for the dog – Last spotted on Devonshire at around 2pm. This dog may not respond to her given name – so please approach in a calm manner as home life is brand new to her.

She *might* respond to “Passport” (racing name)…but she is *extremely* shy

Read New Kijiji Ad Here

Read Kijiji Ad Here

Updated: April 13/11 reward
Updated: April 17/11 Resolved

HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Toller Mix, male, adult – Barra Glen Rd, Victoria Subd., Cape Breton

LOST DOG: Toller Mix, male - Barra Glen Rd, Victoria Subd., Cape Breton

Happy Ending: Home Safe n’ Sound… This cutie tried it out there on her own, but decided it was a big scary world and came home all on her own.  And this beauty will be sleeping indoors from now on.  SWEET!!!!  Thanks to all that spread the word and congrats to it’s family.

Our dog went missing maybe during the night and we can’t find him anywhere he was on a chain and has never broke off before and we have had him off before and he never left the yard. If you have seen him or anything please call 725-1223 or 371-2813 no emails.


Updated: April 11/11 Resolved




HAPPY ENDING: Harvey is Home!: Roaming Dog: 1 yr old Puppy – Brookside St, Glacebay, CB

FOUND: Roaming Dog: 1 yr old Puppy - Brookside St, Glacebay, CB

HAPPY ENDING!! Harvey is home with his family… Yeah!!!

I am a very lonely puppy about 1 year old.  I wandered away from my home  and was found in the mdidle of Brookside Street yesterday.  A very nice man took me home so I wouldn’t get hurt.  I’m being feed and looked after, but I’m really lonely and looking for my parent.  Please call —- so I can come back home to you.

FOUND: Puppy – Near Rink, Whitney Pier, Cape Breton

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Puppy - Whitney Pier, CB

Puppy found in Whitney Pier, by rink.  If you are missing a puppy, please message me with description, puppy is safe, fed and happy.

Contact through their kijiji ad with the link below:

Read Kijiji Ad Here

HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Buddy: Silky Terrier, male – Cole Harbour/Portland Hill Area, HRM

LOST DOG: Buddy: Silky Terrier - Cole Harbour, HRM

LOST DOG: Buddy: Silky Terrier - Cole Harbour, HRM

Happy Ending: After a week in the woods, Buddy has been found safe n’ sound.  YEAH!!! Amazing Bud… we are so happy for you.


Our family dog Buddy got out of the house Saturday April 9th 2011 in Cole Harbour/ Portland Hill area. We miss him very much and would really appreciate if anyone see’s him to contact us. Thank You for your help!











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