HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Soiund: Lost Dog: Melissa Ave, Brookside, Halifax Co., NS — Poodle, Male, Adult — “Tanner”



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound! We thank all that cared and shared. “TANNER HAS BEEN FOUND!!!
Thank you so much for all your help and caring advice ” (5.4.14 – 5.6.14)

Breed or Mix: Poodle

Sex: Male, Age: Adult

Collar/Tags: Black Leather Collar- NO tags

Lost on: 05/04/2014

Area: Melissa Ave, Brookside, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: WHITE CURLY HAIRED POODLE with a long tail and black collar, named TANNER. This is the same dog that was sighted roaming last week. Tanners’ dog sitters are very upset that he has wandered away and would greatly appreciate any help in getting him back home. Please report any sightings immediately.

Please Contact:…

LOST DOG: Long Term: 127 Knol Lane, Oxford, Cumberland Co., NS — Beagle, Male, 3 years — “Spencer George”


Spencer George

Breed or Mix: Beagle

Sex: Male, Age: 3 years

Collar/Tags: Collar not on, white bandage wrap on front left leg. Leg had been shaved for vet visit and had become sunburned, so we had it wrapped up.

Lost on: 07/11/2012

Area: 127 Knol Lane, Oxford, Cumberland, NS

Additional Notes: Spencer is a 3 year old male beagle missing since july of 2012 from the Oxford Area. As per his picture he has a lot of black on him. At the time he went missing the most identiying thing would have been that he had just recently had his front left leg shaved from a vet visit and had a bandage on it. He had recently beened quilled. He didn’t have his collar on when he went missing. He didn’t often bark except when someone had a hat on. We live right off the highway at the Oxford exit in nova scotia. He often was seen running in our fields adjacent to the highway. As he is very friendly it’s entirely possible that he would get into someone’s car. Perhaps someone found him and didn’t see a collar and assumed he was a stray.. however he was very healthy and sleek, not over or underweight. We searched for days along all of the roadways and never found any trace of any kind that he met with an accident. Even if he did any information at all concerning his possible whereabouts would be appreciated. He is much missed by his sister, Belle, and his children miss and love him.

Please Contact: Please cross post and if you have any information contact: jeannie knol, mjknol@hotmail.com 1-902-694-6257
1-902-694-6250 darren knol
1-902-447-2348 cindy
1-902-686-3390 mary esther

LOST DOG: 2300 Highway 1, Aylesford, Kings Co., NS — Maltese, Male, 15 months — “Harlow”



Breed or Mix: Maltese

Sex: Male, Age: 15 months

Collar/Tags: No Collar: Just had haircut, was not wearing his Collar

Lost on: 12/17/2012

Area: 2300 Highway 1, Aylesford, Kings Co., NS

Additional Notes: Harlow is only 5 pounds, he has blue in his eyes and straight white hair, he just had a haircut when he went missing in the Aylesford/ Auburn area. He has a bit of tab under his hair on his ears, mostly only noticeable if his hair is cut and not very noticeable but he would have a scar under his right eye by his nose from when he was real little.

Please Contact: Please cross post and if you have any information contact: Katelyn, Yesterdays_rose@hotmail.com 902 300 0476
341 2176
375 2240
538 3252

STOLEN Aug 16/07: Chocolate Lab, white spot on chest, tattoo in left ear: 3BV 6T – Happy Harry's Lumber Store, Digby, NS

STOLEN Aug 16/07: Chocolate Lab, white spot on chest, tattoo in left ear: 3BV 6T - Happy Harry's Lumber Store, Digby, NS

On August 16, 2007, a pure bred Labrador Retriever puppy was taken from Happy Harry’s lumber store in Digby. It is  male with a distinctive white spot in the middle of its chest. He would now be 4 years old. He has a tattoo in his left ear 3BV 6T. Any information would be appreciated. Please contact me 222 1948. Thank you.

LOST DOG: Rocky: Husky, male, 1 blue/1 brown eye, white/gray/black, 3 1/2 yrs old – Windsor Back Rd, Three Mile Plains, Windsor

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LOST DOG: Rocky: Husky, male, 1 blue/1 brown eye, white/gray/black, 3 1/2 yrs old - Windsor Back Rd, Three Mile Plains, Windsor

LOST DOG: Rocky: Husky, male, 1 blue/1 brown eye, white/gray/black, 3 1/2 yrs old - Windsor Back Rd, Three Mile Plains, Windsor

UPDATE: Rocky is still missing!!! July 15, 2011LOST DOG: Rocky: Husky: 3.5 yr old, male

MISSING FROM:the Three Mile Plains area just outside of Windsor
He has one blue eye and one brown eye. He has a scar on the top of his nose that is red. He has a green John Deere collar on with a blue tag on it with his name on it. On the other side there is 2 numbers that are not current. But the numbers that you can contact is 472-2877 or 877-0305. And ask for either Allison or Wayne. He has been gone since Friday June 17th. PLEASE HELP US TO BRING ROCKY HOME!
Please check your yards and outbuildings and report any sightings immediately, thank you.

LOST DOG: Long Term: Lola: Am Staff Mix, beige, female – Riverside Rd, Fort Ellis/Stewiacke

LOST DOG: Long Term: Lola - Am Staff - Fort Ellis/Stewiacke

We live on Riverside road Fort Ellis Stewiacke-our dog has been missing for a few months, she went missing on January 21/11. I didn’t have the heart to post this sooner because I had hope that she would find her way back to us! Ive asked all of our neighbors and local people, spca, animal control no luck. So I’m hoping by posting her picture someone may know where she is or may be taking care of her. ( we will pay you for taking care of her)! WE MISS HER SOOOO MUCH! it was a nice evening snowing a little we let our dogs out to play. We were all  in the yard our two boys myself and my husband and Teddy our other dog. Lola was chasing Teddy – he took off in the woods – she never follows him and was never on her own – but that night she did – Then it started to rain/hail/snow mix- they took off around 530pm – we found Teddy around 7pm-and searched for Lola all night and the next morning and for a good week and we are still looking. If you have any information please call! Thank you soooo much!!


LOST DOG: Long Term: Jericho, Reward – Truro and Cape Breton


LOST DOG: Long Term: Jericho - Cape Breton

Hi, we have lost our dog jericho on September 05th, 2008. We lived in capebreton and he was stolen an taken to truro n,s…He had been spotted a couple times and each time I went to go get him, he was gone.  About two months had passed and someone in truro had seen him on the road.  he also placed an ad on here and I responded but when I said Id come to get him, he had given him to a family that he thought was the correct one.  We loved him Desperately.  He was our family dog. If you have seen him or know where he is or think youve seen him, please contact us as we miss him terribly. we are in cape breton but would still travel the distance to get him back along with a $1000 reward  Please please help us find him.  902 849 0944




LOST DOG: Dec '10: Harley – male, Hound, mostly brown – Donkin/Port Morien Area, Cape Breton

LOST DOG: Dec '10: Harley: Hound - Mostly Brown - Donkin/Port Morien

LOST DOG: Dec '10: Harley: Hound, male, mostly brown - Donkin/Port Morien

Our dog went missing before Christmas and we are just putting out an ad in hopes that maybe he is with someone or someone has seen him around. We live in the Donkin Port Morien area.His name is Harley and he is a hound dog. He is mostly brown, with some black and a white chest. He was wearing a leather brown collar and is very very friendly. He is a bigger size for a hound dog, but looks young. He will come to his name and is very loving. My family and I miss him greatly and if anyone has any information or has seen him we would appreciate it deeply.

902 737-2598

LOST DOG Nov 23: Bailey, female Beagle – Gold River Area, NS

Lost Dog: Bailey: Beagle, female - Gold River Area, NS

We have been missing our 11 year old female beagle named bailey comes to her name and is a very sweet dog. We have been missing her since Nov.23 and she went missing in the Gold River area.If anyone has seen her or has her please email mailto:shellyrafuse@eastlink.ca

LOST DOG: Chance: Black/Brown Retriever Mix, male – Yarmouth, NS

LOST DOG: Chance: Black/Brown Retriever Mix - Yarmouth NS

Lost in yarmouth ns. last feb. his name is chance hoping someone found him and took him in. he had a blue color on when he went missing .is timid around strangers. any info please email me a t nasmith@ns.sympatico.ca