HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Dylan: Cocker Spaniel, male, blonde – Fariview, NS

LOST DOG: Dylan: Cocker Spaniel, male, blonde - Fairview, HRM, NS

HAPPY ENDING: Dylan is home safe n’ sound!!!!  I have to say the owners did everything just right in the search for Dylan.  There were posters everywhere and it was hard to find a person in the area that didn’t already know about Dylan being lost.  And it was thanks to these posters that they got the call that he was in someones backyard that was facing the old Sisters of Charity property at the Mount.  A quiet, calm approach and Dylan said “Yes!! It’s time to go home!!!”  YEAH!!!!  Fantastic!!! Yippee!!!  Thank you to everyone that helped by spreading the word.

Our cocker spaniel went missing in the Fairview area of Halifax on the evening of May 1, 2011.  His name is Dylan and he has light beige fur, which is cut a little short right now.  He also has a black freckle on his tongue.  If you’ve seen this dog or have him with you, please call Chad at 448-9685.  I’ll be giving a reward for his safe return.