What To Do When Your Dog Is Lost

NOTE: Summer 2019: Our website is not being updated at this time, please contact us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/NSLDN through a private message or email us here: novascotia@lostdognetwork.com

Don’t panic, we’re here to help!

We are a volunteer based network that share your dogs info via social networking: our website, facebook, and twitter accounts. If you are on Facebook please “like” us at www.facebook.com/NSLDN and encourage dialogue in the comment section to keep the publics interest and attention focused on your dog. We will also update your post if you keep us informed through email: novascotia@lostdognetwork.com. The more people that know the more likely your dog will be found.

Here is what you should be doing:

  1. Call your local Animal Control Office/r for your municipality (usually found under Town/Municipal Offices/Services), local SPCA and/or Shelters, ALL your local Vets, report your lost dog to the local RCMP/Police, and be sure to contact newspapers and radio stations. Call all often as there may be shift changes and you want to keep your dog a priority. Contact info for your County can be found here: www.ns.lostdognetwork.com/contact-list/  Just pick your county from the list. Or go to the top menu on this page and pick County Contact List.
  2. Our most effective tool is Posters. Here is an easy to use poster generator: www.petbond.com/flyerentry.php Try and take posters to all the folks you called in step 1. Be sure to share a digital copy or photo of your poster with us and we can keep a digital copy on our website so that others can download, print, and share it, thus helping with the search. Posters should go everywhere: mailboxes, stores, garages, delivery people: oil, gas, pizza, etc., postmen/women, surveyors, woodlot owners, truckers, ATV clubs, hunting clubs, trappers, etc. Always keep a few with you to show and hand out to folks you may meet during your search.
  3. Place a free classified ad on www.kijiji.ca. There is a “Lost and Found” under Community, or place it in “other” under “Pets”. They don’t have a lost and found section under pets.
  4. Here is a wonderful article you should absolutely read regarding: “How to find a lost dog.” It was written for Shelties but it applies to all breeds. Darla Duffy, the author, kindly gave us permission to share this great article: http://www.jacksonvillesheltierescue.org/index_files/Page1510.htm
  5. If you do sight your dog, but it is in fear/flight mode here is the “must read” article on how to approach a lost dog. Debbie (Hall) Scarpellini also was kind enough to give us permission to share this wonderful article: www.lostdogsearch.com/spotthedog.htm
  6. Submit your dog’s info to the Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network to be posted on our website, Facebook, and Twitter by filling out our Report A Lost Dog submission form.
  7. NOTE: Summer 2019: WEBSITE IS DOWN: Contact us via FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/NSLDN or eMail: NovaScotia@LostDogNetwork.com Thank you. 

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