HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Shih Tzu, Male, White with Black Face – Herring Cove Area



LOST DOG: Shih Tzu, male, white with black face - Herring Cove Area, NS

This kijiji ad was the answer… Mr. Shih Tzu has been found thanks to their advert in kijiji.ca.  Happy Ending! Yeah!! Safe n’ Sound!





HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Roaming Dog: Dobie/Rottie Mix, small, female – Mountville Rd, MacLellans Brook, Pictou

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Rottie/Dobie Mix, small, female - MacLellans Brook, Pictou

Happy Ending: Home Safe n’ Sound: Thanks to the local radio station CKEH… they announce the local lost and found pets – a great community service.  And thanks to Nikhi for putting all the pieces together… GREAT!!!


We found a dog in MacLellans Brook, around the end of the Mountville rd. It has been there for the past few days. The dog looks like it is part Rottweiler or Doberman and female..


SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Golden Retriever, red collar – Chester Roadd, Vaughan, NS

SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Golden Retriever, red collar - Chester Road, Vaughan, NS

“…Want to make my Chester Rd neighbours aware of a golden lab running out Chester Road with two idiots in a loud Ford truck chasing it. When they got beside him they revved their truck and he ran into the woods near Chateau Village. He had a red collar on. I had to stop so I wouldn’t hit him but there was no way I could get near him. Hope someone knows who owns him and may be looking for him/her.”

HAPPY ENDING: Twist: English Springer Spaniel, 16 yr old, liver/white – Gaspereau Mtn, NS

Happy Ending… this is so wonderful.  Twist went for a 6 hour adventure today… much to the distress of his family.  He ended up following the tree line down the Mountain, where he met up with two streams.  Fortunately for his family, Twist does not like to get his feet wet, and after such a big adventure… about 10 km from home, he decided to just curl up in the sand and have a nap.  He is so lucky his Mom looked so carefully for him, found him, and brought him home safe and sound where he will continue to have a big nap.  Safe n’ Sound!  Phew!!  Just had to report this story, even though it was resolved by the time I contacted the owner.  Thanks to Darrin Harvey of the radio station K-Rock 89.3 for passing on the info when Twist was missing.  Obviously an awesome part of that community.

Darrin M. Harvey
89.3 K-Rock

HAPPY ENDING: Safe n' Sound: Kaido: Siberian Husky, male, black/gray and white – Glenwood Drive Area, Dartmouth

LOST DOG: Kaido: Siberian Husky, male - Dartmouth, NS

Happy Ending: Safe n’ Sound: Animal Control has picked up Kaido and hopefully he’ll be home before you know it!

Lost Male Husky, he is very affectionate and friendly. Unfortunately a runner. His name is Kaido. he was lost from the Glenwood Drive area of Dartmouth.

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Pitbull Terrier Mix, female – Magazine Hill Area, Bedford

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Pitbull Terrier Mix, female - Magazine Hill Area, Bedford

FOUND DOG: Female pitbull type-terrier. Dark brown with a white face wearing a Harley Davidson collar. Found in Bedford near the Library. Well behaved dog.

Call 407-5683.

Reigning Cats and Dogs – Community Herald Review

musings of a middle aged granny

Monday, April 11, 2011

Nova Scotia’s Lost Dog Network makes the Paper!

from today’s Herald
Missing dogs focus of online search network

Sisters who operate website share passion for animals
Mon, Apr 11 – 4:54 AM
When Duke went missing last week, a team of investigators quickly mobilized to find the 40-kilogram boxer.
Shortly after he posted his dog’s information on Kijiji, Duke’s owner Tyler Naugler of Spryfield got a call from Anne Morrison of the Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network saying she was on the case.
“She was absolutely unbelievable,” Naugler said.
The network, launched with a website in January, has quickly grown into a popular resource for dog owners whose pets go missing, with around five new posts every day.
Morrison gave Naugler a template for a lost dog poster and told him what steps to take to find his missing dog.
He made calls to a local shelter and filled out posters with Duke’s photo. The following morning, Halifax Regional Municipality’s animal services brought Duke home. The happy ending is one of many the lost dog network has had role in.
Morrison and her sister, Heather, see their website as a way to get the word out about missing dogs and provide a resource to those who are under emotional stress while their dogs are missing.
“We’ve all lost a dog, whether it was for five minutes or five days, and it is just heart-wrenching,” said Morrison.
The sisters are volunteers with the Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership and are passionate about animals.
They created the website after locating a missing Burmese mountain dog over Christmas using Facebook and posters. The network of people they created through Facebook
“We thought, ‘Wow, we could do this for a lot of dogs,’ ” said Heather Morrison. They created the lost dog network website, found at bit.ly/eCGsAQ, soon after.
The sisters trawl Craigslist and Kijiji every day looking for new posts and people they can help. But people are now coming to them when their dogs go missing.
The majority expect the worst, thinking their pet is either stolen or lunch meat for a hungry coyote, the Morrisons said. They give encouragement to them, reminding them that 80 per cent of the time dogs are just lost.
The sisters post the information they receive from owners on their website and send it out via linked Twitter and Facebook accounts.
The site has photos of lost dogs as well as posts for dogs that people catch roaming in their yards and neighbourhoods.
And there’s a list of happy endings, dogs reunited with their owners, each filed with the same update: “Home safe ’n’ sound.”
( gbird@herald.ca)
To visit The NS Lost Dog Network Facebook Page, click here
To visit their lovely website, click here
to find out more about ARPO, click here
What time is it?   It is always time to applaud the volunteer love that powers initiatives like this!    Way to go, Ann, Heather, Janet C and every kind heart who takes the time to share and use social networking to get these dogs back home to the families that love them!
Posted by Old Maid at 2:52 PM

Me and My Dogs in Halifax, Nova Scotia – Blog about Bella the Lost Greyhound

Me and My Dogs in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lost Greyhound in North End Halifax – Bella/Passport

There is a very large search going on tonight for a greyhound in the Hydrostone area of Halifax – her name is Bella – but she might answer to the name of Passport – she has been missing since Monday – and was last seen Devonshire at around 2pm.

She still has her collar and lead on her. Please call her owner at 292-3314 or her cell phone at her cell is 483-2975 if you find her or even see her.

The urgent thing is that this rescue Greyhound came in on this past Saturday so she’s absolutely NEW to the area – she is probably completely afraid and shell-shocked.

She is listed on the Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network – and also has an ad on Kijiji if you need more information – here’s hoping that she gets home safely – quickly.

Posted by Joan Sinden at Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Read this blog here

SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Lab/Aussie Mix, male, red/beige, blue eyes – Havre Boucher, NS

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Lab/Aussie mix, Male, Red/Tan, Blue Eyes - Havre Boucher, NS

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Lab/Aussie Mix, male, red/tan, blue eyes - Havre Boucher, NS

Update: April 12/11 23:13

Update: Sorry, gang! Unfortunately, this guy got away from my cousin and is out there again! She is leaving food and water out for him just in case he doesn’t find his way home and comes back looking for a loving place to rest up.
Really hoping he makes his way back home from her place.


A medium sized dog showed up on my doorstep this morning… he has one blue eye, one half blue/half brown eye.  He is kind and friendly.  He came right in the house. No collar on him. Perhaps he got scared of the thunder last night and ran away!?


SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Labrador Retriever: Dark Yellow/Red – Millwood Trailer Park, Sackville

SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Labrador Retriever: Dark Yellow/Red - Millwood Trailer Park, Sackville

I just saw a yellow/reddish lab running free on Sackville Drive, towards Millwood. I tried to catch up to him but he was way ahead of me. He ran down into the Millwood trailer park area.