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Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network
is a group of volunteers who use the internet and shared resources to help bring missing dogs home.

It all started with Annie, a lost Bernese Mountain Dog. A friend of Annie’s reached out to the local online dog community to search for Annie. Through the internet the number of people looking and helping with resources for Annie grew. Facebook was the platform and it made it easy for people to quickly share information. Annie,who was lost in a rural area, was found 13 days later through several key actions intiated by the internet collective. Annie is safe, sound, and most importantly – home!

Everyone who participated realized that networking in this way worked to broaden the search. From this the Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network was born. We learned a lot during the search from Annie – even from our mistakes. We also learned about what resources were available in our area and what resources were lacking. We are working towards filling the voids.

Through our network we are able to quickly spread the alert about a missing dog and literally increase the “eyes” on the search by hundreds in just seconds. Participation in the network is not about actively going out and searching for dogs although that is an option left up to our members descretion. It is about getting the information out to as many people as possible about a dog needing to be found. The more people who know about the dog the more opportunity there is for the dog to be seen and recovered.

The Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network also provides support to the owners of missing dogs. Providing quickly, information that will educate owners on what is necessary to bring their dog home. It prioritizes the actions they should be taking. Hopefully expediating the safe return of the missing dog.

We have connections to resources that can be called upon to help when deemed needed (behaviourists, live traps, trackers,psychics etc.). We create digital posters for each dog that owners and members can download, print and post wherever they feel is appropriate.

Since Annie, the Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network has provided support to many missing dogs with very successful results – bringing the dog home! We continue to broaden our reach with Lost Dog Networks inspired by us popping up across the country. Its a simple concept that works. We hope you will join us in bringing missing dogs home.

Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network