HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Roaming Dog: Husky, black and white, female – Marion Bridge Hwy, Caribou March Rd, CB

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Husky, black and white - Marion Bridge Hwy, Cape Breton

Happy Ending: This pup was home safe and sound a few hours after this ad went up… only lived up the road.  The older neighbours new dog.  They were going for a nice walk on leash, when the dog got spooked by some horses in the field.  The leash got wrapped around the owners legs and he fell down… and off scooted one scared pup.  He was alright though, and was so happy to have his dog back home.  Yeah!!! Accidents can happen and that’s why we try and help…. thanks to the kind people that took in this pup and to all who spread the word.  Yippee!!!


She was found this morning on the Marion Bridge Hwy by the end of Caribou Marsh Road.  She was dragging a leash and was almost hit by a car, so I took her home hoping to find the owner. She is a black and white Husky, very kind and seems very young.  She is wearing a collar and a chain but has no tag.  I’m sure her owner must be looking for her.  She is safe and sound.

For more info or to identify her, please respond to ad.  Thanks.