RESOLVED: Sackville Area: Border Collie/Amstaff X: Male

He has been picked by owners at the pound! YAY!

Lost in the woods (the trail) behind Sackville Manor Trailer Park.
he is black and white male Border Collie Amstaff X.   Big Amstaff Head. He is microchipped but no tags- please phone and I will pick him up! // <![CDATA[
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RESOLVED: Lost Dog: Blaze – Found Home Safe n' Sound – Black Husky Shephard Mix

Found: Blaze is back home safe n’ sound.  Thanks everyone!!

Blaze Lost dog Black Husky Shephard Mix
Lost from Lwr Sackville.  Lost around 7:30 p.m. Sunday, March 20.

Resolved: Found Roaming: 2 Bernese Dogs – Home Safe n' Sound – Lawrencetown

Home safe n’ sound.  Thanks Everyone.

Found 2 Bernese dogs in Lawrencetown.

HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Found: Yellow Lab Park St. Truro


Update May 3/11:

Happy Ending: Home Safe n’ Sound – we just got confirmation that this pooch went home to its family. YEAH!!!


Found: Yellow Lab on Park St. in Truro. Email if you think you know the owners of this dog.


Large Golden Retriever, No Collar found early this morning wandering down the side of Caldwell Rd in CH. Brought to Homeward Bound City Pound, Burnside.


HAPPY ENDING: Re-homed Safe n' Sound: Found:Young Adult Male German Shepherd/HRM

HAPPY ENDING: Re-homed Safe n' Sound: Found: German Shepherd/Lab, male - Chocolate Lake, HRM

GREAT NEWS…. This guy has landed a new forever home!  It’s been weeks and not a soul has called looking for him and these wonderful people who saved him did all the right things to try and find the owners.  So, he has been lucky enough to be re-homed.  Thanks to everyone… the people who saved him, and all those that spread the word.

CALLED and this dog has not found its owners yet.. please spread the word. Animal Services have been contacted, local vets, etc. There was no chip to read. The finder is willing to foster the dog for now. We are hoping to have a picture later today. (Sunday March 21, 2011)

“I found a young adult male GermanShepherd/Lab MIX wondering the neighbourhood in HRM Armdale/Chocolate Lake area”

RESOLVED: Roaming Dog: Australian Shepherd – HRM

RESOLVED: Roaming Dog: Australian Shepherd - HRM

This was resolved before I got home to post it, which is great!  But, I thought it amusing that I would be the one to come along just after this dog escaped through an open gate.  She was running back and forth across the street…. probably under a year old and just so happy to see everyone!!  Some students stopped on the sidewalk and caught her, but she wiggled free.  I had a leash in the car… read her tags and walked her down the half block to home.  Now that was easy.  It looks like the wind blew over some garbage cans that then unlatched the back yard gate.  Or, being an Aussie, she just figured out how to unlatch the gate and then knocked over the cans to make it look like an accident!!  Yes, I miss my old Aussie very much and they were lucky I decided to return her home! Ha-ha…

SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Rottie, young – Kentville

SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Rottie, young – Kentville
Spotted a young Rottie walking alone on the main street in Kentville next to the post office at around 10:45 Thursday evening,couldnt get it to come but someone may be looking for it…thanks

RESOLVED: Nelly: American Staffordshire Mix, Female, Beige, 6 yrs old – Waverley, NS

LOST DOG: Nelly: Am-Staff, female, 6 yrs old, friendly - Waverley


Nelly was FOUND sitting on her back steps this morning! YAY!


If anyone has seen a medium build tan American Staffordshire mix dog around the Waverley area, could you please reply to this ad or call me? She’s a light brown/tan colour and very friendly. Her name is Nelly and she’s about 6 years old. She ran off Wednesday evening and has never been gone this long. She’s a lovely sweet dog and we really miss her!

HAPPY ENDING: New Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Black/White Chihuahua – Bayers Rd, HRM

FOUND ROAMING: Lost Dog: Black Chihuahua

HAPPY ENDING: With no one claiming this wee dog, and after all appropriate offices informed, it has been given a wonderful new home, where it has gained weight, health and did a 180º in attitude.  YEAH!! It was meant to be I guess.

FOUND ROAMING: Lost Dog: Tiny black/White Chihuahua on Bayers road.

“He looked out his door and saw this wee dog and it was not street savvy – about to walk out into traffic – the dog bit him because it was scared – but he is a dog person and has another dog.”