RESOLVED: Lost Dog: Chocolate Lab Home Safe n' Sound – Purcells Cove Rd HRM

RESOLVED: She is home safe n’ sound.

This was passed on from one of the show dog groups: LOST:PURCELLS COVE RD: CHOCOLATE LAB – I just received a call from a family that has an 11 month old female chocolate lab.He went to the door to let her out turned his back and she took off, this is very uncommom for her. she is usually good about ataying in the yard. He lives in the Purcells Cove Road area. Could anyone who lives in that area keep a eye out for her. She is not wearing any collars but will come when called.


SIGHTED: Male German Shepherd/Welshtown,Shelburne County

This dog took off soon after being ‘found’.  It bit or nipped, so if sighted please call Animal Control just to be safe.  (updated April 10, 2011 – called)

SIGHTED: a male german shepherd dog was found Sunday in Welshtown, Shelburne County. It was last sighted near Ohio, NS.  The dog is wearing a collar with happy faces on it.  If anyone knows who he may belong to call your local Animal Control or SPCA.

UPDATE: Baby Will Be Rehabilitated at Local Rescue: North End Halifax:Pug/Lhasa Mix Female

UPDATE:  Fantastic News… Baby has been taken in by a rescue to be fostered and socialized, so her forever home will be found next.  YEAH!!!

SAFE N’ SOUND:  After nearly two weeks on the run in North End Halifax, Baby has been caught.  A HUGE thanks goes out to BRENDA, for spending the time, food, effort to catch Baby today.  Baby had a lot of luck on her side considering the traffic she has been hanging out in… but, her biggest luck was stopping by Brenda’s house.  With almost two hours of gentle coaxing and food, Baby made the big mistake of going into the Kennel.  If you could have seen the FLASH of Brenda leaping  forward, pushing that little Baby Butt into the kennel and latching the door closed…. it was a miracle.  THANK YOU BRENDA!!!


Baby has a collar on but no tags and is a Pug/Lhasa mix aprox. 3 years old.

hello i  live in the north end halifax and tonight my small dog went missing.her name is baby shes about 25 lb. she is very timed and frightened. she is 3 yr old. she was last see in mulgrave park in the north end halifax.
if you have seen her or know where she is please let me know her family misses her and wants her home

FOUND: Tan Female Pitbull/Pitbull Mix Cape Breton

A tan color pittbull has been found by a lady on King st in New Waterford. The dog is female and looks like she might have recently had pups. Her number is 371-4042 if anyone has any info or they are missing her thanks. She looks like a pittbull or pittbull mix

(Update: Called, left msg – April 10/11)

FOUND ROAMING: Lost Dog: Scruffy Beige Lab Mix – Glace Bay

FOUND ROAMING: Lost Dog: Scruffy Beige Lab Mix - Glace Bay

RESOLVED: Owner has been FOUND.

White in colour. Has collar and Cape Breton Regional Municipality tags.*

RAINBOW BRIDGE: Harley: Terri-Poo, gray, female – Coll Ave, Stellarton

LOST DOG: Harley: Terri-Poo, Gray, Female - Stellarton, NS

Sooo Sad… Poor Harley was able to get home after two weeks, and in a panic moment involving family being sent to the Hospital Emergency, Harley escaped again and got hit by a car.  These aren’t irresponsible owners, these are people that had very bad luck as accidents do happen.  They are heart broken.   Bless you Harley!


I have lost Harley, my SMALL grey & black poodle/terrier mix dog last seen Sat. Mar 5th. @ Coll Ave in Stellarton. I am offering a REWARD for anyone who has useful info on her! . Her bf Angus misses her very much!


LOST DOG: Pomeranian Mix, male – Caledonia Rd/Montebello Area, Dartmouth

LOST DOG: Pomeranian Mix, male - Montebello, Dartmouth

UNRESOLVED:  The kijiji ad for this lost dog was taken down, and as it was our only way to contact the owners, we do not know if this dog was found.  I would like to think that it was found and is home safe n’ sound.

My dog got out of the back yard. Please if you have seen him please contact me. He is a very friendly dog. I think someone way have taken him in.  We live in the Caledonia rd Montelbello area Dartmouth.

Contact through Kijiji ad:


Resolved: FOUND: Home Safe n' Sound – Sadie: Boxer, female, red – Liverpool/Hunts Pt Area

LOST DOG: Boxer, female, red... Liverpool Area

Baby, formerly known as Sadie, has finally been caught and is home sleeping.  Thank Goodness!!

Just lost red flashy female boxer, a little timid of men, comes to Sadie. Lost at 7:00 Saturday evening on Beech Hill rd.








HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Older Rottie/Old Sambro Rd Area

Happy Ending:

This old fella is home safe and sound after a moment of wunderlust.  Yeah!!

lost 11 year old rottweiller.answers to off his chain and still has his choker chain on his neck.left sometime  thursday morning .old sambro road a. i have notified vet hospitals ,animal control etc. have ben looking for him since early yesterday morning.if anyone has seen or picked him up please notify me.  thank you very worried abvout him.he also has a tumor on one of his legs and is a very good sized dog

thank you

RESOLVED: Lost Dog: Holly is Home Safe n' Sound: Black with Brown, White on Chest, female – Poplar St. Area, Pictou

LOST DOG: Holly - Black/Brown with White Chest, Female - Pictou

Holly was spotted in nearby woods this evening and is now home, safe and sound.  YEAH!!

I lost a dog in the town of pictou near popular street,
she is black, has white on her chest, brown paws, looks like she has brown eyebrows, has a curled up tail, about the size of a beagle. She comes to the name Holley.
We miss her !