HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Lower Branch, Lunenburg Co., NS – Rottweiler, male, 8 yrs old, no collar – "REBEL"

HAPPY ENDING: Home, safe and sound!! Yippee!! That’s terrific news, congrats to the family and all who were kind enough to share Rebels info.  Fantastic! (1/22/12 – 1/23/12)

***STOCK PHOTO*** LOST DOG: Lower Branch, Lunenburg Co. MALE: Rottweiler, 8 years old. Not wearing a collar. He went missing at approx 9:30 pm Jan.22/12. NAME: Rebel He is very friendly and is a vocal boy that likes to ‘talk’. He likes cars & trucks. Please cross post and please contact …

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Haliburton Hills, HRM, NS – Standard Poodle, white, red collar, frightened – "Blossom"

 HAPPY ENDING: Blossom is home, safe and sound!! YIPPEE!! That is one lucky dog to have all these folks trying to help… whether they were out drenched by the rain, or busy sharing her info online.  Just Fantastic.  Thankyou.  (1/23/12 – 1/24/12)

SIGHTING: January 24, 2010 between 9 and 10 am: “Blossom the lost white std poodles, just spotted near the esso in tantallon.”

10:15 AM Jan 24th UPDATE: Att ALL…she is doing circles at the tanatallon light by the esso….esso subdivistion, jr high pls alert everyone, and also mention to all the slow down in the area….she is ok but we are worried about her getting hit by a car


***STOCK PHOTO*** Example of Breed Only:  LOST DOG: Haliburton Hills, Hammons Plains Rd, HRM, NS – Standard Poodle, female, white, red collar, friendly – “Blossom”.  Last sighted on Scholars Way heading into the woods.  Please call with any information: …

Sighting: Approx 10 minutes ago (3:04 pm 1/22/12) there was a white standard poodle, red collar, running down middle of Hammonds Planes Rd near Sir John A. High School.  We stopped and tries to catch it, was running full flight, turned and ran on Scholars Way (road into school and then into woods). Please call Animal Services if you have any information: 490-4000

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Scotia Square, Barrington Street, Halifax Co., NS — Possibly a Valley Bull Dog or mix, Male, Unknown, not too old. — "Unknown"



Breed or Mix: Possibly a Valley Bull Dog or mix

Sex: Male, Age: Unknown, not too old.

Collar/Tags: Green collar, no tags

Lost on: 01/22/2012

Area: Scotia Square, Barrington Street, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: Found young male dog, possible Valley Bull Dog mix, dark brindle in color. Green collar, no tags. Found in the Parkade at Scotia Square Mall on Sunday afternoon. Very calm and friendly. Animal Control has been contacted to pick up the dog. Contact Animal Control at 490-4000 or Scotia Square Security at 422-5546

Please Contact: Scotia Square Security – 902 422 5546


LOST DOG: 1027 Fraxville Road, New Ross, Lunenburg Co., NS — Yellow Lab, Male, 12 years old — "Spencer"



Breed or Mix: Yellow Lab

Sex: Male, Age: 12 years old

Collar/Tags: Spencer was not wearing a collar but is registered with the Municipality of Chester

Lost on: 01/18/2012

Area: 1027 Fraxville Road, New Ross, Lunenburg, NS

Additional Notes: Spencer was last seen near a home on the Forties Road. He took off with my other male dog but the other dog was caught and we haven’t seen him since. He is copper colored and very friendly. I am afraid he’s either got caught in a coyote trap or killed by coyotes. Hoping someone can provide some information on Spencer’s whereabouts whether good news or bad.

Please Contact: Laura Broome, kilt_1290@hotmail.com 690-7579
Chris 299-0356


LOST DOG POSTER: Westwood Hills, Tantallon, NS – Black Lab/Shepherd Mix, male – "Bear"

LOST DOG: 929 Canaan Mountain Rd, Kentville, Kings Co., NS — White Shepherd/Husky/lab mix, Female, 6 — "Ninja"



Breed or Mix: white shepherd/husky/lab mix

Sex: Female, Age: 6

Collar/Tags: No collar

Lost on: 01/12/2012

Area: 929 Canaan Mountain Rd, Kentville, Kings Co.,, NS

Additional Notes: Ninga went missing in the woods between Canaan Mountain Road and Hwy 12. She has severe food allergies and is on medication for thyroid. Even if she has been killed in a snare, or found dead under other circumstances, please let me know!

Please Contact: Daphne Cragg, daphne.cragg@gmail.com 9026787903


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Halifax, 3092 Barrington St., Happy Hounds, HRM, NS – Duck Toller, female, red, 6 months old – "CELTIE"

HAPPY ENDING: Home, safe and sound!! Thanks go out to Adina for getting the community involved, and to Mary and her Brie, Mom of Celtie, for getting out there and tracking this scared puppy down. Awesome!!! Congratulations everyone on a job well done.  (1/21/12 – 1/21/12)

LOST DOG: Halifax/3092 Barrington St – Happy Hounds/HRM FEMALE: Duck Toller, 6 months old. NAME: Celtie She popped her collar and went missing at approx. 9:50 am Jan.21/12. Startled by the snow plow. Please cross post Please keep an eye out for this dog and

RESOLVED: Rainbow Bridge: Reserve Mines, Cape Breton, NS – Top Dog: Lab/Hound Mix, female, tan, black collar, gentle – "Kale" & Bottom dog: Beagle/Hound Mix, male, black brindle/white, red collar, gentle – "Gizmo"

It is with great sadness and anger we let you know of the horrific deaths of Kale and Gizmo.  They were found dead in an illegal dumping site. Here is the following story posted in the Cape Breton Post:

Cape Breton Post Article


Two dogs escaped, Reserve Mines, Cape Breton, NS – Top dog is Kale, female, Lab/Hound Mix, tan, very gentle, Harley Davidson Collar and the bottom dog is Gizmo, male, Beagle/Hound Mix, black brindle/white,  red collar, very gentle as well.




LOST DOG: Moncton, NB – Shih tzu Mix, black/gray, small – "NOVA"

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Coldbrook, Kings Co., NS — Daisy, Female, 6 — "Daisy"


HAPPY ENDING: Home, safe and sound!! Yippee!!  We are so happy for Daisy and her family.  Thanks so much to all that helped and shared  Daisy’s info.  Awesome!  (1/18/12 – 1/19/12)


Breed or Mix: Daisy

Sex: Female, Age: 6

Collar/Tags: Green collar, no tags

Lost on: 01/18/2012

Area: Coldbrook, Kings, NS

Additional Notes: Small Yellow lab, very friendly, answers to Daisy.

Please Contact: …