UNRESOLVED: Lost Dog: Murphy: Lab/Collie Mix?, male, Reddish-blonde with Black Back – Berlin St., HRM

LOST DOG: Murphy: Lab/Collie Mix?, male, Reddish-blonde with Black Back - Berlin St., HRM

June 13/11 – Update: This is an unresolved case. The owners never replied to our emails and now their Kijiji is taken down.  I would like to think that Murphy is home safe and sound, but we may never know.


Dog lost this morning from Berlin St. Very friendly Heinz 57 mix- likely Collie/Lab mix. Back is black, head is brown, underbelly is cream. Answers to Murphy, has black and grey fabric collar with paw prints on it. Any information on his whereabouts is greatly appreciated.


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LOST DOG: Chocolate Lab, female – Hebron/Wellington Area Last Sighting, Yarmouth, NS

These people never returned out emails and now their ad is removed from kijiji so I am going to assume there was a happy ending and this girl got home safely. Unfortunately, we may never know.


HELP!! I lost my dog, Chocolate Lab, female last night during the thunder storm.  She is a big sook and took off.  She is chocolate in colour and has no collar, because she broke it off… scared to death.  She was last seen in the Hebron – Wellington Area.  Please check your yards and outbuildings and report any sightings. Do not chase her, she is very friendly.  Thanks!



UNRESOLVED: LOST DOG: Rex: Lab/Amstaff, male, brown, friendly – Bedford Hwy, HRM

LOST DOG MAP: Rex: Lab/Amstaff Mix, male, brown, friendly - Bedford Highway, HRM

Updated: August 5/11 We were never in contact with the owners, and had only heard about the dog through their kijiji Ad.  The ad has been removed.  We are assuming this has been resolved in some manner, but will leave it as unresolved.  *Sigh* It would be nice to know what happens to all the dogs, but sometimes we just never know.

LOST DOG: REX. He is BROWN PART LAB AND PART AMSTAFF, male, friendly. He disappeared around 8:00 pm on the BEDFORD HIGHWAY NEXT TO TAILWAGGERS. He has his collar on plus a green training collar.
Please check your yards/outbuildings and report any sightings immediately.

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Unresolved: Lost Dog: Lolla: Brown, female – Aldergrove Rd, Spryfield, HRM


LOST DOG: Lolla: Brown, female - Aldergrove Rd, Spryfield, HRM

Update: May 11/11 – The kijiji ad has been taken down and there is no answer when called.  Assuming the dog has been found/resolved, but will file under unresolved.

I live on Aldergrove Rd in Spryfeld and I lost my dog
Her name is Lolla she is different colours of brown.
If you have seen her or can catch her please call . I will come and get her. Thanks

SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Bernese Mountain Dog – Redoubt Way, Eastern Passage, NS

SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Bernese Mt Dog - Eastern Passage, NS

Last night at 6:18pm I phoned AC because I saw a full grown and purebred Bernese Mountain Dog roaming on Redoubt Way in Eastern Passage.  She was moving fast with no owner in sight.


They patrolled the area and did not find the dog.  I do not know if the dog made its way home or not.  There are a lot of Berners in this area but I don’t know who owns them.


Hopefully the dog is home now.

FOUND:Roaming Beagle: Lower Sackville Area

Received this message this AM – “If someone calls about a lost Beagle for the BeaverBank Rd ( Lr. Sackville area ), some people picked him/ her up. The dog almost got hit. Poor thing was scared according to hubby who tried to get him before a truck scared him away. This dog may be home now. Don’t know if any identification was on the dog. Just letting you know that someone does have him and he isn’t dead.”

SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Golden Retriever – Glace Bay

SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Golden Retriever - Glace Bay

The kijiji ad for this dog is gone and we have no contact info, so lets hope this dog found it’s way home.  Thanks to everyone that shared this info.

Med. size dog wondering around International street in glace bay..dont know if it’s lost but i have never seen it in the area…not wearing a collar, looks like a golden retriever only a little smaller. A little timid but friendly.







SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Chocolate Lab – Cow Bay Rd, NS

SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Chocolate Lab - Cow Bay Road

Just wanted to let you know, in case anyone is looking.  At approx. 6pm tonight, Wednesday March 23,  I saw a chocolate lab roaming along the Cow Bay Rd. in Eastern Passage.  I got out of my car and called to it but it just barked and ran down Yorke St. which is a dirt road off the Cow Bay Rd.  I tried looking for it after that but couldn’t find it.  It was wearing a green plaid collar.

Hopefully it found his owner but just in case I thought I’d send along the information.


Large Golden Retriever, No Collar found early this morning wandering down the side of Caldwell Rd in CH. Brought to Homeward Bound City Pound, Burnside.


SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Rottie, young – Kentville

SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Rottie, young – Kentville
Spotted a young Rottie walking alone on the main street in Kentville next to the post office at around 10:45 Thursday evening,couldnt get it to come but someone may be looking for it…thanks