HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Max, Male Sable Coloured Sheltie, Parkdale/Maplewood Area, Lunenburg County

HAPPY ENDING: Max is home safe n’ sound.  Thanks to everyone that helped through caring and sharing!!  Updated Aug 5/11


7 year old sable colored Sheltie from the Parkdale/Maplewood area, Lunenburg County, named Max. Last seen on the 4 mile woods last night around 9pm.


Disaster Preparedness and your Pets

Photo: Animal Hospital of West Chester


This is an excellent link to help you prepare for any disaster you may face with your pet. Please read through, make a plan, be prepared and share your new found information to help make more pets and their owners safe.




The Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia: Here is a local Nova Scotia Group doing all they can to help out our pets in a disaster… lots of good information, courses, kits, etc., are available here:


LOST DOG: Tyson: Pitbull Mix: Male, Black with White Markings: Trenton Area/New Glasgow

Tyson is a Pitbull Mix.  He is black with white front paws, neck and half of head. He has a long black tail.May be wearing a red collar or chain collar Missing from Trenton area, last seen downtown New Glasgow. He is relatively new to the area, coming from Kenzieville 6 months ago. If you see him please call 301-3736… May bite if he is scared

LOST DOG: Carmen/11 yr old White Westie/No Collar/Beaverbank,Windgate Dr Area

HELP!!!LOST – White Westie – 11 years old. Name is Carmen, no collar.Lost in the Beaverbank, Wingate Drive area by Rivendale.Please call the C100 studio for the owners number…451-1313

HAPPY ENDING: Safe n Sound: Matilda: NEWF: Black/White Spot on Chest: Spayed Female: REWARD: Rhines Rd., East Gore Area, East Hants Co.


—– Matilda is Missing!!—–

One of Daphne Goodine’s Newfoundland Dogs wandered off her property yesterday, Aug 10th on the Rines Rd. She is spayed and has a tattoo on


her belly.
Matilda is all black with a white spot on her chest. If you find her, please call Daphne at 632-2442 or her cell at 751-1781.

Daphne would appreciate all the help she can get in the hopes of bringing Matilda home.

Reward Offered.

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Ben: 2 yr old Male Beagle: Shubenacadie/Hants County


Sadly Ben was hit by a car and unable to recover from his injuries.  He was kindly and compassionately taken care of until the time he was helped to cross the bridge.

Our heartfelt condolences to Ben’s family and thanks to those who cared for Ben.


Lost Dog: Missing since July 30th from Keddy Lane, Shubenacadie/Hants County Male Beagle -2 years old with a brown head, black back, white belly and feet, and he has unusually large ears for a beagle. Unneutered. NAME: Ben.





HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Widget: Corgi/Jack Russell Terrier Mix: Female – Beaverbank Area, NS

Happy Ending: Widget is home safe and sound thanks to a wonderful person who took her in last evening and to the Animal Control who kept her safe over night.  Thanks everyone! Yippee!!!!

Widget is missing in the Beaverbank area. She’s spooked by the storm! She’s not wearing any collar but is microchipped. We have no idea where she was last seen, but has been missing for a few hours now. She looks like a small tri coloured corgi with mostly black.

SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Terrier Type: Small Brown Dog: RTE 14 Chester Rd Vaughans

Thursday July 21,2011

This morning, at around 6am i tried to catch a small, brown, terrier type dog. The dog was on Chester Road (rte 14) in Vaughans – starting at Lakeside Variety Store and going towards Upper Vaughans. A number of people stopped and tried to catch him but when I came back from the store (went for hot dogs to try and entice him) he seemed to have disappeared off the road.

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HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Sky: Spayed Female Border Collie, orange collar w/rabies tag – PMQ's Greenwood Area

Happy Ending:  Home Safe n’ Sound… though rather stinky!!  Yippee!!!!

MISSING BORDER COLLIE IN GREENWOOD AREA. Black and white female/spayed Border Collie missing in PMQ’s on Fourth Crescent. Wearing a bright orange collar with blue Rabies tag. Goes by the name “Sky”. Very friendly – does not like loud noises so maybe underneath your deck! Please phone Greenwood Animal Hospital

HAPPY ENDING: Safe n Sound: Bic, Female, Black Lab, No Collar – Maclellan's Brook/Mountain Area – Pictou Co.

Hi I am looking for a female black lab with no collar on, goes by the name Bic in the maclellans mountian/ maclellans brook area in pictou county, could have wandered futher, thanks

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