HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Lucy: Beagle, female, White with Brown/Black Patches – Northend Sydney, CB

LOST DOG: Lucy: Beagle, female, white with Brw/Blk - North End Sydney, NS

Happy Ending, Lucy is home safe n’ sound… Yeah!!

Please help me find my dog.  She broke off her chain Thursday April 7 at 6am in the northend of Sydney.  There have  been a few spottings of her up around the hospital and Alexander/ Dutch Brook street, so we think she is in the woods in that area.  If anyone sees her please call , she is 9 years old, and has never been free before.  She is a small Beagle, brown and white patches, her name is LUCY.  She should have her collar on unless she has slipped it off her neck.  If anyone spots her PLEASE PLEASE call.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you very much.

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Black/White – Coxheath, Cape Breton

Dog found in coxheath area black and white on april 7th in the morning on hwy 125

Please contact these posters through their kijiji ad via email:


FOUND: Roaming Dog: Beagle, female – Barrington St/Duffus St, HRM

FOUND: Dog Roaming: Beagle, female - Barrington St/Duffus St, HRM

I’am looking for the owner of a beagle dog found on the corner of Barrington and Duffus, close to Seaveiw Park. It was around 11am on Thursday April 7th. She is female and obviously well cared for. Please contact me at (902)448-7433 or (902)406-5755.






LOST DOG: Dec '10: Harley – male, Hound, mostly brown – Donkin/Port Morien Area, Cape Breton

LOST DOG: Dec '10: Harley: Hound - Mostly Brown - Donkin/Port Morien

LOST DOG: Dec '10: Harley: Hound, male, mostly brown - Donkin/Port Morien

Our dog went missing before Christmas and we are just putting out an ad in hopes that maybe he is with someone or someone has seen him around. We live in the Donkin Port Morien area.His name is Harley and he is a hound dog. He is mostly brown, with some black and a white chest. He was wearing a leather brown collar and is very very friendly. He is a bigger size for a hound dog, but looks young. He will come to his name and is very loving. My family and I miss him greatly and if anyone has any information or has seen him we would appreciate it deeply.

902 737-2598

HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Lucky: Shepherd Mix – Brookside St, Glace Bay, NS

LOST DOG: Lucky: Shepherd Mix - Glace Bay, NS

Fantastic news… Lucky was lucky enough to find his way home… mighty dirty and happy to be home.  YEAH!!

please help us find our dog. He ran away from me and could not catch him.. He was lost on brookside street Glace Bay. You can reach me at

he responds to the name Lucky



HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Bear: Husky/Shepherd Mix, Black/Brown, Long Fur, Medium Size – Area #11, Glace Bay, NS

LOST DOG: Bear: Husky/Shepherd Mix - Area #11, Glace Bay, NS

Happy Ending: Bear was found at Animal Services today… YEAH!!  He is now home safe n’ sound.  Good Dog Bear!!

Missing dog since Monday April 4th. Very friendly dog in #11 area, goes by Bear. He is about knee high, black and brown in color, and long fur.
He is a childrens dog and we would like to have him back.

Please contact via email – thank you.



HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Chico: Beagle, male – Trenton, NS

LOST DOG: Chico: Beagle, male - Trenton, NS

GREAT NEWS: Chico is home safe n’ sound after an adventurous night chasing skunks… he found his way home early this morning.  Yeah Chico for coming home on your own (we wont’ discuss the skunk business!).


Please help us find our male Beagle Chico he’s wearing a collar with dogs and white stones on it he got away tonight April 6 between 8:30&8:45 missing from Trenton Nova Scotia please help us find him:(

HAPPIEST OF ENDINGS: Home safe n' sound: Lucy: Shih Tzu, 1 yr old, Black and White – Spryfield Area (Uncle Bucks)

LOST DOG: Lucy: Shih Tzu, 1 yr old, Black and White - Spryfield, HRM

Happy Ending for Lucy… Someone picked her up and took her to the pound… safe!!!  She is home safe n’ sound.  Happy family.  YEAH LUCY!!!


HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Buddy, male, Husky/Lab Mix, 11 yrs old, Black with White, Blue eye – French Vale Area, Cape Breton

LOST DOG: Buddy, male Husky/Lab Mix, 11 yrs old, Blue Eye - French Vale Area, Cape Breton, NS

LOST DOG: Buddy, male Husky/Lab, blue eye - French Vale Area, Cape Breton

HAPPY ENDING!!  Buddy was kindly taken in by a neighbour and is now home with a very happy family!!

Hi my dog Buddy went missing april 5th at around 2pm in the French Vale Area of Cape Breton he is a big boy hes 11 years old part husky part lab hes black with white on him and he has one blue eye and one brown eye, he was wearing a blue collar that was made of a old belt cause we couldnt get a collar to fit around his big neck, he comes to the name buddy if anyone hears anything could they please contact me , thanks



SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Bernese Mountain Dog – Redoubt Way, Eastern Passage, NS

SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Bernese Mt Dog - Eastern Passage, NS

Last night at 6:18pm I phoned AC because I saw a full grown and purebred Bernese Mountain Dog roaming on Redoubt Way in Eastern Passage.  She was moving fast with no owner in sight.


They patrolled the area and did not find the dog.  I do not know if the dog made its way home or not.  There are a lot of Berners in this area but I don’t know who owns them.


Hopefully the dog is home now.