LOST DOG: Long Term: Lola: Am Staff Mix, beige, female – Riverside Rd, Fort Ellis/Stewiacke

LOST DOG: Long Term: Lola - Am Staff - Fort Ellis/Stewiacke

We live on Riverside road Fort Ellis Stewiacke-our dog has been missing for a few months, she went missing on January 21/11. I didn’t have the heart to post this sooner because I had hope that she would find her way back to us! Ive asked all of our neighbors and local people, spca, animal control no luck. So I’m hoping by posting her picture someone may know where she is or may be taking care of her. ( we will pay you for taking care of her)! WE MISS HER SOOOO MUCH! it was a nice evening snowing a little we let our dogs out to play. We were all  in the yard our two boys myself and my husband and Teddy our other dog. Lola was chasing Teddy – he took off in the woods – she never follows him and was never on her own – but that night she did – Then it started to rain/hail/snow mix- they took off around 530pm – we found Teddy around 7pm-and searched for Lola all night and the next morning and for a good week and we are still looking. If you have any information please call! Thank you soooo much!!