Roaming Dog/Lost Chicken:West Pennant

Received this distressing email:

I have a small flock of 4 hens and was saddened to find a dark lab type dog (solid colour but sort of blackish greyish (blue?) hue) with a red collar walking down the driveway with something dead and white in it’s mouth.  I checked the coop to find only one hen (they had been free ranging), 2 hours later 2 others came out from hiding spots.  One white leghorn still missing.  She could just be hiding and the dog might’ve had some other white animal like a rabbit or weasel – but it is sad to think a roaming dog ruined my day in such a way.  I don’t want anything bad to happen to the dog, I just want it to stop roaming.  Some neighbours said they saw the same dog on their step a few days ago taunting their dog.  Sad times, bad owners.  Maybe the dog was lost and hungry, who knows.  The remaining 3 hens are quite shaken up and will probably not lay for several weeks.  There are also many coyote snares and coyotes out here and the dog is in danger if he/she is roaming.

Our missing hen’s name is Chips, age 1 and a half.  All white, large red comb, yellowish white legs.

DOGS in HRM Animal Services looking for their owners.

These are photos of current dogs in HRM Animal Services:

If not picked up and are in appropriate condition they will pass into for adoption.


RESOLVED: Lost Pup Home Safe: Great Dane Mix: "Cessa", 6 months old, Brindle – Windsor Area, NS


This big puppy is home safe and sound. Yeah!!


SIGHTED: Shepherd/Rotti mix, Blue Collar – Spar Rd Area, Whitney Pier, Cape Breton

SIGHTED: Shepherd/Rotti Mix - Whitney Pier, Cape Breton

SIGHTED: Shepherd/Rotti mix, Blue Collar – Spar Rd Area, Whitney Pier, Cape Breton

Did anyone lose a dog in whitney pier? He looks to be a sheppard/rotti mix he is wearing a blue collar and is quite timid. I saw him on Feb 28th at around 4 pm and then again at 1 am. He seemed to be just wandering around by the sparr road area. I tried to get him but he was too timid and would not come close enough. Just wondering if anyone found him or if he ended up at the spca. Please call 304-4782

RESOLVED: Sammy Jane: Black Lab, 9 yrs old, female – Blue Mountain, Kentville, NS

LOST DOG: Sammy Jane: Black Lab - Blue Mtn, Kentville, NS

We just got a great email from Sammy Jane’s owner! She is FOUND!!!

“Sammy Jane has been found!  12-35km (depending on what route she took) away on Lake ramsey rd in the forties!  She was curled up on a ladies doorstep yesterday morning, they called animal control (new ross -didn’t know they existed before now) and they took her in.  I called them this morning to report her missing and they informed me they had her!  She is VERY tired and thin but otherwise well.  We’re heading to the vets in the morning just to be sure.
Thanks for your help”


Our 9 yr old  black lab went after a rabbit on monday feb 28th at 11:30am near our home in Blue Mountain, NS  (Between kentville and new ross).  We have searched several hundred acres surrounding us but have not found her.  This is unlike her and she may be injured.  She has a very weak hind left hock and bad hips.  Her name is Sammy Jane and she is med sized wearing a black collar with red metal hearts.  She is weary of strangers.
Ps we are willing to pay someone with a trained search dog to track her.


RESOLVED: Owner Found: Lost Dog – Husky, male, young – Ketch Hbr area

Roaming Dog: Owner Found going home! Yeah!!

The owner of this dog has been found and it should be home and safe very soon.  Yeah!!

This dog is with Animal Services until at least next Tuesday, March 8/11:  Then it will be available for adoption at Homeward Bound City Pound:

Found on March 1/11 a young male Huskey in the Ketch Hbr area. If you have lost this dog ,please give a good description  and you will be reunited with this pet.

FOUND: HRM Animal Services Update

HRM Animal Service Found Dogs

Here is the website for Found Dogs picked up by Animal Services in Halifax (HRM).


RESOLVED:Lost Dog: Kyra, Brindle Boxer, female – Windsor, NS

LOST DOG: Kyra, Brindle Boxer, female - Windsor, NS

Kyra has been found is home safe n’ sound!  Thanks everyone!

My new dog got out the door this morning and I have not been able to find her. She is a light brindle color and very small in size for a full grown boxer. She was just brought home on the weekend from NB so she does not know the area and may be quite spooked. Her name is Kyra and she responds to it although with all the changes over the past couple days she may not come to you. Kyra is wearing a blue and black collar but does not have any tags on it yet. Please if you have any information contact me right away I really want to get her home I am worried sick about her you can contact through kijiji

RESOLVED:Found Roaming: Lost Dog: Black Lab found in Harmony, NS

FOUND ROAMING: Lost Dog: Black Lab - Harmony, NS

This dog has been reunited with its family.  Thanks to the kind people that took it in.

We found a black dog in the Harmony area….let us know if he’s yours.

FOUND ROAMING: Lost Dog: Oakfield/Wellington/Enfield Area

FOUND ROAMING: Lost dog: Older Beagle

I found an older beagle in my yard early this morning in the Oakfield area.  She didn’t have a collar on but was really friendly.  She is a bit overweight and also has a large lump between her hind legs.  I knocked on a few doors this morning but was unable to find her owner so I contacted Animal Control.  If this is your dog please contact Animal Control at 490-4000 to get her back home.  They also board lost dogs at the Homeward Bound Shelter in Burnside so you could contact them as well.  Hope she finds her way back home.