HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Roaming Dog: Lab or Lab mix, black with white chest blaze, male, 60-70lbs – 6829 RR#2, Hwy 354, Kennetcook, Hants County, NS


HAPPY ENDING: This pooch is home safe n’ sound thanks to his new neighbours who took such good care of him after he wondered away from his new home.  Yippee!! Thanks to everyone who helped… terrific!!

FOUND DOG: Kennetcook, Hwy354, …RR#2, Hants County. MALE: Black Lab or mix with a white blaze on his chest. Weighs approx. 60-70 lbs. Wearing a red collar and red kerchief. Friendly. Appeared at the finders home on August 24th. Please cross post – the finder does not have a digital camera so no picture is available. Please contact