SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Roma Dr, Chezzetcook, HRM, NS – Shepherd Mix, Male, Tan with Dark Face, Lean, No Collar, Young – "Unknown"

“Unknown”     ***STOCK PHOTO***  Not Actual Dog

Breed/Mix: German Shepherd Mix, Tan with Black Face

Sex:  Male      Age:   Young

Collar/Tags:   No

Sighted On:   Sunday April 1, 2012 – 3:00 a.m.

Area:   Roma Dr, Chezzetcook, HRM, NS

Additional Notes:   ROAMING: Chezzetcook/ Roma Drive/ HRM MALE: Shepherd mix, appears to be young, lean, no collar, tan body dark face. Sighted April 1/12 at 3 am. Tan body dark face. The sighter tried to get him to come to her and he approached but then he ran towards the Chezzetcook Fire Department. Please cross post and if you know anyone missing a dog of this description please notify. If you see this dog please report to Animal Services at 490 – 4000.  Thank you to Sonia for caring.

Please Contact:  HRM Animal Services at 490 – 4000

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Found: Roaming Dog: Point Tupper, Richmond Co., NS – Tibetan Spaniel Mix, Male, Adult, White with Reddish-brown Head, Curly Tail, Collar/Broken Leash – "Unknown"


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound!!! Yeah!!!  Thanks to the kind folks who kept him safe until his Mom was found.  And thanks to the neighbours for spreading the word as well.  And of course, to all of you who shared his info online.  Terrific! (4.1.12 – 4.1.12)

Breed: Tibetan Spaniel Mix

Sex:  Male                      Age:    Adult

Collar/Tags:    Harley Davidson Collar, Broken Leash Attached

Found On:  Sunday, April 1, 2012 – 11:00 a.m.

Area:  Point Tupper, Guysborough County, NS

Additional Notes:  Hi we found this dog in Point Tupper April 1, 11am.  It is a male, not sure how old, it is very friendly.  It is till wearing a collar (harely davison) and has a leash that broke,  please call …

Please Contact:  

FOUND: Roaming Puppy: Around the #11, Glace Bay, Cape Breton, NS – Lab Mix, Female, ~ 6 Months Old, Blue Collar – "Unknown"


FOUND: Roaming Puppy:  Glace Bay – around the # 11/ Cape Breton FEMALE: possible Lab mix, approx 5 months old, still has baby teeth, wearing a blue collar. Very sweet, house broken, sits – gives paw. Please cross post and if you have any information contact the finder at 578-6949 or the CB SPCA at 539-7722.

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Blair Avenue, Tatamagouche, Colchester Co., NS — Lab/Sheperd mix, Female, 1 Year Old — "Raven"



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound!! Yippee!!! From the Owners: “Thank you for all your help Raven came home last night in the middle of the night.  She is safe and sound at home now.”  Just fantastic.  Thanks to all who cared and shared Raven’s info.  Yippee!! (3/31/12 – 4/1/12)

Breed or Mix: lab/sheperd mix

Sex: Female, Age: 1 year

Collar/Tags: bluish green collar with little mirrors on it

Lost on: 03/31/2012

Area: blair avenue, tatamagouche, Colchester, NS

Additional Notes: Missing since 11 am Sunday March 31. She has a short haired black coat very friendly but also scares easily. She rarely ever barks. She was out this morning and when we called her in she spotted something and took off. We are new to the area so she doesn’t know her way around. She never takes off on her own like this.

Please Contact:

HAPPY ENDING: Home n' Safe: Lost Dogs: Parmell St., North Sydney, Cape Breton Co., NS — Black Lab Mix, , Male ~60 Lbs, Chain Collar, Shiny Coat, 1 Yr Old, Friendly — "Jax" & Black Lab Mix, ~40 Lbs, White on Chest, Chain Collar – "Kali"

“Jax” & “Kali”

HAPPY ENDING: Home and Safe!! Yippee!!  From the Owner:”My dogs have been found. Sorry I did not get a chance to contact you sooner, it was a long evening/night. Jaxx was hit by a vehicle on the highway and whoever hit him just kept going. He was found they figure about 5 hours after the accident by someone driving by. We will be heading to PEI this evening to see if he will be able to walk again. Hoping for the best. Thank you so much for all your help.”  Thanks to the kind folks who stopped and our heartfelt good wishes and prayers go out to Jax for a good diagnosis, and speedy recovery.  Thanks to all who took the time to care and share their information, it always makes a difference.  (3.31.12 – 3.31.12)


Breed or Mix: Black lab mix

Sex: Male, Age: 1

Collar/Tags: Silver choker

Lost on: 03/31/2012

Area: North Sydney, , Cape Breton, NS

Additional Notes: LOST DOGS: North Sydney/Parnell St./Cape Breton MALE: Black Lab mix, 1 year old, 60 lbs. wearing a choke collar, Very short, shiny black coat with small white mark on chest. Very friendly and lots of puppy energy NAME: Jax and FEMALE: Black lab mix, Smaller 40 lb female with similar coloring with larger white chest patch, wearing a choke collar. NAME: Kali Both went missing from their yard (gate was unlatched) on March 31/12 approx 1 am. Please cross post and if you have any information contact …Thank you to Debbie for assisting us and doing this poster up

Please Contact:…


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Sesame St. , Kentville, Kings Co., NS — Yellow Lab Mix, Female, 2 — "Sadie"



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound! Yeah!! From the Owners: “Within minutes of posting on your sight, we recieved a call from the dog pound that she was there safe and sound.  Although we are very happy to have found her, it is comforting to know that this site is here for owners looking for their dogs:)” Just terrific! (3.25.12 –  3.26.12)

Breed or Mix: Yellow Lab Mix

Sex: Female, Age: 2

Collar/Tags: Pink and Brown Collar

Lost on: 03/25/2012

Area: Sesame St. , Kentville, Kings, NS

Additional Notes: Sadie is very friendly and will come if her name is called. Her coat is light yellow and smooth with darker skin on her belly. She has very pronounced nipples. She does have a chip in her ear. She strayed away from our yard on Sunday afternoon.

Please Contact: …

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Purcells Cove Area, HRM, Halifax Co., NS — Golden Retreiver, Male, Adult — "Unknown"

“Unknown”           *** STOCK PHOTO *** Not Actual Dog

Breed or Mix: Golden Retreiver

Sex: Male, Age: Adult

Collar/Tags: HRM Tag

Lost on: 03/30/2012

Area: Purcells Cove Area, , Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: Found a golden retriever in my yard when I got home from work today. Looks to be about 7-8 years old, very sweet male pup. No id, just an HRM registration tag.

I live in the Purcells Cove Area, walked door to door for over an hour but no one recognized him. He’s safe and sound, please contact me if your missing your pup. He misses you.

Please Contact: Tasha , 902-877-9457


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dogs: Purcells Cove Rd, Halifax, NS – Shih tzu/Yorkie Mix, Male, Light Beige, Dark Moustache – "Fitch" & Shih Tzu Mix, Female, Golden Brown, White around Nose, Dark Back, Cherry Eye (Left Eye) – "Bella"


“Bella” (on Left) & “Fitch”

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!!! Yippee!!! These two were picked up by Animal Control and are now safe.  Thanks to all who cared and shared.  So glad these wee ones are safe, now lets find all the others.  Thanks folks!! (3.27.12 – 3.27.12)


LOST DOGS: 2 short haired Shih tzu mixes. Male (Fitch) is a shih tzu yorkie mix. Light beige with dark mustache. Female (Bella) is a shih tzu big hon mix. Golden brown with white around her nose with some dark on her back. She also has a cherry eye in her left eye ( swollen and red) If you have any information please, please respond to this ad ! In the Purcell’s cove rd area of Halifax. Lost at 4pm this afternoon from Purcell’s Cove rd. both are very friendly and will go with anybody as long as thy get attention. Please check your yards, under decks, in outbuildings, etc.  Report any sightings immediately by calling… Please help <3 (3.27.12 – 3.27.12)

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dogs: Bell Street, Lake Echo, Halifax Co., NS — Husky and lab mix, Male, 3 and 8 — "Duke and Digger"


“Duke (in front) and Digger”

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound!! Yippee!!  These two adventurers returned home last night.  Just fantastic!  Thanks to all who cared and shared their info, helping to get them home.  (3.27.12 – 3.28.12)

Breed or Mix: Husky and lab mix

Sex: Male, Age: 3 and 8

Collar/Tags: Black collar with tags on Duke, Blue collar on Digger

Lost on: 03/27/2012

Area:  Bell Street, Lake Echo, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: Duke is a grey, black and white husky. Very friendly.
Digger is black, white and brown and a tad overweight. He is also very friendly.

Duke was in my yard along with my other dog Digger. Duke is 3 years old and Digger is 8 years old. Both dogs are not known to roam. Both of these dogs have not been seen since this afternoon. Please help.

Please Contact: …


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Craigburn Dr, Dartmouth, Halifax Co., NS — Havanese, White with Brown Patches, Female, ~7lb adult — "Bella"

“Bella”       “Actual Photo of Bella”

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound!!! Yippee!!! We just got word that Bella has been found and is home safe.  Thank goodness!! You can only run across Waverley Rd so many times and remain lucky.  A big thanks goes out to all who shared her information, who offered and did go search and tell their neighbours, and to those that reported sightings… just fantastic!!  Yeah!!!  Well done folks!! (3.27.12 – 3.29.12)

Breed or Mix: Havanese- white with brown patches

Sex: Female, Age: ~ 7lb adult

Collar/Tags: Collar

Lost on: 03/27/2012

Area: Craigburn, , Halifax, NS

Additional Notes:

Dog appears to have escaped today from a small, previously undetected gap under the decking. She has a puppy clip, shorter, right now, with long tail and ears.  Brown may be darker than in stock photo.  She is a sweet small Havanese, under 10 lbs, skittish… please check under your decks, in yards, outbuildings, etc.  Report any sighting immediately. Thank you.

Please Contact: …