SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Lynwood Dr/Torrington Dr, Sherwood Park, HRM, NS – Golden Retriever, Female – "Unknown"


Breed:   Golden Retriever

Sex:   Female      Age:   Adult

Collar/Tags: Unknown

Sighted On: April 3, 2012, ~8:50 a.m.

Area: Lynwood Dr/Torrington Dr, Sherwood Park, HRM, NS

Additional Notes:  SIGHTING: Sherwood park subdivision (Lynwood Drive/Torrington Drive) HRM FEMALE: Golden Retriever Sighter is “pretty sure it was a female” tried to catch her – last saw running towards the Rockingham school. April 3/12 approx. time 8:50 am (JanetC) Thank you Lindsay for the notification.

Please Contact: Animal Control 490-4000

FOUND: Roaming Dog: On Hwy 12 Between Alderville & Blue Mountain, Kings Co., NS – Labrador Retiever, Male, Black, Tan Leather Collar/Studs, No Tags – "Unknown"



Breed:   Labrador Retriever

Sex:  Male     Age:    Adult

Collar/Tags:   Studded Tan Leather Collar/No Tags

Found On:    4.2.12

Area:  Highway 12 between Alderville & Blue Mountain, Kings Co., NS

Additional Notes:  FOUND DOG: Hwy 12 between Alderville and Blue Mountain/ Kings County MALE: Black Lab, adult. Wearing a tan leather collar with studs, no collar. Found running down Hwy 12, April 2/12.

Please Contact: Chantelle at 670-7846




HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Found: Roaming Dog: Myra Rd and Davisons, Halifax Co., NS — Terrior, Female, 6+ — "Unknown"



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound! Yippeee!!  Thanks to the great folks that kept her safe and all those that shared her info.  So happy the owners were found, just terrific!  (4.1.12 – 4.3.12)

Breed or Mix: Terrior

Sex: Female, Age: 6+

Collar/Tags: red collar, flea collar and no tags

Lost on: 04/01/2012

Area: Myra Rd and Davisons, , Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: I found her in the middle of the road

Please Contact:


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lower Sackville, Halifax Co., NS — Boarder Collie, Female, 15 — "Tobie"



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!!! YEAHHHH!!! From the Owner: “She is home now safe and sound. A HUGE thanks to the Nova Scotia Lost Dog Netwok for their help, and to everyone for their kind words and efforts to bring Tobie home to us it was beyond appreciated!!!!!!!!!”  Thanks to those who reported her being at the Pound and all those that shared her info and sent best wishes.  Yippee!! (4/1/12 – 4/3/12)

Breed or Mix: Boarder Collie

Sex: Female, Age: 15

Collar/Tags: She is wearing a pink name tag attached to a rainbow coloured collar

Lost on: 04/01/2012

Area: 15 Aspen Court, Lower Sackville, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: Tobie is a black & white border collie who primarily responds to French instructions. She has a large cyst/growth under her tail below her anus. She is a very gentle and loving dog, and does not typically bark. She was last seen yesterday morning around 10:00. The address and contact information on her name tag is not accurate.

Please Contact: …

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Terry Court, Lake Echo, Halifax Co., NS — beagle, Tri-Colour, Male, Mid-age, Very Friendly — "Unknown"


Breed or Mix: Beagle

Sex: Male, Age: Mid-age

Collar/Tags: Leather belt made into a collar,bell attached

Lost on: 04/01/2012

Area: Terry Court, Lake Echo, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: Found in Lake Echo-tri-color,un-neutered male beagle,very friendly. Please cross post his info and report any sightings or informations immediately. Thanks!

Please Contact: Denise McDonald, (902)829-2503


FOUND DOG: Crombe Rd, Shubenacadie, East Hants, NS — Amstaff Beagle mix, Female, Young approx 1 — "Unknown Found Dog"


Unknown Found Dog

Breed or Mix: Amstaff Beagle mix

Sex: Female, Age: Young approx 1

Collar/Tags: No collar or tags

Found on: 04/01/2012

Area: Crombe Rd, Shubenacadie , Hants, NS

Additional Notes: Hello, this very friendly young dog was found wonderining on Crombe Road, Shubenacadie, East Hants, NS. I picked her up today, however the person who found her did so yesterday. She is very friendly and is being held at the Municipality of East Hants dog pound. Please contact Tim Hamm at 758-1800 ext 207,, if this is your dog. Thank you

Please Contact: Tim Hamm, 758-1800 ext 207


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Found: Roaming Dog: Middleton, Main St , Annapolis Co., NS — Black Lab, Female, ~ 1 Yr Old — "Unknown "

“Unknown”          ***STOCK PHOTO***   Not Actual Dog

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound!! Yippee!! Just terrific to hear the owners were found.  She got scared when a chainsaw was started up… poor baby.  Thanks everyone and especially to the kind folks that kept her safe and those that shared her info.  Yippee!! (4.1.12 – 4.1.12)

Breed or Mix: black lab

Sex: Female, Age: 9 months – year and a half

Collar/Tags: with a collar

Lost on: 04/01/2012

Area: Middleton, Main St , Annapolis, NS

Additional Notes: We found this dog in our back yard , she’s very friendly ….mostly black with a small white patch under her chin

Please Contact: ….


SIGHTED: Roaming Dogs: Pictou Rd, Bible Hill, Truro, NS – 2 Border Collies, 1 Black/White, 1 Brown/White, Collars/Tags (on one), Friendly but Timid – "Unknown"

“Unknown”     ***STOCK PHOTO*** Not Actual Dogs

Breed: Border Collies, one Black/White, one Brown/White

Sex:  Unknown    Age:   Adult

Collar:  One dog definitely has collar and tags

Sighted On:  Sunday, April 1, 2012

Area:  Pictou Rd, Bible Hill/Valley Area, Truro, NS – Heading in town

Additional Notes:  Sighted Pictou rd. bible hill / valley area colchester county Two border collies. One black and white the other brown and white . friendly but timid.  They were heading toward truro on pictou Rd the brown and white stopped when I spoke to them then followed the black and white. The brown / white wearing a collar with tags didn’t see if the outher was or not.

Please Contact: Animal Services: 897-3175

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Cookville, Outside Bridgewater, Lunenburg Co., NS — Boxer Mix, Male, ~10 Months Old — "Unknown"



Breed or Mix: Boxer Mix

Sex: Male, Age: ~10 Months Old

Collar/Tags: No

Lost on: 03/31/2012

Area: , Cookville, Outside Bridgewater, Lunenburg, NS

Additional Notes: We have recently found the sweetest little male puppy and need to find his owner!! He was found in Cookville (just outside Bridgewater, Lunenburg County) with no collar and a very big appetite!
He has a sweet personality, very friendly, and is house trained! So obviously he had an owner at some point.
He’s approximately 35 lbs ish .. dark brown with a white chest. Looks like a mix of boxer, maybe lab? (we’re just guessing) and around maybe 10-12 months old. Again – we’re estimating.

Please Contact: Andrea,


SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Roma Dr, Chezzetcook, HRM, NS – Shepherd Mix, Male, Tan with Dark Face, Lean, No Collar, Young – "Unknown"

“Unknown”     ***STOCK PHOTO***  Not Actual Dog

Breed/Mix: German Shepherd Mix, Tan with Black Face

Sex:  Male      Age:   Young

Collar/Tags:   No

Sighted On:   Sunday April 1, 2012 – 3:00 a.m.

Area:   Roma Dr, Chezzetcook, HRM, NS

Additional Notes:   ROAMING: Chezzetcook/ Roma Drive/ HRM MALE: Shepherd mix, appears to be young, lean, no collar, tan body dark face. Sighted April 1/12 at 3 am. Tan body dark face. The sighter tried to get him to come to her and he approached but then he ran towards the Chezzetcook Fire Department. Please cross post and if you know anyone missing a dog of this description please notify. If you see this dog please report to Animal Services at 490 – 4000.  Thank you to Sonia for caring.

Please Contact:  HRM Animal Services at 490 – 4000