Kaylah’s New Leg!!


I think everyone remember’s Kaylah, the Shepherd lost outside of Truro who was found in a Coyote Snare six months later.  She lost her paw but her life was saved thanks to the appropriate action taken by the trapper. He called Animal Control and they found a Vet who would trek the mile and a half into the woods to release Kaylah safely.


Well, here is Kaylah today.  Learning how to use her new leg and loving life. Her family are so grateful to have her back. No wonder… just look at that sweet face!!



Recycle Dog

A Bottle Drive in support of The Antigonish SPCA will be held this Sunday, April 7th.

It will be held at The Wheel parking lot. Please save  your refundables for the Antigonish SPCA and come see us there.

You can also drop your refundables off for us at the depot in Lower South River at anytime throughout the year, just tell the workers to credit the proceeds to the Antigonish SPCA account.

f you have bottles ready to go and have no transportation, please give us a call at 863-2111 and we will try to make arrangements to pick them up.

The Antigonish SPCA thanks you for the support shown for all of our fund-raising efforts.

Animal Communication Course with Su Burnett April 6, 2013




Contact Su for more information at sulaughing@yahoo.ca

Or visit her website: www.horsecommunication.ca

Local Blogger Talks About Trapping and Indy, the Husky that was Shot in a Snare

This is a very good article with a fair and just opinion on trapping laws in Nova Scotia:







Thank you for everything you do for the lost dogs of our Province. The world needs more people like you. Thank you, Leah”


This is a note that appeared on my car before Christmas.  My car has NS Lost Dog Network magnetic bumpers stickers all over it. I’ve been meaning to share this with all of you as I believe the kind thoughts in this note belong to all the members of the Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network.  Every time you share the information on a lost or found dog you are bringing it that much closer to home.  This doesn’t work due to one persons efforts, but because all of us care and share.  And the more of ‘us’ there are, the more dogs that will be reunited with their families.  We would love to hit 10,000 “Likes” by the end of our 2nd Anniversary Month long celebration, January 31, 2013.  Please take a moment and talk to folks about us, share our info and ask them to join us in Bringing Missing Dogs Home.  Thank you to “Leah” who left that note, it made me burst with pride in our Network.

How to Improve Your Chances of Finding Your Lost Dog

This is an excellent article on how to continue the search for your lost dog (written with all pets in mind):





Reigning Cats and Dogs Blog Celebrates NSLDN 2nd Anniversary






Thank you Janet Young, from Reigning Cats and Dogs Blog, for sharing with your readers the news of our 2ND Anniversary… we are so excited to be celebrating and hope to reach 10,000 Likes on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/NSLDN) by the end of our Anniversary Month! Thank you to all our followers for making NSLDN work and reach over 1000 Happy Endings!


How to Use NSLDN Resources to Help Bring Missing Dogs Home – The Owner of a Happy Ending Pup Shares Their Story



What do you think lead to Remy being Home, Safe n’ Sound?

It was combination of posters and your site.

A couple spotted him last night in their parking lot and this morning and thanks to your website contacted me which got us back on the right trail.

Where did he spend the night?

We found where he spent the night, a nice little indent of him in a pile of leaves in the same place.

What was your plan then?

So a few hours after that spotting I was putting up posters in a major way around that area.

This lead to another sighting being reported:

I got a call from someone a block away that had just spotted him and called me thanks to the posters.

What happened when you arrived?

He was I saw him and he ran!

How did you proceed?

Thank god for the SNOW!!!!! I followed his tracks to a closed in back yard. and was able to use bags of soil they had to block the gap (so he couldn’t escape).

How did you approach him this time?

I got down on the ground and let him come to me. And a nice couple that had spotted me let me into their apartment to get him warm and get him calm before we tried to go home.

So you read the links we provided?

The getting low thing I read from your site and it helped – it honestly did. And he ran from my wife and I a total of 4 times while he was gone. It really hurts when he did it, but I understand now that it wasn’t because he hates us or anything like that, he had got free, he was excited and scared and nervous, and not because he doesn’t feel loved, its just his instinct. Soon as I got low though he get low as well and kinda crawled toward me and then attacked my face with his tongue. But the more excited we acted at first, when we couldn’t contain ourselves when seeing him,  just scared him off. You really do have to control your own instinct in order to theirs.

Thank you Katie and Tom for sharing, we are so happy that Remy is home where he belongs.


Video: How to Release Your Dog from a Conibear Trap

Video:  How to release your dog from a Conibear Trap.


Service Dog Travels 800 Miles to Give Support to Newton Residents after School Tragedy