LOST DOG: Dec '10: Harley – male, Hound, mostly brown – Donkin/Port Morien Area, Cape Breton

LOST DOG: Dec '10: Harley: Hound - Mostly Brown - Donkin/Port Morien

LOST DOG: Dec '10: Harley: Hound, male, mostly brown - Donkin/Port Morien

Our dog went missing before Christmas and we are just putting out an ad in hopes that maybe he is with someone or someone has seen him around. We live in the Donkin Port Morien area.His name is Harley and he is a hound dog. He is mostly brown, with some black and a white chest. He was wearing a leather brown collar and is very very friendly. He is a bigger size for a hound dog, but looks young. He will come to his name and is very loving. My family and I miss him greatly and if anyone has any information or has seen him we would appreciate it deeply.

902 737-2598