FOUND:MISSNG 5 MONTH OLD PUPPY – Between Eastern Passage and Cole Harb. We are missing our 5 month old puppy. He went missing when he got off his leash on a walking trail near caldwell rd between eastern passage and cole harbour.He has a silver bone tag with his name “rosco” on it. He is a rescue so we are not entirely sure the type of dog, he looks like a amstaff, dob



LOST DOG: Yarmouth Toller Mix
Added Jan 24, 2011
LOST DOG from Car Accident near Lunenburg
Lost Dog Ramone : he fled from a bad car acciden t last night that happened just outside Lunenburg near Deans Corners, on the road between L’burg and Mahone Bay — near Palmer Draperies. He is about 10 years old, a Duck Toller mix ( mid-sized red dog).


FOUND: ABBY - Senior Beagal

Abby has come home!!
Missing Female Beagle
11 Year old female beagle missing from the Dayspring Area on January 24th. Red Collar and bell. Her name is Abby! If you find her, please contact us as she’s our baby and we just want her home.

FOUND: Whippet/Beagle

LOST DOG: Whippet/Beagle

FOUND: Whippet/Beagle Cross Home Safe – Feltzen South Rd
by Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at 10:43am

LOST: Lunenburg AREA:Whippet/Beagle:Jan 25/11 Please Crosspost and Share
Our dog, Olive, bolted out the door of our home this evening on Feltzen South Rd. at around 5:30 pm. She is a small brown and white whippet/beagle cross. Her face is all brown with a thin white line running down between her eyes to her nose.



FOUND: Jazzy – Chihuahua/husky mix – Centreville

by Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network on Sunday, January 30, 2011 at 1:50pm

Karen Myles
Update: i called to check on the little chilauau husky lost in centerville, kings county last weekend, happy to report jazzy has been found
LOST DOG: Long Haired Red mix, female, Rockwell Mtn Rd, Kings Subdivision
Added: Jan 20/11
hi we lost our dog yesterday mornin in centreville area. she is a chilauau huskey sahe answers to the name jazzy she is tan colored … kids are really missing her and is taking it hard …we got a call saying she was seen on b……ains rd


LOST DOG: PON/Polish Herding Dog - Shubie Park

FOUND: Mamou – Polish Herding Dog (PON) – Dartmouth
By Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network · Sunday, January 30, 2011

FOUND: Mamou the Polish Herding Dog (PON) that was lost in Shubie Park this morning, Sunday January 30, 2011 has been found safe and sound about a Km away from the park. Thanks to his ad on kijiji.

FOUND: CORGI, male, Adult, Black/wh/tan.


FOUND: Corgi – Lower Sackville

By Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network · Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network Removed from his leash on our deck, Saturday, January 29th in the afternoon. Sackville Estates Trailer Park, Lower Sackville, NS. neutered Tri – colour Corgi, Male, short hair, predominantly black with white and gold markings. He’s 15 – 20 lbs. Toes out, with his right ear flopped over. Blue collar. Please call u…s or contact HRM call centre at 490 – 4000 if you think you’ve seen him.
The good news is that he was found in someone’s backyard, and they called the HRM Call Centre. We now have him back, and have learned a lesson. The bad news is that, just as we thought, someone had just let him go. The Leash and clasp and collar and metal ring weren’t broken. He’s not a barker, and very friendly, which is how they could do it. Maybe they were trying to untangle him a little and he took off. I was home, but napping yesterday afternoon. It was just a wake – up call for us to be more considerate of him. We were all lucky, us because he was only let loose, not stolen, and him because he wasn’t hurt while he was on the “lam”.

FOUND: 45lb, Black/Brown Mix – Home Safe

LOST DOG: John Dog

Updated here: Jan 30/11
We lost our 45 pound mixed breed dog in Portland Estates this afternoon. He is black and brown and is very friendly with all people and most dogs.

FOUND: DUKE – Cape Breton

FOUND: DUKE, male, Collie mix - Beaver Brook, CB

FOUND: Duke -Collie Mix – Beaver Brook

Added: Sat Jan 22, 2011

My dog wandered away Friday morning. He is a collie/shepard mix, he is golden with white chest. Freindly dog named Duke. If anyone has seen him please call

SIGHTED: German Shepherd or mix


Feb 23, 2011

We have had no more reports of this dog.  Probably a dog with a home that was let out to run free.

SIGHTED: A German Shepherd or Shepherd Mix was sighted running free a couple of times near the bus terminal on Pinecrest Dr in Dartmouth.  Reported Feb 20/11.