HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Roaming Dog: Husky, white – Digby, NS

HAPPY ENDING:  This dog was found and is at home, safe n’ sound. Yeah!! Thanks to the person that posted the sighting and all those that helped to spread the word.

A white huskey was seen on Carleton St. in Digby N.S. This dog looks like it is lost If someone knows of this dog please call me and I will give you the information needed. thank you Hes been hanging around the neighborhood all day.


FOUND: Roaming Dogs: Two Rabbit Hounds/Beagles, female – Lower Woods Harbour, Shelburne, NS

FOUND: Roaming Dogs: Two Rabbit Hounds/Beagles - Lwr Woods Harbour, Shelburne, NS

FOUND: Roaming Dogs: Two Rabbit Hounds/Beagles - Lower Woods Harbour, Shelburne, NS

***FOUND: TWO RABBIT HOUNDS Lw Woods Harbour***

FOUND: Two female Rabbit Hounds in Lower Woods Harbour, Shelburne Co. at 6250 Highway # 3.
Anyone owning these dogs can contact Yarmouth SPCA:

Yarmouth SPCA
P.O. Box 335
Yarmouth, NS B5A 4B3

Phone: 902-742-9767

Email: spcapets@hotmail.com

HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Macy: Golden Retriever, female – Black Rock, Fundy Shore, NS

LOST DOG: Macy: Golden Retriever, female - Black Rock, Fundy Shore

LOST DOG: Macy: Golden Retriever, female - Black Rock, Fundy Shore, NS

HAPPY ENDING: Macy was picked up by a wonderful person and returned home.  Thanks to everyone that helped. YEAH!!!

We have lost in the Black Rock area, our 3 year old golden retriever.  She just went missing on April 5th.  She is about 60 lbs wearing a leather collar.  Her name is Macy (female) and she is very friendly.  If you have seen her, please call 538-9642  or 691-0201



HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Roaming Dog: Husky, injured front paw – Glen Haven Area of Peggys Cove Rd

Happy Ending: Home Safe n’ Sound – Amazingly she returned home on her own… vet checked and happy to be home.

We just recieved this twitter report:

Just saw a husky in the glen haven area (Peggys cove road) he was running across the road and it’s front leg was hurt.

Animal Control has been called and are on the way.  Lets hope this dog is picked up soon.

FOUND:Roaming Beagle: Lower Sackville Area

Received this message this AM – “If someone calls about a lost Beagle for the BeaverBank Rd ( Lr. Sackville area ), some people picked him/ her up. The dog almost got hit. Poor thing was scared according to hubby who tried to get him before a truck scared him away. This dog may be home now. Don’t know if any identification was on the dog. Just letting you know that someone does have him and he isn’t dead.”

HAPPY ENDING: East Preston: Bernese Mountain Dog

FOUND and home safe n’ sound early this morning!


LOST Bernese Mountain dog.
5 years old.very kind,.
Broke free from his collar and leash,his dog tag is here.
lost on William St Dartmouth.
please phone 452-9311
Thank you
PS we have just moved here so he is not familiar with the aea yet

FOUND: Shearwater:white/tan pom

Last night a white/tan pomeranian dog was scratching at our door. When we opened the door in ran right in. We thought if we let it out it would find its way back home. But this morning, when my husband left for work, it was still there and ran into my house again. It looks really healthy and can understand basic commands so someones got to be missing it:( Please call 463-9812. We are located in Shearwater in the lower PMQs.

Thank you.

Happy Ending: Found: Duke: Boxer, male, Brown with White Socks/Chest/Face Stripe – Spryfield, NS

Duke has been found! He was picked up by animal services.

LOST DOG: Duke: Boxer, male, Brown with White Socks, Chest, Face Stripe - Spryfield

My boxer has gone missing today – he lives in Spryfield by Elizabeth Sutherland School – his name is “DUKE” – he is a larger boxer (85 – 95lbs). He has a nice brown coat with 4 white paws, a white chest and a white strip down the middle of his face and down over the right side of his face. His right eye is lazy and red. He is very nice and will be more scared than anything – he is wearing a blue collar.

He is my best buddy and Daisy’s best friend. We are both upset he is missing and I will give $200 to anyone that can help him find his way home!!! My phone number is 483-2022.

HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Roaming Dog: Chocolate Lab, female – Allan St, Halifax

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Choc Lab, female - Allan St., Halifax

HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n’ Sound.  The owner drove by asking if they had seen her dog when the people who found her were posting FOUND DOG signs.  AWESOME!  Thanks to everyone who took care of this dog and helped get her home.

A neighbour showed up at our door this evening with a female chocolate lab thinking it was our dog. She was running around on Allan Street in Halifax and has no collar.

She is tall and slender with a few grey whiskers on her chin and snout.



FOUND: Roaming Dog: Large Dog with Studded Collar – Wellington, NS


FOUND: Roaming Dog: Large Bully Breed: Wellington, NS

Large dog just showed up on our property. He’s really friendly and has a studded leather collar.

This fella is now with Animal Control – 490-4000