LOST DOG: Chocolate Lab, female – Hebron/Wellington Area Last Sighting, Yarmouth, NS

These people never returned out emails and now their ad is removed from kijiji so I am going to assume there was a happy ending and this girl got home safely. Unfortunately, we may never know.


HELP!! I lost my dog, Chocolate Lab, female last night during the thunder storm.  She is a big sook and took off.  She is chocolate in colour and has no collar, because she broke it off… scared to death.  She was last seen in the Hebron – Wellington Area.  Please check your yards and outbuildings and report any sightings. Do not chase her, she is very friendly.  Thanks!



HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Molly: Chow Mix, black, female – Sydney, Cape Breton

LOST DOG: Chow Mix, Black - Hillsview Ave, Sydney, CB

Happy Ending: Home Safe n’ Sound: Molly was smart enough to jump into someones car on the third day away from home, and her Mom was smart enough to have ID tags on her… that’s how she got home. Thanks to everyone that spread the word and kept this girl in mind… terrific!! Updated August 8, 2011.

Lost my dog onacross from the Southend Community Ccentre.  She is a black chow mix with a pink collar and a pink identification bone on her coller.  Her name is Molly. If anyone sees her anywhere please phone .  She is very shy and gentle.  She is quite furry with a furry tail as well.


HAPPY ENDING: Safe n' Sound: Iggy: Italian Greyhound, Caramel with some White, male – Chittick Ave, Penhorn Lake Area, Dartmouth, NS

LOST DOG: Iggy: Italian Greyhound, male, caramel with white - Chittick Ave, Dartmouth, NS


Happy Ending: Iggy is about to come home Safe n’ Sound as he was picked up by a kind person last night and turned over to Animal Control.  Awesome!!!


LOST DOG: DARTMOUTH – Chittick Avenue, near Penhorn Lake, Name: Iggy: Small caramel coloured Italian Greyhound. About 17 lb and about 15″ at the shoulder. White belly and paws and white tip on the end of his tail. 

HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Sky: Spayed Female Border Collie, orange collar w/rabies tag – PMQ's Greenwood Area

Happy Ending:  Home Safe n’ Sound… though rather stinky!!  Yippee!!!!

MISSING BORDER COLLIE IN GREENWOOD AREA. Black and white female/spayed Border Collie missing in PMQ’s on Fourth Crescent. Wearing a bright orange collar with blue Rabies tag. Goes by the name “Sky”. Very friendly – does not like loud noises so maybe underneath your deck! Please phone Greenwood Animal Hospital

HAPPY ENDING: Safe n Sound: Duke: Boxer, male, fawn/white – White Hills, Pockwock Rd, NS

Received this great news about Duke:

“We are happy to report that a lady contacted us from animal services (I reported him missing this morning) and she gave us an address where he had been spotted.. After many hours of searching with help from friends we found him! He was seen as he was stuck by a car which didn’t even slow down after but he got up and walked away. He is doing great and happy to be home!”

Our 2 year old male Boxer left our yard in the area of White Hills/Pockwock Road on the morning of

LOST DOG: Duke: Boxer, male, fawn/white - White Hills, Hammonds Plains, NS

LOST DOG: Duke: Boxer, male, fawn/white - White Hills, Hammonds Plains, NS

Thursday May 26th. He is light reddish brown (fawn) on his head, back and rear legs and has white on his chest, neck, face and front legs. His jowls (cheeks) have some black.  He weighs approximately 65 pounds. He answers to the names Duke or Dukie he is very hyper and friendly and has a tendency to jump. He is suffering from kidney problems at the moment and we need to get him home ASAP so he can be properly cared for. We are offering a $CASH REWARD$ for his safe return.
Please call at any time of the day or night.



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FOUND: Roaming Dog: Terrier Mix, Brown/Black, male – Islandview, Sydney, NS

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Terrier Mix, Black/Brown, Male - Sydney, NS

Medium black and brown male terrier with black collar found in Islandview on May 20/11. Please phone 562-5970 for return.


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HAPPY ENDING: Safe n Sound: Bic, Female, Black Lab, No Collar – Maclellan's Brook/Mountain Area – Pictou Co.

Hi I am looking for a female black lab with no collar on, goes by the name Bic in the maclellans mountian/ maclellans brook area in pictou county, could have wandered futher, thanks

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HAPPY ENDING: Safe n Sound: Large Black and White Male Neutered Dog, White-Tipped Tail – Weymouth, Digby Co., NS


Owners just came by and picked up Tux! What a great name for this guy! Happy he is reunited! Thanks Rosemary and family!

HI there,

I live in Weymouth, NS and found a neutered male with blue collar roaming around the store across from where I live. We watched him for a while and he almost got hit 6 or 7 times. We put him in our outdoor kennel. He is very friendly and is very used to kids. Thanks so much


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HAPPY ENDING: Safe n Sound: Maverik: Partially blind, 10wk male Husky, no collar – Cobequid Rd. by Lakeview Rd, HRM

Just got word Maverik is home safe n sound with his family! What great news for this young pup!

my puppy got out late lastnite he is a 10ish week old huskey puppy i live on the cobequid rd rite across from lakeview rd and he has a family at home that really misses him include a 2 year old that would really like to see his puppy he does not have a colar on he is white with beige and black markings his tail is kinda curly his ears stick up he is competely blind in one eye and the other eye is half blind

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FOUND: Large black male Lab, neutered, black collar, no tags – Kingsport, Annapolis Valley

FOUND DOG: A large black male Lab found in Kingsport area yesterday. It has been neutered and is wearing a black collar with no tags. Looks like it is between 4 to 7 years old. Call 582 3930, or 698 2038.

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