HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Post road, Grannville ferry, Annapolis Co., NS — Saint Bernard/Bull Mastiff, Female, 1 yr old but looks alot bigger/older — "Izzy"


HAPPY ENDING: Home, safe and sound!!  Yippee!! Thanks for all the help and sharing of information. From the Owner: “At 7 am izzy returned home after 24 hrs but we are still un able to find abby we still need all the help we can get please dont stop looking for her.” (1/15/12 – 1/16/12)

Izzy (Abby’s Sister)

Breed or Mix: Saint Bernard/Bull Mastiff mix

Sex: Female, Age: 1 yr old but looks alot bigger/older

Collar/Tags: She lost her collar at home.

Lost on: 01/15/2012

Area: Post road, Grannville ferry, Annapolis, NS

Additional Notes: She is beige all over, She left our yard at 8 oclock this morning but has not come back, She never goes far or long so she is probably scared and lost. dont be scared she is a big girl, But she is our baby girl and we want her to come home. She is probably with our other missing dog who is a Lab named Abby. Please call with any information, 532 5318

Please Contact: Sarah, sarahweatherbee@rocketmail.com 532 5318
wanda and alan weatherbee 308 0296
Jesse and lacey 247 5399

SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: St. Mary's St, Antigonish, Antigonish Co., NS – Border Collie Mix, black, med size, blue collar, silver tag


***STOCK PHOTO*** Not actual dog:


Loose dog this morning in the town of Antigonish.
First saw dog on Main Street and founded the dog until
I lost it on St. Mary’s Street. Dog was timid and wouldnt
let me close but I saw a blue collar and a silver tag.
Dog is medium size, black couldnt tell what type but
my first thought was a border collie mix? Poor thing
has been outside a while I think- found the dog going
through someones garbage to find food.

Please call with any information:

SPCA: 863-2111

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Hampton Green, Cole Harbour, Halifax Co., NS — Chocolate Lab Mix, Female, 1 Year — "Bella"


HAPPY ENDING: Bella is home, safe and sound.  Yippee!! Thanks. (1/15/12 -1/15/12)


Breed or Mix: Chocolate Lab Mix

Sex: Female, Age: 1 Year

Collar/Tags: Bright pink collar

Lost on: 01/15/2012

Area: Hampton Green, Cole Harbour, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: Bella is very friendly and energetic. She loves people and other dogs.

Please Contact: …

LOST DOG: Hwy 289, Brookfield, Colchester Co., NS — Beagle, Male, 8 months — "Bentley"

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Terrific news… this little beagle was home quickly.  Yippee!! (1/14/12 – 1/14/12)


Breed or Mix: Beagle

Sex: Male, Age: 8 months

Collar/Tags: Brown and Black with white on chest, wearing a yellow John Deere collar

Lost on: 01/14/2012

Area:  Hwy 289, Brookfield, Colchester, NS

Additional Notes: Black and Brown with white on his chest, very friendly only 8 months, went missing from Creamery Brook Stables yard. Bentley is wearing a yellow John Deere collar, unfortunately his tag is missing.

Please Contact: …

LOST DOG: 3785 Hwy 316, Guysborough Co., NS — Airedale Terrier, Female, 4 Years — "Katie, Kate"


Katie, Kate

Breed or Mix: Airedale Terrier

Sex: Female, Age: 4 Years

Collar/Tags: No tags, but Red Collar

Lost on: 01/12/2012

Area: Cole Harbor Area, Guysborough County, 3785 Hwy 316,, Guysborough, NS

Additional Notes: Black and Brown, Curly and shaggy with winter coat. Very Friendly, would go up-to anyone. We have two dogs, let them out-side Thursday afternoon around 2:00 PM together, and around 6:00PM, only one came back. No tag or microchip but Red collar.

Please Contact: Michael, Cathy or Sterling, shipright@ns.sympatico.ca 902-358-2399


HAPPY ENDING "Thank You" from Dena's Family

This was published in a kijiji (online classifieds) ad on Saturday January 14, 2012:

3 year old female white german shepard DENA was missing from Cedar Lake/Beaver River Road area. Was FOUND in Long Tusket Lake area. MANY MANY THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO WERE LOOKING OUT FOR HER. OUR COLLECTIVE PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED. Denise, Rod, Mike from New Tusket/Weymouth area … you are special people and went above and beyond to get our dog home. For the Lost Dog Network of Nova Scotia…this would never have happened without your interventions. We are a happy family once again!

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Hants Co., NS – Lab Mix, neutered male, black with brindle, no micro chip, friendly

FOUND: Hants Co. MALE: Blk. Lab mix after being held with Animal Services this dog was transferred to the Hants SPCA. He was checked for a microchip (none present), Vet checked, vaccinated, de-flead, de-wormed and neutered on Tues. Jan.10/12. He is a very handsome dog with brindle colouring on his legs. He is also affectionate. If you have any information please contact Hants SPCA @ Phone: 757-2000 Email: info@hants.spcans.ca

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Melanson Rd, Wolfville, NS – Cocker Spaniel Mix, light tan in colour, no collar


UPDATE: 1/15/12 – Here is an actual photo of the found Cocker Spaniel. From Animal Services: ” She appears to have some soft tissue damage to a hind leg, but otherwise is well. I’m keeping an eye on signs of infection, but I suspect she should mend up well.”

UPDATE: 1/14/12 – “I’m sending you a picture that looks more like the dog we found (although still just a “stock photo”).I just spoke with the dog control officer and she’s doing well, hobbling on one leg. He thinks she’s about 8 months old, and she’s quite chubby. They keep her a short while, and then she goes to the spca for possible adoption.”

***STOCK PHOTO*** Not actual dog:  A small dog was just hit in front of our home on Melanson Road, just outside of Wolfville. It is light tan in colour, perhaps a cocker spaniel mix. It has no collar. An animal control officer has just taken it to the kennel, maybe to the vet if necessary. If you have any information on this dog please call Animal Services in Wolfville: 679-8045, or King’s County: 678-3647.  

LOST DOG: 4342 hwy#1, Three Mile Plains, NS – Black Lab, male, 8 yrs old, blue collar – "Miller"


Breed or Mix: Black Lab
Sex: Male, Age: 8yrs
Collar/Tags: Blue collar

Lost on: 01/09/2012
Area: Three mile plains 4342 hwy#1,

Additional Notes: Jet black with grey under chin.

Please Contact: Jerry, 902 791 0303, jlake72@hotmail.com

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Albro Lake Rd, Dartmouth, NS – "Maggie": Lab Mix, female, gold colour, no collar, timid but friendly

HAPPY ENDING: Home, safe and sound: From the owner: “I found my Maggie!!! THANK YOU for your help and consern!”  Terrific news… thanks to everyone that helped by sharing her info.  Yippee!! (1/13/12 – 1/14/12)

LOST DOG:Albro Lake Rd, Dartmouth, NS: “Maggie” is a female Lab Mix, golden in colour, no collar (just had a bath), love people but can be nervous.  In you have any information  I would  love to get her back.PLEASE call even if you have seen her some where.I love her and mess her very much!!