HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Gunn St, Whitney Pier, Cape Breton Co., NS — Sheppard, Lab, Collie Mix, Male, between 7 and 8 months — "Ricco"


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound!! Yeah!!! Ricco is home with his very happy family.  From his Owner: “We found Ricco!   …  Thanks to John Clark for taking our boy in.  Isaiah is so happy.”  Thanks to everyone that took the time to share his info…just wonderful!! (2.10.12 – 2.14.12)


Breed or Mix: Sheppard, Lab, Collie Mix

Sex: Male, Age: between 7 and 8 months

Collar/Tags: broke off when he broke his leash

Lost on: 02/10/2012

Area: Gunn St, Whitney Pier, Cape Breton, NS

Additional Notes: Primarily black with golden paws, brown on head and going into ears. Has a good temperment, may follow you and bark, but will not bite. has very long legs and floppy ears. no chip or tags. tags fell off when he broke off his leash.

Please Contact: …

Doggie Expo '12: Feb 19/12 Multi-Purpose Room, Halifax Forum, Windsor St, Halifax, NS

Please feel free to download either the jpg poster, or the pdf link to the poster and print and share the Doggie Expo ’12 info:



LOST DOG: ***REWARD*** 32 Charles Meade Dr., Williamswood, Halifax Co., NS — French Mastiff or Dogue de Bordeaux (Turner & Hooch dog), Male, 5 Years old — "Clyde"



UPDATE: 3.20.12 – ***REWARD***  The owners have not heard a thing about Clyde since the day he disappeared.  They are now offering a $1000.00 reward for his safe return, no questions asked.  Please share Clydes info again and let’s hope they get some news soon.  He is their beloved pet and he is missed by the entire family… the are heart sick about his disappearance. From the Owners:



Hello, my name is Clyde. I’ve been lost since Friday, Feb 10th. I am not wearing my collar and miss my family very much.I am very timid, but very friendly. If you try to approach me, I will most likely try to run and hide because I don’t know you. I am not aggressive at all. If you find me, please call 444-5853. Also, I am microchipped, so any veterinarian will be able to scan me and bring me home. My parents are offering a $$$ Reward for anyone who finds me and gets me home safely!! $$$ Please help me get home to my family ASAP… They love me and miss me very much!!


Breed or Mix: French Mastiff or Dogue de Bordeaux (Turner & Hooch dog)

Sex: Male, Age: 5 Years old

Collar/Tags: not wearing his collar. Microchipped.

Lost on: 02/10/2012

Area: 32, Charles Meade Dr., Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: Large red/mahoganey dog… white spot on chest. 130lbs, very timid and gentle. Answers to “Clyde” dissappeared from our yard in Williamswood Friday, Feb 10th, 2012. REWARD if found.

Please Contact: Tracie or Corey Richardson, coreytracie@eastlink.ca 902-444-5853
Tracie Cell: 902-402-7395
Corey Cell: 902-483-4988

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Rails for Trails – Diana Lane, Simms Settlement, Lunenburg Co., NS — Wheaten Terrier purebred –creamy beige curly coat and large black nose, dark amber eyes, Female, four years old and three months — "MOLLY"

Molly Fall 2011

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound!! Apparently Molly returned home on her own last night.  Terrific News.  Thanks to all those folks that took the time to share her info.  Wonderful news.  (2/9/12 – 2/10/12)

From the Owners:

“Dear Folks!

What a wonderful website!  Thank you so much—Molly came home from the bush around 1:00 am and scratched on the door to be let in.  Covered in bits of brush but her curly fuzzy thorn-proof coat kept her warm and safe in the sub-zero woods.—and thankthe lord off the ice on the lake and little streams. We trust there won’t be a reply of this scenario ever again…..

Thanks lost dog network!—even the postmistress at Hubbards knew Molly was missing from her twitter feed!

Hugs and thanks again,

Shelley and Anne”


Breed or Mix: Wheaten Terrier purebred –creamy beige curly coat and large black nose, dark amber eyes

Sex: Female, Age: four years old and three months

Collar/Tags: black harness around chest;bright blue weave collar with red bones along it; rabies tag,name and tel. number tag, Westwood Hills Vet tag

Lost on: 02/09/2012

Area: Rails for Trails near Fox Point lake near conjuntion of Diana Lane off Graves Road off Hgwy 3 about 2.2 Kms from Exit 6 of 103 near Hubbards, HUBBARDS, Lunenburg, NS

Additional Notes: Molly–Wheaten Terrier around 32 pounds. Medium sized dog. Creamy beige curly coat. Spayed. Cheerful temperament. Bouncy. Curious and prey/food motivated. Molly is microchipped and wearing an address tag with our telephone number -…
She is also wearing her rabies tag from Westwood Hills Vets– and a municipal tag (I think). her vets are at Westwood Hills in Tantallon.
Wearing a black harness around chest and bright blue woven collar with little red bones on it.

Please Contact: 

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Brenton Road, Yarmouth Co., NS — Purebred Little River Duck Dog, Female, 4 years old — "Abby"



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound!!  From the Owners: “Thanks a lot.  We found Abby, she was caught in a coyote snare.   After 2 nights she was some glad to see us.”  So glad she was found and is safe now.  Thanks for sharing her info.  Yeah!! She’s home.  (2.7.12 – 2.14.12)



Breed or Mix: Purebred Little River Duck Dog

Sex: Female, Age: 4 years old

Collar/Tags: green remington collar

Lost on: 02/07/2012

Area: Brenton Road, Yarmouth, NS

Additional Notes: Abby is tattooed in her groin area. She is a friendly dog loves to play and she barks quite a bit, but not in a vicious way. She has long hair and white markings on her paws but her front left is up further than the rest, tip of her tail and her mane. Please take her in if you see her.

Please Contact: …

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Sighted: Roaming Dog: Shore Rd, Caribou River, Pictou Co., NS – Lab/Boxer Mix, large, Red/Brown, collar


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Side! Yippee!!  Apparently this pooch was picked up by some kind folks soon after being sighted the first time.  Since then, the owners have been found. Terrific! Thanks everyone!! (2/8/12 – 2/11/12)


February 8th, 5pm
Please be advised that there is a dog seemingly lost in the Caribou River area. It was sighted running along the Sunrise Trail near the R.Grant Road this afternoon approximately 1:00pm and has been sighted again around 4:00pm near and around MacKay’s Cottages on the Shore Road.
It is reddish brown in color and the size of a large Labrador. It appears to have a ‘boxer/lab cross’ type face and is wearing a collar. It did not appear to be injured.

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Myra Rd, Porters Lake, Halifax, NS – Terrier x Poodle Mix, Dark Grey, Roots Collar



Found: Roaming Dog –

Myra Rd, Porters Lake, Halifax, NS

“I found this little guy just now and I need to find his home asap. Found him on Myra Road Porters Lake. Looks to be a terrier x poodle type mix with a roots collar.”

Only Contact Info is through Kijiji:

Read Kijiji Ad Here

(2/8/12 –

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Kings County SPCA Waterville, NS, 1285 County Home Rd, Kings Co., NS — Small Rotweiller cross, Male, 7 years — "TONY"



Breed or Mix: Small Rotweiller cross

Sex: Male, Age: 7 years

Collar/Tags: Green Kings County Tag

Lost on: 02/08/2012

Area: Kings County SPCA Waterville, NS, 1285 County Home Rd, Kings, NS

Additional Notes: Tony’s leash snapped tonight while walking him and he bolted on County Home Road towards Maple Street in Waterville. He is a small-medium size dog with the coloring of a Rottweiler, with long nose and tail. Very friendly but stubborn, so would need coaxing before he would come to you. He is wearing a collar and Kings County tag, and is microchipped.

Please Contact: …

SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Connelly St & Young St, West End, Halifax, NS – Shih Tzu (Mix?), Grey/White, small, fluffy


***STOCK PHOTO***  Sighted: 2/8/12 5:00 pm  – A small shitzu looking dog wandering on the corner of Connelly and Young in the west end. He could be a resident of one of the houses around but there was no human with him and he looked slightly lost – smelling every tree. He was small and fluffy with a grey and white patterned coat.

HAPPIEST OF ENDINGS: SAFE n' SOUND: Sighted: Roaming Dog: Planes View Dr Area, Greenwood, Kings Co, NS – Chihuahua, tan, skinny, short haired

HAPPIEST OF ENDINGS: This wee little dog has been caught in a live trap and is now SAFE and SOUND!!!HAPPY VALENTINES DAY… You are loved little dog!!!   THANK YOU Michele, Jan, Debbie, and Nahleen of ASDR.  Maybe his name should be “Vallee”?  Fantastic Work!!! Thank you for never giving up hope.  Just wonderful to know this tiny dog is now warm, … just warm is so fantastic, but now will be vetted, fed, fostered, and eventually will have a new home.  Thank you!! And thanks to all the folks that sent out good thoughts and prayers… it works!! (January – 2/13/12)

Name: Unknown ***Stock Photo*** Example of Breed Only

Breed: Chihuahua, short haired

Sex: Unknown   Age: Adult

Collar/Tags: None

Sighted: Week of Feb 6/12

Area: Near Saddle Club and Planes View Dr, Greenwood, Kings Co., NS

Additional Notes: A tiny tan chihuahua has been seen feeding from a stray cat food dish in Greenwood, NS.  It has been seen several times over the last week and is looking very skinny (ribs/hips showing).  It is extremely skittish and will not come towards people, instead choosing to run into the woods.  Atlantic Small Dog Rescue has quickly taken action and set up two Live Traps (humane) in the area.  If you know of this dog, or have any information please contact:

CAPS: Companion Animal Protection Society: