HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dogs: Big Marsh Road, Maryvale , Antigonish Co., NS — Lucy, Basset Hound, Female, 2 yrs old & Cooper, Weimaraner (grey), Male, 9 months — “Copper, and Lucy”

Cooper, and Lucy

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound! Yippee!!  – OH MY DOG – GREAT NEWS!!!! “Becky – The dogs just showed up!!” (8.25.12 – 8.28.12)

Breed or Mix: Lucy, Bassit Hound, Cooper, Weimaraner (grey)

Sex: Copper (Male) Lucy (Female) Age: 2, 9 months.

Collar/Tags: Both have electric Collars On and are Micro Chipped

Lost on: 08/25/2012

Area: Big Marsh Road, Maryvale , Antigonish, Nova Scotia, NS

Additional Notes: Lucy the basset hound, is very shy and does not come to strangers, Cooper is Grey and large, un-neutered, 9 month weimaraner. Both of the dogs left house Saturday night together, are wearing electric fence collars, that are turned on, they jumpped the fence, and are both also microchipped. Have not been spotted since they went missing, and looking for any information if anyone has spotted them in the Maryvale area.

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HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dogs: Lakeview Ave, Middle Sackville, Halifax Co., NS — Lab/Gordon Setter cross, Female, 2 yrs old (Pen) & German Wire Hair Pointer, Female, 6 yrs old (Koda) — “Pen & Koda (two dogs)”

Pen & Koda (two dogs)

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!! Yippee!! From the Owner:  “I just got my dogs back through an Animal Control contact. Thank you so much for your help and support.” (8.28.12 – 8.28.12)

Breed or Mix:  Lab/Gordon Setter cross (Pen) – looks like a jet black Golden retriever & German wire hair pointer (Koda)

Sex: Female, Age:  Pen (2) & Koda (6)

Collar/Tags: Both have nylon collars, Pen wearing an electronic training collar

Lost on: 08/28/2012

Area: Springfield Lake area Middle Sackville, Lakeview Ave,, Middle Sackville, Halifax Co., NS

Additional Notes: “Pen” is all black, long feathery hair, about 45 lb, long tail, wearing an electronic collar. “Koda” has moderate length coarse hair, ear tatoo, docked tail, brown in colour, about 65lb.  Both dogs are of genttle temperment and will easily approach people. They should be travelling together if uninjured.

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HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Found: Roaming Dog: Boylston, Guysborough Co., NS — Beagle, Male, Green Collar, Adult – Unknown



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!! Yippee!! From the Finder: “Found the owner thank you so much! :)”  Just wonderful… thanks to everyone who shared.  Yeah!! (8.26.12 – 8.26.12)

Breed or Mix: Beagle

Sex: Male, Age: unknown

Collar/Tags: Green Collar, no tags

Lost on: 08/26/2012

Area: Guysborough / Boylston, , Annapolis, NS

Additional Notes: Friendly Male beagle found, green collar, in the guysborough boylston area walking up and down the highway.

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HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dog: Kindling Crescent, Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia Co., NS — Mix yellow lab, Female, 7 — “Goldie”



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!! Yippee!! From the Owner:  “Great news!!! Goldie has been found and was taken to the Homeward bound pound. She was actually picked up the same night she went missing. Thanks to everyone at the lost dog network and all those who shared it on facebook. Her kiddies are very happy to be going to get her!!!”  (8.26.12 – 8.27.12)

Breed or Mix: Mix yellow lab

Sex: Female, Age: 7

Collar/Tags: Nylon collar with pattern and black clip, Yellow beaten tag with number on it registered to old address in timberlea

Lost on: 08/26/2012

Area: Kindling Crescent, Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia, NS

Additional Notes: Light yellow colored yellow lab mix, very friendly loves kids and will really miss her kids. Answers to the name of goldie. Has a nylon webing type colar with a black clip on it. She has a yellow HRM tag on it still registered to her old address in Timberlea. She is a very inquisitive girl, loves to smell and investigate things. We last saw her on Saturday evening about 730pm.

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HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dog: Copit Lake, Spryfield, Halifax Co., NS — Pomeranian, Male, 6 years — “BABY”



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!  Yippee!!  Baby is safe at home! A neighbour found him and he is now back where he belongs! (8.24/12 – 8.25.12)

Breed or Mix: pomeranian

Sex: Male, Age: 6 years

Collar/Tags: no tags or collar/he was swimming

Lost on: 08/25/2012

Area: Copit Lake in Spryfield/Lake behind new sud division in back of Lions Rink, , Nova Scotia, NS

Additional Notes: Small dog, beige in color,with sm amounts of light grey around neck.
Sm dog,med hair,very soft.
He is shy,and afraid of dogs and cats.
Short cubby paws.

Please Contact:…

FOUND: Roaming Dogs: Chevrie/Windsor, Hants Co., NS — 1.Lab Mix & 2. Husky, Male, adult — “Unknown”



Breed or Mix: One is a lab one is a husky

Sex: Male, Age: adult

Collar/Tags: no tags

Lost on: 08/24/2012

Area: Chevrie – Windsor, Hants Co., NS

Additional Notes: These two dogs showed up on a doorstep this morning in Chevrie – Windsor NS. The husky may be hurt. if anyone knows whose dogs they might be please reply to this and I will put you in contact with them.

Please Contact: Misty Lee, joeymistyzoeylee@hotmail.com


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dog: North Street, Halifax, NS — Black lab/German Shepherd mix, Male, 8 years — “Rumba (Bubs)”


Rumba (Bubs)

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!! Yippee!! Jane of Happy Hounds on Barrington Street found Bubs and he is safe. Thanks! (8.24.12 – 8.24.12)

Breed or Mix: Black lab/German Shepherd mix

Sex: Male, Age: 8 years

Collar/Tags: red collar; no tags

Lost on: 08/23/2012

Area: North Street, Halifax, NS, NS

Additional Notes: Rumba is all black with a little bit of gray hairs on his chin. He’s big (90 lbs) and very friendly.

Please Contact: …

LOST DOG: 30 Morall Court, Hammonds Plains, Halifax Co., NS — Havanese, Male, 13 — “Corky”



Breed or Mix: Havanese

Sex: Male, Age: 13

Collar/Tags: Not sure which collar he is wearing. He has a chip.

Lost on: 08/20/2012

Area: 30 Morall Court, Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, NS

Additional Notes: Corky is 13 years old. He has bad hearing so he may not hear you call his name.

Please Contact: Leslie Campbell, lescampbell@eastlink.ca 902-499-1399.


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dog: Kent Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia Co., NS — Italian Greyhound, Male, 6 — “Tatum, Tates, Taco, The Boy “


Tatum, Tates, Taco, The Boy

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!! From his Owner:  “HE IS HOME SAFE AND SOUND 🙂 🙂 some kind person dropped him off at 2am last night!”  (8.19.12 – 8.20.12)

Breed or Mix: Italian Greyhound

Sex: Male, Age: 6

Collar/Tags: No collar

Lost on: 08/19/2012

Area:  Kent Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, NS

Additional Notes: Very friendly, loves to jump on laps and cuddle with people. He has short, smooth, light sandy brown fur with a white stripe down his nose and darker markings on his back. His tail curls into a C shape. He’s missing 2 of his lower front teeth, and has white whiskers. He has long toenails so you can hear him when he walks around the house. He shakes profusely all the time. When you talk to him in a baby voice, he cocks his head from side to side.

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Lost Dog: Pine Tree – Old Pine Tree Rd, Pine Tree, Thorburn Co., NS — German Shepard, Male, just under a year — “Kyzier”



RAINBOW BRIDGE:  Our sincere condolences to his family. Kyzier has passed. (8.14.12 – 8.15.12)

Breed or Mix: German Shepard

Sex: Male, Age: just under a year

Collar/Tags: not wearing a collar

Lost on: 08/14/2012

Area: Pine Tree- Old Pine Tree Rd, Pine Tree, Thorburn , NS

Additional Notes: missing since noon Aug 14th 2012
He is long and lanky…friendly yet timid.
Neutered male no collar, ears hang down.

Please Contact: …