RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lost Dog: Sherwood, Lunenburg Co., NS — Beagle, Female, 12-13 yrs — “Coco”




RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away – It is with heavy hearts that we share sweet Coco’s passing. Please join us in expressing heartfelt condolences to her family and friends. As we always say and hope, that in time Coco’s memories will bring only joy and happiness. In the meantime we wish you strength and peace. RIP Coco. (9.22.16 – 9.29.16)

Breed or Mix: Beagle

Sex: Female, Age: 12-13 yrs

Collar/Tags: Pink collar with black skulls, unsure if tags are still on

Lost on: 09/23/2016

Area: Sherwood, Lunenburg, NS

Additional Notes: Coco bolted when being put on a leash Friday. She has a history of leaving and retuning independently but has not come back this time. She left from a home near Sherwood road on highway 14 and has previously been found heading in the direction of Kaiser Meadows. She loves woods and may be anywhere. She can be shy so gentle coaxing would be required. Very motivated by food or treats. Please don’t try to chase her or she will run. But if she comes to you she will allow herself to be carried and will easily get in a car. Coco is on the small side for a beagle, graying face, mostly white. White fur is smooth, dark brown is coarse. She may have the remnants of a breeder tattoo in an ear.

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Milford Station, Hants Co., NS — Shih tzu/Pug mix, Male, 6 — “Copper”



RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: It is with heavy hearts we share that beautiful Copper was killed on the highway after being spooked on a walk. No one’s fault; simply a tragic accident. Correction: Copper was not rescued from a bad situation, but was instead lucky enough to have two families that loved him very much. We are so sorry for both families feeling the loss of such a sweet little dog. A huge thank you goes to the woman who reported him to his family, as they may never have known where he was if it was not for her. Sightings, of any kind, are so important to the family of a lost pet. Please join us in sending out heartfelt condolences to Copper’s family and all his friends at this truly difficult time. (9.5.16 – 9.9.16)

Breed or Mix: Shih tzu/Pug mix

Sex: Male, Age: 6 yrs


Lost on: 09/05/2016

Area: Milford, Hants, NS

Additional Notes: He was walking and took off on the trail. We’ve been searching for several hours with no luck on the trail and around near subdivisions.

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lost Dog: Hacketts Cove, Halifax Co., NS — Bernese Mountain Dog, Male, 6 years old — “Jack/ Jacky boy”



Jack/ Jacky boy

RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: It is with very heavy hearts that we share Jack’s passing. From his Family: “Jack was found deceased. Thank you all for your efforts.” We wish Jack’s family strength and peace during this incredibly difficult time. Please join us in sending our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends… with a happy face like the photo above, you know beautiful Jack had many. Hopefully, in time, their memories of him will bring them only joy and smiles.

Breed or Mix: Bernese Mountain Dog

Sex: Male, Age: 6 years old

Collar/Tags: NS Tartan fabric collar

Lost on: 08/06/2016

Area: Hacketts Cove, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: Jack is a very friendly boy and loves attention. He has a Long smooth coat with a bushy tail. He has a black spot in the right side on his snout.

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lost Dog: Mount Uniacke, Hants Co., NS — Shih tzu, Male, 2.5 years — “Max”




MAP: https://goo.gl/maps/5YCXPbzJMU92


PLEASE COME FORWARD: 8.21.16 – Max needs to be returned home. If Karen could call Paul (902-497-0944) again to clarify some details it would be greatly appreciated. As we understand it, Max’s body was removed from the road and taken by the person who hit Max. But, we need more information such as where is Max now. This last bit of information would be so greatly appreciated, thank you.


RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away – It is with profound sadness that we share the news that beautiful Max was hit and killed by a car on Hwy 101. Please join us in sending out heartfelt condolences to Max’s Mom and all his friends, old and new. Upper Sackville/Mount Uniacke proved to be a strong and loving community with all those that stepped up and helped search and spread the word. A special thank you to Paul, Susan, Tanya, Mary to name just a few. Again, we wish Faye strength and peace and that, in time, memories of Max bring only love and joy. Thank you to all who cared and shared his info. (8.6.16 – 8.19.16)


UPDATE: 8.14.16 – SIGHTINGS: Max has been sighted near the Hants and Halifax County line… about 2 km either direction on different occasions, but pretty much staying within that large area. Please DO NOT APPROACH, CALL, WHISTLE, or CLAP  –  He will BOLT and could get injured or pushed out of a safe area. Instead REPORT SIGHTINGS IMMEDIATELY to Paul as he is closest to the area and experienced with Max. Thank you.

Breed or Mix: Shih tzu

Sex: Male, Age: 2.5 years

Collar/Tags: No

Lost on: 08/06/2016

Area:  Mount Uniacke, Hants Co., NS

Additional Notes: Max is white, small in size, answer to MAX OR MAXY, long straight hair.

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lost Dog: Lakeview, Halifax Co., NS — Beige Toy Poodle, Male, 18 yrs — “Rusty”



RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: It is with heavy hearts that we share Rusty’s passing. We know he was much loved and will be deeply missed by his family and friends. Eighteen years is a full life for only the luckiest of dogs. We wish his family peace and strength at this time of loss. Thank you to all who cared and shared his info and kept checking in for an update. RIP Rusty. (6.1.16 – 6.6.16)

Breed or Mix: Beige Toy Poodle

Sex: Male, Age: 18 yr old (Vision and Hearing Impaired)

Collar/Tags: No Collar – Tattoo on his ear

Lost on: 06/01/2016

Area: Lakeview, Halifax Co., NS

Additional Notes: Rusty is a senior dog who is very timid, he is beige in colour Toy Poodle. He is vision and hearing impaired.

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lost Dog: Viewpoint, Kings Co., NS — Great Pyrenees, Male, 2 — “Chevy”




RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: It is with heavy hearts that we share the passing of beautiful Chevy. From his Family: “Unfortunately, Chevy has been found but has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. RIP beautiful boy.” Such a sad and tragic ending to a young, well loved companion. We wish his family peace and strength to get through this difficult time. And hope they know that he will life forever in their hearts and minds. Eventually, these sad times will be replaced with happy memories. Thank you to all who cared and shared his info and who now share their condolences as well with his family. Thank you and RIP Chevy. (4.20.16 – 4.23.16)

Breed or Mix: Great Pyrenees

Sex: Male, Age: 2

Collar/Tags: No

Lost on: 04/20/2016

Area: Viewmount, Kings, NS

Additional Notes: All white long haired young Dog. Very mild mannered and gentle. Loves treats. Missing since 20 April 2016.

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lost Dog: Aldershot, King’s Co., NS — Black Labrador Retriever/Mastiff Mix, Female, 4 — “Lucy”



RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the passing of dear Lucy. We wish her family peace and strength to get through this difficult time. We hope in time the memories of good times will ease the lose of their cherished companion. Thank you to all who cared and shared her info and who now share their condolences well with his family. RIP Lucy. (4.22.16 – 4. 23.16)

Breed or Mix: Black Labrador Retriever/Mastiff Mix

Sex: Female, Age: 4

Collar/Tags: Purple collar

Lost on: 04/22/2016

Area: Aldershot, King’s, NS

Additional Notes: Short black haired dog. 130 pounds.

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HAPPY ENDING: Dodge was Found: RAINBOW BRIDGE: Bear Passed Away: Lost Dogs: Wellington, Halifax Co., NS — German Shepherds, Males, 5 & 4 — “Bear & Dodge”



Bear & Dodge

Message to ALL from Bear and Dodge’s family: “I can not even begin to thank each and everyone of you! You have cared so much about my boys and put so much positive thought into helping find my boy Dodge alive, we are truly grateful. The emergency Vet believes there is no reason Dodge should not make a full recovery.” (4.3.16)

HAPPY ENDING: Home and Safe! Dodge has been found! He is currently being transported “through the thick woods … in a make shift coat sling with 4 men carrying him. He is hurt but very alert and happy to see his mom and dad.” He will be home soon. His owners thank all that cared and shared and everyone for their prayers. NSLDN wishes him a speedy recovery.(3.30.16 – 4.3.16)

UPDATE: 3.30.16 – 7:06pm: RAINBOW BRIDGE: Bear has Passed Away: Beautiful Bear was killed by a passing train today. However, Dodge is still missing. We send our heartfelt condolences to Bear’s family. Let’s get Dodge home safely. Thank you.


UPDATE: 4.1.16 – 1:00pm: UPDATE: 4.1.16 – 1:00pm: Dodge is still missing, and a radius of about 1000ft from the site where bear was found on the tracks has been meticulously searched with people and hunting dogs. We know Dodge was mobile to some degree.The description of the incident indicated he was hit and sent tumbling outside the tracks. There is evidence that he was severely injured, but able to get away. He is most likely on the Southside of the tracks, in the area bounded by Canal Cays drive, and the ends of subdivisions roads in Kinlock, St Andrews village and Lockview. A coyote has been spotted in the area and may or may not be a concern to Dodge. We are still patrolling trails and searching the woods. He was good and healthy, well fed and had a really heavy coat, so even injured in this weather he may still be moving. Please keep sharing his info as the more eyes in the search the more likely he will get back home.

We buried Bear today with his blanket and favourite ball. I would like to say how thankful I am to the employees at CN who cared for my Bear and tried to save him. Who also spent time looking in the woods for Dodge. It means more than we will ever have words for. Also thank you everyone for sharing our posts, helping search for Dodge and sending kind words and messages..

UPDATE: 3.30.16 – 10:00pm: CN said they think they hit Dodge too, but only a bit they searched for him with no luck. We are still looking. He is hurt and was on the tracks that run along kings road threw the woods toward Windsor junction


Breed or Mix: German Shepherds

Sex: Males, Age: 5 & 4

Collar/Tags: Hunter orange collars

Lost on: 03/30/2016

Area: 200 Canaly Cays Dr. (on Fletchers Lake), Wellington, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: Last seen at 9am. Bear is very black all over. Dodge is Black and Tan.

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lost Dog: Burlington, Hants Co., NS — Shih tzu, Male, Adult — “Warrior”




RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: It is with heavy hearts that we share the sad news of Warrior’s passing. From his Family: “Warrior was found today, he has passed away … thank you for your help” Please join us in sending out heartfelt condolences to Warrior’s family and friends for their  loss of a good friend. We send peace and strength. We also hope that in time his memories only bring smiles and laughter. Thank you to all who cared and shared his info. (3.14.16 – 3.15.16)

Breed or Mix: Shih tzu

Sex: Male, Age: Adult (3-6 yr)

Collar/Tags: No collar (we think)

Lost on: 03/14/2016

Area: Hwy 215, Burlington, Hants, NS

Additional Notes: Very friendly!  Last seen this morning… Very unusual for him to run off but very friendly so may have went into someones house!

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lost Dog: Riverport, Lunenburg Co., NS — St. Bernard (short haired), Male, 8 — “Otis”




RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: We are so sad to share that beautiful Otis has passed on. From his Family: “Thank you for letting us post about our St. Bernard yesterday, I am in awe of how many shares it got and how many people it reached so quickly. Sadly we found him last night, up in the woods curled up in the snow. We weren’t expecting him to wander off yet, but he was older for a St. Bernard and that’s the best way to go. Thank you for being a resource.” We all send heartfelt condolences to Otis’s family and friends. He will always be with you in your heart and memories. Thank you to all who cared and shared Otis’s info in trying to get him home. (3.6.16 – 3.7.16)

Breed or Mix: St. Bernard (short haired)

Sex: Male, Age: 8

Collar/Tags: Has a rolled brown leather collar, his tags are not on that collar.

Lost on: 03/06/2016

Area:  Riverport, Lunenburg, NS

Additional Notes: Otis uncharacteristically went off into the woods on our property while we were all outside. Please post if anyone in the area has information, and please be cautious if you see him. He weighs about 175lbs and may be scared. Thank you.

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