RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lost Dog: Thorburn, Pictou Co., NS — Boston Terrier, Male, 3 yrs — “Mojo”


RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Please join us in sending Mojo’s family our heartfelt condolences. Mojo was found but had passed on, their hearts are broken. We send healing thoughts and prayers, wish them strength and peace … hoping that one day their thoughts of Mojo will only bring joy. RIP Mojo (1.18.18 – 1.23.18)

Breed or Mix: Boston Terrier

Sex: Male, Age: 3 Yrs

Collar/Tags: Green collar akc tag’ ,rabies tag

Lost on: 01/18/2018

Area: Thorburn, Pictou Co., NS

Additional Notes: Black and white short hair, timid around people, went out to pee, with other dogs he did not come back. (Note: Stock photo shows some brindling, but Mojo is solid black and white.)

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lost Dog: Herring Cove, Halifax Co., NS — Chihuahua/Yorkie mix, Male, 2 — “TUCKER”


RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: It is with heavy hearts that we share that Tucker has passed away. Details of his passing cannot be disclosed as a Police investigation is under way and a person has been arrested.  Instead of sharing your anger, please join us in sharing our heartfelt condolences and sending healing thoughts and love to all of Tucker’s family and friends during this unimaginably difficult time. RIP Tucker. (1.15.18 – 1.17.18)

Breed or Mix: Chihuahua/Yorkie mix

Sex: Male, Age: 2

Collar/Tags: No collar no tags

Lost on: 01/15/2018

Area: Herring Cove, Halifax Co., NS

Additional Notes: PLEASE hes small very quiet very shy… his name is TUCKER tan shaggy hair, hes been missing going on 3 hours now, he NEVER wanders out of the yard which is what scares us most!!!

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Beaver Bank, Halifax Co., NS — German Shepherd, Male, 6.5 — “Kreiger”


RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away:  It is with great sadness we share this news of Kreiger’s passing. Please join us in sending heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and especially Chris who worked so hard to find his best friend. Here’s the beautiful statement he shared:

**UPDATE***. 💙Krieger 💙. RIP

I just found my dog Kreiger frozen to death. It appears he was hit by a car and couldn’t make it home. I have never known a more loyal friend. My heart is heavy with sorrow but I am trying hard to remember the amazing times we have had together. They were too numerous to recount on here but I can say I feel so truly blessed to have raised such a great pet/friend. His loyalty was un questionable. He was as brave as a Spartan warrior. As gentle as the breeze on a summers day. Steadfast, confident and always there for me. He will live on in my heart and memory until my last breath.

Many thanks to the thousands of people who have helped me in the months long search. You are all amazing and have shown me a side of humanity I wasn’t aware existed. I can’t thank you all enough for your help.

R.I.P. Kreiger. 2011-2018. Rest easy my friend.

~Chris Jackson”

(1.8.18 – 3.17.18)

Breed or Mix: German Shepherd

Sex: Male, Age: 6.5

Collar/Tags: Slipped his collar 🙁

Lost on: 01/08/2018

Area: Beaver Bank, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: Kreiger (Kree-gr) is a 93lb German Shepherd.

He has black, tan and brown long fur.

He has a lean build and is very friendly. He loves to play stick.

He slipped his collar around 4pm January 8th, 2018. He has a microchip.

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lost Dog: Millville, Cape Breton Co., NS — Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog, Female, 2 Yrs — “Maggie”


RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: It is with great sadness that we extend our sincere condolences to Maggie’s family. “Maggie was found dead yesterday. She was caught in a coyote snare and died…Maggie was not only our guard dog that lovingly looked after our other animals but she was a part of the family. We are all devastated. Rest in piece sweet girl. I want to thank everyone that helped in anyway.” (1.5.18 – 1.6.18)

Breed or Mix: Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog

Sex: Female, Age: 2 Yrs

Collar/Tags: No collar/tags but is Micro-chipped

Lost on: 01/05/2018

Area:  Millville, Cape Breton, NS

Additional Notes: FEMALE: Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog, 2 years old, white coat with grey around eyes, side of face and ears, not wearing a collar, microchipped, very shy. NAME: Maggie She went missing on Jan.5/18.

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Hammonds Plains, Halifax Co., NS — Shih tzu/Poodle mix, Male, 16 — “Bandit”


RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Please join us in sending heartfelt condolences to Bandit’s family. A neighbour has found Bandit at the edge of their property…” It’s not the outcome we had wished for but we do have him back which can give us some closure.” We wish his family peace and that in time memories of Bandit will only bring smiles. RIP Bandit. (12.8.17 – 12.28.17)

Breed or Mix: Shih tzu/Poodle mix

Sex: Male, Age: 16 Yrs

Collar/Tags: Red nylon collar

Lost on: 12/08/2017

Area: Hammonds Plains, Halifax Co., NS

Additional Notes: 16 year old a hihtzu-poodle mix. Long curly grey coat. Friendly but hard of hearing so may not respond to his name. Please report any sightings to his family immediately, thank you.

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lost Dog: Marriot’s Cove, Lunenburg Co., NS — German Shepherd, Female, 1 Yr — “Luna”


RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that dear Luna was found deceased. NSLDN sends sincere condolences to her family. We hope in time the fond memories of good times shared will ease the pain of her passing. (12.5.17 – 12.6.17)

Breed or Mix: German Shepherd

Sex: Female, Age: 1 Yr

Collar/Tags: Dark leather collar/micro-chipped

Lost on: 12/05/2017

Area: Marriot’s Cove, Lunenburg, NS

Additional Notes: FEMALE: German Shepherd, 1-year-old, black and tan coat, petite frame, wearing a dark leather collar, micro chipped. NAME: Luna She went missing on Dec.5/17.

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1 HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Buddy & 1 RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Rascal: Deep Brook, Annapolis Co., NS — Happy Ending: Buddy: Beagle/Lab mix, Male, 5 Yrs and Passed Away: Rascal: Beagle/Shepherd mix, Male, 2 Yrs – “Buddy and Rascal”

Buddy and Rascal

BUDDY: HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound! Yeah!! From Buddy’s very happy family: “Buddy was found tonight thanks to Christal Graham Peck for looking out for him while he was at her place .buddy is home safe and sound best Xmas present this year buddy home safe 😀as for rascal we will miss him and he will never be forgotten RIP rascal boy 😢your ashes will be home soon rascal ” Thanks to all who cared and shared his info…YIPPEE for Buddy! (12.01.17 – 12.17.17)


RASCAL: RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Although Rascal was found and returned home by a very kind person, it is with heavy hearts we share that Rascall passed away last evening due to injuries sustained while missing. Please join us in sending heartfelt condolences to Rascal’s family at this difficult time. Buddy is still missing so please keep sharing their info, thank you. RIP Rascal. (12.01.17 – 12.14.17)


UPDATE: Possible Sightings: “Buddy was seen at gas station in Bear River on Sunday, today Dec 5 2017 got call and both dogs were seen on Clementsvale Rd in a field.” Please keep sharing, thank you.

Breed or Mix: Rabbit hound/Lab Shepherd mix

Sex: Male, Age: Buddy is 5 years old and Rascal is two years old

Collar/Tags: Buddy: Red collar and Rascal: Blue collar with bone prints on it

Lost on: 12/01/2017 (around 10 pm)

Area: Deep Brook, Annapolis Co., NS

Additional Notes: Buddy the white dog has brown spots on him and rascal is black and brown and looks like a shepherd they are my brothers dogs and they got out and did not return. They were last seen at… Friday evening 10pm they were also seen on Saturday on Dunn Rd

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lower North Grant, Antigonish Co., NS — Amstaff mix, Female, 4 — “Monroe aka Roey”


Monroe aka Roey

RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Our hearts are broken to hear this from Monroe’s family: “Thank you everyone for caring and sharing the post. The DNR is investing and are alerting the police. She was shot twice with what looks to be a 22. She was found in a field very close to many homes and including a daycare. We are so heartbroken but we are glad we were able to bury our girl home here thanks to people sharing her pictures all over Facebook. So thanks. I can share any new info if and when I get it .” Please join us in sharing heartfelt condolences with all of Roey’s family and friends. RIP Monroe. 

Breed or Mix: Amstaff mix

Sex: Female, Age: 4 Yrs

Collar/Tags: No collar

Lost on: 11/28/2017

Area: Lower North Grant, Antigonish Co., NS

Additional Notes: Roey is a very shy and timid girl. She and my male dog escaped on my husband this morning at around 8:30am. My male dog has returned around 2pm alone. On the few occasions they have got away on us they always come back together so we are really worried. She is almost all white but up close she has lots of spots, especially on her stomach

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lost Dog: Springhill, Cumberland Co., NS — Shepherd mix, Male, 15 Yrs — “Saxon”


RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Please join us in sending heartfelt condolences to Saxon’s family and many friends. He was found under a neighbours deck, where he just went to sleep for the last time. He was a neighbourhood dog, visiting his regulars and he will be dearly missed by them all. But, his family is grateful to have found him in the end. They join us in thanking all who cared and shared his info. RIP Saxon. (11.28.17 – 11.30.17)

Breed or Mix: Shepherd mix

Sex: Male, Age: 15 Yrs

Collar/Tags: No collar

Lost on: 11/28/2017

Area: Springhill, Cumberland, NS

Additional Notes: MALE: Shepherd mix, senior, 15 years old, black and tan coat, vision and hearing are failing, not wearing a collar. NAME: Saxon He went missing on Nov. 28/17.

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lost Dog: Milford, Hants Co., NS — Lab mix, Male, 3 Yrs — “Ben”



RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: From Ben’s heartbroken family: “He was found this afternoon , unfortunately he was hit by a train 😢” Please join us in sending Ben’s family and friends our deepest sympathies at such a tragic loss. We wish them peace and strength to get through this difficult time. And those of us who have gone through this know, although not exactly as every loss is individual, eventually memories of beautiful Ben will bring only smiles and joy. RIP Ben. (11.8.17 – 11.9.17)

Breed or Mix: Lab mix

Sex: Male, Age: 3 Yrs

Collar/Tags: Camo collar / micro chipped

Lost on: 11/08/2017

Area:  Milford, Hants, NS

Additional Notes: Large with lengthy legs. Short tan coat with darker brown around the face. Has been missing since noon. He is very friendly

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