RAINBOW BRIDGE: Last Update: Newport Corner, Hants Co., NS — Chihuahua, Male, ~ 1 Yrs Old — “Bently”


RAINBOW BRIDGE:  Sept. 19, 2012:  It’s official, Bentley has been found and has passed away.   From the Owner: “We want to Thank everyone for all the help and support. We finally found his little body, a couple of young men hit him and tried to find his owners 🙁 at least now we know what happened 🙁 rip Bently, you were so loved ♥”  We are sorry to have had to put the owners through this confusion, however, it did lead to finding Bentley though, and we are very grateful to the folks that did all they could to make that happen.  Our sincere and heartfelt condolences go to Bentley’s family.  (9.16.12 – 9.17.12)

UPDATE: September 19, 2012 – STILL MISSING:  Although it was reported here that Bentley had passed away, so far there is no evidence of this and the owners are still asking for our help.  Apparently, an unidentified woman reported him being dead on the road to the local vet, however, no contact info was left and there was no evidence of this in the location she suggested.  Could this person have picked up Bentley and just left a call into the Vets to get the owners off her trail?  Or if this is true about Bentley being hit by a car, would this person please come forward again and clarify so the owners may have some peace through resolution.  If anyone has noticed a neighbour, friend, or family member with a “new” dog matching Bentley’s description, could they please follow through and find out more details.  This may be a matter for the RCMP to investigate.  Dogs are our Property in Canada and people can be prosecuted for stealing our pets.

Breed or Mix: CHIHUAHUA



Lost on: 09/16/2012



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Rainbow Bridge: Hwy 102, Between Elmsdale & Milford Exits, East Hants Co., NS – Bernese Mountain Dog, Male, Young Adult – “Unknown”

Unknown                                         ***STOCK PHOTO***

Rainbow Bridge: It is with great sadness that we share the news of a found, deceased Bernese Mountain Dog, on the 102 Highway.  A very kind soul brought this dog into the Elmsdale Animal Hospital.  The owners were eventually found, and  retrieved their beloved family member.  We would like to thank all those who sent in condolences and the wonderful folks at Elmsdale Animal Hospital.  Our heartfelt prayers and thoughts go out to this family at this very difficult time.  (9.13.12)

Breed:  Bernese Mountain Dog

Sex:  Male   Age:  Young Adult

Collar/Tags/Chip: No

Found on:  Sept. 13/12

Area:  Between Elmsdale and Milford exits on Hwy 102, East Hants Co., NS

Additional Info: …

Contact Info: …

RAINBOW BRIDGE: Lost Dog: Pine Tree – Old Pine Tree Rd, Pine Tree, Thorburn Co., NS — German Shepard, Male, just under a year — “Kyzier”



RAINBOW BRIDGE:  Our sincere condolences to his family. Kyzier has passed. (8.14.12 – 8.15.12)

Breed or Mix: German Shepard

Sex: Male, Age: just under a year

Collar/Tags: not wearing a collar

Lost on: 08/14/2012

Area: Pine Tree- Old Pine Tree Rd, Pine Tree, Thorburn , NS

Additional Notes: missing since noon Aug 14th 2012
He is long and lanky…friendly yet timid.
Neutered male no collar, ears hang down.

Please Contact: …

RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lost Dog: Doty Road, Digby Co., NS — Pomeranian/Chihuahua, Male, aprx. 1 — Grizzer, Grizz

Grizzer, Grizz

RAINBOW BRIDGE:  It is with profound sadness that we report that Grizzer has passed to the Bridge. Our sincere condolences to Helen, Kate and their families. Mere words do not suffice. (6.18.12 – 6.18.12)

Breed or Mix: Pomeranian/Chihuahua

Sex: Male   Age: aprx. 1

Collar/Tags: red with black snout/face tag with name and phone number of owner

Lost on: 06/17/2012

Area: Doty Road, Digby, NS

Additional Notes: We are sick over the loss of Grizz. He is a happy, friendly little dog. He is a very fast runner and enjoys the company of other dogs. Very loving and enjoys cuddles and being held. He is a beautiful red dog who had been recently shaved so his body hair is quite short still. And his fluffy, feathery tale is short now as well. On his collar he wears a small medallion with the name Grizzer and his home phone number.

Grizzer is a creature of habit and keeps to his same routine. His owners were leaving the house and he was being left with his grandmother. I assumed he was in the house with the 2 other dogs. They were quiet and it was rest time. After about 2 hours I decided to take them outside and that is when I discovered Grizz was not in house.I went up and down the Doty Road looking for him. His owners searched the woods and went on the local clay shoot property to look as well. We went up and dwon the main road looking and went to all the properties on our road.

We are just so scared he may have been taken.

If you can help we would appreciate it for ever.

Please Contact:…

RAINBOW BRIDGE: Lost Dog: Linacy, Pictou Co., NS — Husky, Female, 12 Weeks Old — "Marley"



RAINBOW BRIDGE:  As we understand it there was a dog/puppy picked up on the side of the road and taken to the vets… it had passed away.  As far as we know it was Marley.  We have never heard confirmation from it’s owners, one way or the other.  (5.19.12 – 5.25.12)

Breed or Mix: Husky

Sex: Female, Age: 12 Weeks Old

Collar/Tags: Dark Grey Collar

Lost on: 05/24/2012

Area:  Linacy, Pictou, NS

Additional Notes: FEMALE: Husky, 12 weeks old, slight brown shading on ear tips. Wearing a dark grey collar and possibly trailing her line and the ground spike. Went missing May 19/12 at approx. 6:30 pm. NAME: Marley

Please Contact: …

RAINBOW BRIDGE: Found: Deceased Dog: Middle Dyke Rd, Kentville, Kings Co., NS — Toy Poodle, Male, Young — "Unknown"

Unknown      ***STOCK PHOTO***

RAINBOW BRIDGE: Found:Deceased, Young Toy Poodle. Grey, un-neutered.No Identifying Tattoos.Kentville/ Middle Dyke Rd./ Annapolis County at 7:30am this morning.He is now in the possession of Cornwallis Veteranarians, to be picked up by animal control.(902) 678-2731. If you know anyone that was missing their dog – please advise them to contact CVets or AC at 584-3693

Breed or Mix: Toy Poodle

Sex: Male, Age: Young

Collar/Tags: No Collar/Tags

Lost on: 05/22/2012

Area: Middle Dyke Rd, Kentville, Kings, NS

Additional Notes: Young Toy Poodle. Grey, un-neutered.No Identifying Tattoos.Kentville/ Middle Dyke Rd./ Annapolis County at 7:30am this morning.He is now in the possession of Cornwallis Veteranarians, to be picked up by animal control.

Please Contact: AC at 584-3693


Rainbow Bridge: Lost Dog: Bedford Highway, Bedford, Halifax Co., NS — Doberman Pincher, Male, 10 Months Old — "Damond"



RAINBOW BRIDGE: It is with a heavy heart that we notify our members that Damond was found but had passed to the Bridge. We extend our sincere condolences to Christie, her family and friends. RIP little one.  (5.21.12 – 5.21.12)

Breed or Mix: Doberman Pincher

Sex: Male, Age: 10 Months Old

Collar/Tags: Chain Collar/No Tags

Lost on: 05/21/2012

Area: Bedford Highway, Bedford, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: MALE: Doberman, 10 months old, approx. 60 lbs.,wearing a chain collar – no tags, trailing a black leash. Went missing May 21/12 at the mall. Name: Damond. Newly adopted.

Please Contact:


RAINBOW BRIDGE: Lost Dog: Merland Church Rd, Monastery, Antigonish Co., NS — Great Pyrenese, Male, 2 years, Friendly — "Bear"



RAINBOW BRIDGE: We have had notification that Bear has passed. We send our sincere condolences to the family. Run free at the Bridge dear Bear you will be missed – your memory will dance as a cloud in the sky.

Breed or Mix: Great Pyrenese

Sex: Male, Age: 2 years

Collar/Tags: none

Lost on: 04/16/2012

Area: Merland Church Rd, Monastery, Antigonish, NS

Additional Notes: Bear is a Big White dog, Great Pyrenese, male, weighs about 150lbs, Tail curls up, bushy, Very friendly loves kids.

Please Contact: …

Rainbow Bridge: Lost Dog: Bridgewater, Lunenburg Co., NS — Beagle, Male, 2 years old — "Bow"



RAINBOW BRIDGE: We are so sorry to announce that Bow was found, but he had passed away.  From the Owners: “Hello there I would like to Thank everyone for all the help spreading the word about Bow ….He has been found ..but he was not alive…so again thank you all for all the help….”  Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to Bow’s family and friends. We hope in time they will find happiness in their memories of their Bow.  (1.13.12 -1.15.12)

Breed or Mix: Beagle

Sex: Male, Age: 2 years old

Collar/Tags: He is wearing a black collar with a green box on it ( a safeguard box for shock fence )

Lost on: 03/13/2012

Area: Bridgewater, Lunenburg, NS

Additional Notes: He is very friendly dog and he is wearing a black collar with a green safeguard collar (shock collar).Missing since 4:30 pm Tuesday March 13th 2012…..

Please Contact: …

RAINBOW BRIDGE: Lost Dog: Plains Rd., Debert, Colchester Co., NS – Shih tzu, Male, 8 Months Old, Tan with some Black, Scared, No Collar – "Taz"


RAINBOW BRIDGE:  It is with a heavy heart that I share with you that Taz has passed away.  From the Owners: “Thanks for all your help, but we found him.  Sorry to say, but it looks like he fell into a brook and was swept away into a lake.  We pulled him from the water yesterday and buried him.  At least we know what happened to him.  Thanks again to all who looked.  From Gord, Shelly, and Kids.”  Our sincerest condolences go out to Taz’s family at this difficult time.  May they one day be able to look back with joy at all the wonderful moments a dog can bring.  Thank you to all who took the time to share Taz’s info… always wonderful.  (3.11.12 – 4.19.12)

LOST DOG: Debert/1116 Plains Road/Colchester County MALE: Shih Tzu, 8 months old. Not wearing a collar. Name: Taz. He went missing March 11/12 at approx. 8:30 am. Taz was startled by the sound of gun shot. Please cross post and if you have any information contact…