RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lost Dog: Windsor Back Road, Windsor, Hants Co., NS — Coonhound/Amstaff Mix, Male, 2 and 1/2 yrs old — “Camo”



RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away – It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that Camo has passed on. From the Owners: ” We have found him but unfortunately he has passed away. We are all very upset about the whole thing.  But once again I do really appreciate everyone putting it out there and only
wanting the best outcome. ”  Our thoughts and prayers are with Camo and his family. We hope that in time his memories only bring smiles. In the meantime we send heartfelt condolences. (12.20.13 – 12.21.13)

Breed or Mix: red nose pitbull/ coon hound

Sex: Male, Age: 2 and 1/2 yrs old

Collar/Tags: he just has a choke chain on.

Lost on: 12/20/2013

Area: Windsor Back Road, Windsor, Hants, NS

Additional Notes: He is like a brindle colour and has short hair. He does not get a long with other male dogs and he doesnt like cats. He’s a very protective dog over his family and himself. I had let our other dog out to pee this morning and put my shoes and coat on to take Camo out and by the time I got around our house he was gone. He usually gets tied but with the cold weather and snow lately we have been just taking him out letting him do his business then bring him in and hes been very good at listening. I dont know if their was another animal outside he saw and took off or what happened but we havent seen him since.

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lost Dog: Holland Road, Fletchers Lake, HRM, NS — Siberian Husky, Male, 12 years — “Shadow”



RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: From Family Friend/Caretaker: “Unfortunately, Shadow was hit by a car on the Waverley road this am. During the last 4 years of life he has spent three of those years with me here. We loved him very much and he is dearly missed by myself and staff. He was a happy loving dog who enjoyed life, especially other dogs. Often we referred to Shadow as “A lover not a fighter”. He now is reunited with his best friend Zennie. Thanks you everyone for you assistance and support. We appreciate it.” Our deepest condolences go out to Shadows family and friends. (11.28.13 – 11.30.13)

Breed or Mix: Siberian Husky

Sex: Male, Age: 12 years

Collar/Tags: Grey and Black collar – TAG: I believe it has either a rabies tag from Chester Basin animal hospital on it or a tag with Roaming Rovers on it and our phone number.

Lost on: 11/28/2013

Area: Holland Road, Fletchers Lake, HRM, NS

Additional Notes: Thick white black and grey fur. has one blue eye and one half blue and half brown eye. He has grey on his foot that you can tell it shouldn’t be there, that’s from his constant digging at the kennel door, and why he needs to be wired under his kennel because he is pro digger outter!

Shadow is friendly but will not likely come to strangers. he will likely stand far enough away for you not to be able to catch him. he comes to me as soon as he sees me.

I suspect he is still the the Fall river/ Fletchers Lake/ Wellington area. if you do site him please call me and I will come there asap.

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HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Sighted: Roaming Dog: Hwy 104, Exit 36, Heatherton, Antigonish, NS – White Shepherd/Husky, Female, Adult – “Unknown”



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!! Wow!!! It has been confirmed, thanks so much to Carol A., that this dog is actually alive and home safe.  There is however, a small (~25lb) white dog that has passed away on Hwy 104.  We do not know the owners of this dog and will keep this info incase we hear any more.  Meanwhile, the dog in this photo (~100+lbs) is alive and well on his Cattle Farm outside Antigonish.  This dog was used to having 600 acres to himself when a hunter this fall left food around. This is when he started roaming. Meanwhile his owner has just neutered him hoping that helps in cutting down on his wanderings.  He was shocked to hear that he was on the highway and will be keeping his dog contained in the future. So conclusion: TWO White Dogs, one small one was hit by a car and killed on Hwy 104, the other large one was seen roaming the highway for the last few weeks and is now home safe. Thank you Carol A. for putting together all the pieces.  (11.8.13 – 12.4.13)


UPDATE: (11.4.13) As it turns out, this is not true:RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: It has been confirmed by Animal Control that this beautiful dog was hit and killed by a car on the highway today. I want to thank all those that did their best to help this dog and went above and beyond for a dog with no name. Thank you Carol and Pam and all that shared this dogs info. (11.8.13 – 12.2.13)

Breed: White Shepherd/Husky Mix (?)

Sex: Female (?)  Age: Adult

Collar/Tags:  Collar

Sighted on: Nov 8, 11, 15, 2013 (various people)

Area:  Hwy 104, Exit 36, Heatherton, Antigonish, NS

Additional Info:  I saw him yesterday (November 15) and pulled over but he/she was very timid and I had no luck approaching him. Animal control were unable to find him after I called. Please keep an eye open for him/her… Approx. 50-60 pounds, all white… Looks like a white shepherd or lab mix… The same dog was spotted by someone else on November 8th and November 11th (antigonish spca Facebook page) so he/she has been roaming for a whole week!

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lost Dog: River Court , Enfield, Halifax Co., NS — Rhodesian Ridgeback , Male, 2.5 — “Broc”



RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away. From the Owners: “Thank you for the info. We found him, but but he had been hit by a train.”  He was so young and healthy, it just breaks my heart to share this news.  We all send our heartfelt condolences to Broc’s family.  We hope that in time, the tragedy of this accident is wiped away by fond memories of a beautiful red boy who loved his stuffed toys. I didn’t know Broc,  but his photograph says a lot.  We are thinking of his family at this very difficult time. (11.15.13 – 11.16.13)

Breed or Mix: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Sex: Male, Age: 2.5

Collar/Tags: No collar or tags. Wearing a Orange Dog Vest when last seen.

Lost on: 11/15/2013

Area:  River Court ((end of Halls Road, by the river), Enfield, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: He is a very timid dog. He is bigger built and in good shape. His fur is short and redish brown and has brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a orange dog vest with yellow reflectors on the side. He moves (jumps/runs) like a deer in the woods… so please keep an eye out for him.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lost Dog: C.F. Comeau Road, Concession, Digby County Co., NS — Beagle, Male, 6 years old — “Leroy”



RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away. From the Owner: “Thank you to everyone who prayed and cared and hoped for our baby’s return but unfortunately with great sadness and regret,Leroy is in Heaven chasing his beloved squirrels who used to drive him crazy.Rest in peace baby,,we’ll miss you!!xoxoxoxoxoxo”  Our deepest, heartfelt condolences go out to Leroy’s family at this difficult time. Hopefully, in time, they will only have smiles when thinking of their best friend. (10.9.13 – 10.24.13)

Breed or Mix: Beagle

Sex: Male, Age: 6 years old

Collar/Tags: Brown and gold “Browning” collar(we lost his tags last week and didn’;t get a chance to replace them yet

Lost on: 10/09/2013

Area: C.F. Comeau Road, Concession, Digby County, NS

Additional Notes: Black and white short haired coat with brown face. His tail is mostly black with a white tip.He’s a couch potato house dog who loves to sleep and go for walks but NOT a hunting dog. He can be tempermental and usually doesn’t like other dogs except for his brother Sammy and a few others. He loves to chew anything and everything including pillows(anything with stuffing)comforters, blankets(especially soft throws),door casings or anything else when left alone. If found please return we really,really miss him. Reward is offered for our baby, no questions asked,we just want him found. Thank you

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Highway 7, Necum Teuch, HRM, NS — Cocker Spaniel, Male, 14 years — “Clancy”



RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away.  It is with heavy hearts we share that Clancy has been found, but has passed away.  From his owner: “Clancy has been found, sadly he didn’t make it through his great adventure in the wild. He was found this morning close to where he went missing.  Thank you so much everyone for your efforts and words (of) support. It was a rough week. There’s solace in finding him and knowing that he had a long happy life.  He truly was a best friend.” Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family.  Thank you all for caring and sharing.  (9.24.13 – 9.30.13)

Breed or Mix: Cocker Spaniel

Sex: Male, Age: 14 years

Collar/Tags: HRM tags & tag with phone number

Lost on: 09/24/2013

Area: Highway 7, Necum Teuch, NS

Additional Notes: Buff in colour. A little bit deaf.

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Stanfield International Airport, 1 Bell Boulevard Extension, Enfield, NS — German Shepherd , Female, 10 months — “Checka”



RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away – It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that Cheka has been found and has passed away after being hit by a car on the highway.  We know this because two people did the right thing and came forward with their info; the man who actually hit Cheka and the RCMP Officer that confirmed it was Cheka.  At least the family knows now and will be able to start moving forward.  May she rest in peace.  (8.29.13 – 8.31.13)

Breed or Mix: German Shepherd

Sex: Female, Age: 10 months

Collar/Tags: none

Lost on: 08/29/2013

Area: Stanfield International Airport, 1 Bell Boulevard Extension, Enfield, NS

Additional Notes: she was arriving on the plane from europe,she was afraid because it took to much time on the plane and airport 3 days,then she pull her collar out whe i want a walk her and ran away,,,,,

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lost Dog: Marble Mountain Road, Malagawatch, Cape Breton Co., NS — Poodle/Terrier Mix, Female, Adult — “Molly “



RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away. Such heavy hearts tonight.  We have just learned that Molly passed away after being hit by a car last summer, perhaps on her first day missing. It wasn’t until a month later that her owners found out. Thanks to the kind folks that took the time to let them know that she had been found. And thank you to all who cared and shared her info in the hopes of bringing her home. We are grateful that the family knows what happened and hope that you too find some comfort in knowing she is no longer lost. Thank you. (8.24.13 – 9.29.14)

Breed or Mix: Poodle/Terrier Mix (Terri-Poo)

Sex: Female, Age: Adult

Collar/Tags: Purple collar with Sydney Dog Park tag

Lost on: 08/24/2013

Area:  Marble Mountain Road, Malagawatch, Cape Breton Co., NS

Additional Notes: Molly is black and grey, has curly hair and is a medium/small size dog. She is very friendly.

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: John Colquhoun Lane, Toney River Beach, Pictou County Co., NS — Jack Russell Terrier Mix, Female, Adult — “Daisy”





RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away – From a Family Friend: “Sorry to report that Daisy’s remains were found on the side of the highway this evening. Thank you to everyone who helped look for her. Her owners had put posters up today all over the community, and because of that a kind gentleman who was out for his evening walk was able to contact the family after he discovered her. Our hearts go out to her family. Unfortunately, they no longer have their pet, but at least they will have some closure. This is a great network. Thank you again for all your help. Cindy”  We are devastated to here of the loss of their beloved Daisy. Our hearts go out to them and we can only hope that in time, fond memories of her will only bring smiles. (8.22.13 – 8.23.13)

Breed or Mix: Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Sex: Female, Age: Adult

Collar/Tags: Collar and tags

Lost on: 08/22/2013

Area:  John Colquhoun Lane, Toney River Beach, Pictou County Co., NS

Additional Notes: Our neighbours, who are here on Vacation from BC, lost their dog last night. They were on the beach and the little dog bolted when some fireworks were set off. They have not seen her since. Her name is Daisy. She is a small breed like a Shitzu…beige in color and does have a tag and collar. Her owners are devastated and leave for BC at the end of the week. Please be on the lookout for this little gal. She has not had time to become familiar with her new summer home and surrounding area so she will be terrified.

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RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lost Dog: Braemar Dr, Dartmouth, NS — French Bulldog, Male, 1 year — “Bentley”



RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away.  We are so sorry to share that little Bentley has passed away, drowning in the nearby lake. Our deepest sympathy goes out to his family and friends.  We hope in time only happy memories remain.  Thank you to everyone who helped search and who shared his info. (8.11.13 – 8.12.13)

Breed or Mix: French Bulldog

Sex: Male, Age: 1 year

Collar/Tags: no

Lost on: 08/11/2013

Area: Braemar Dr, Dartmouth, NS

Additional Notes: Please return our Bentley !

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