RESOLVED:Lost Dog: Kyra, Brindle Boxer, female – Windsor, NS

LOST DOG: Kyra, Brindle Boxer, female - Windsor, NS

Kyra has been found is home safe n’ sound!  Thanks everyone!

My new dog got out the door this morning and I have not been able to find her. She is a light brindle color and very small in size for a full grown boxer. She was just brought home on the weekend from NB so she does not know the area and may be quite spooked. Her name is Kyra and she responds to it although with all the changes over the past couple days she may not come to you. Kyra is wearing a blue and black collar but does not have any tags on it yet. Please if you have any information contact me right away I really want to get her home I am worried sick about her you can contact through kijiji

RESOLVED:Found Roaming: Lost Dog: Black Lab found in Harmony, NS

FOUND ROAMING: Lost Dog: Black Lab - Harmony, NS

This dog has been reunited with its family.  Thanks to the kind people that took it in.

We found a black dog in the Harmony area….let us know if he’s yours.

RESOLVED: Found Roaming: English Setter or similar, Hwy 102 near Bedford

FOUND ROAMING: English Setter, Hwy 102 near Bedford

RESOLVED: Found Roaming: English Setter on Hwy 102/Bedford… has been reunited with it’s family.  Yeah!  Big Thanks to the person who picked up this dog and saved it from a tragic end.

FOUND ROAMING: English Setter, or similar, was found roaming on Hwy 102 near Bedford:

Found on Hwy 102 near Bedford Monday Feb 28th @ approx 10am. Dog was unaccompanied and crossing highway traffic.  I picked him up to save him from being hit by a car.
Dog appears to be an English Setter and did not have any identification.
HRM Animal Control picked the dog up from me approximately 11:00am this morning.  If you believe this to be your dog, please contact HRM Animal Control @ 490-1791

RESOLVED: Lost Dog: Teddy, male, Adult, Golden Retriever – Hebron, NS

LOST DOG: Teddy, male, adult, Golden Retriever Hebron, NS

HOME SAFE N’ SOUND – Teddy was picked up by Animal Services
Hi, yesterday, February 26th, 2011, my dog, Teddy went missing. I live in Hebron, quite close to Maple Grove and he has no coller as he slipped out of it. He is a light tan coloured, about knee height, and brown eyes.




LOST DOG ALERT: NOVA SCOTIA 2 lost black tri colored Aussies SENIORS ages 10 & 12; 1 male & 1 female Both intact Forest Hills subdivision Flying Cloud Dr. close to both Joseph Gilles Elementary School & Cole Harbour High School & Cranberry Lake

RESOLVED: Lost Dog, Brown dog running free…

RESOLVED:  Turns out to be neighbours dog, just adopted and he is a houdini… working hard to resolve this problem.
LOST DOG SEEN ROAMING: Med, Brwn Dog with Leash – North River/Onslow Mountain, NS
SEEN! Med Brown Dog found in North River/Onslow Mountain Area
Have seen numerous times between Saturday, Feb 19th up until today, Thursday, Feb 24th. Medium sized, mixed(?) Brown dog with collar and red leash attached. Have tried to coax, and catch but he seems scared and skiddish. Have seen him up and down Gor


LOST DOG: Dartmouth, NS

RESOLVED: from Owner: Haylee is home! A man found her and someone he knew had seen a poster. He called us and we found her scared and hiding outside of his house. She had moved to another neighbourhood. Thanks so much for the help! She was full of ice and very hungry, but she’s doing great now!

LOST DOG: Black/Tan, female, 6 yr old, 28lbs – Dartmouth
Haylee is a 6-year-old female missing since about 4pm on Wednesday, February 23rd in the Lucien Dr./Swanton Dr. area of Dartmouth, but she could be anywhere. She was staying with family while we were away and ran off when she was let out to use the bathro…om. She did not have her collar on. She is VERY timid and will not go to anyone she doesn’t know. If you spot her, please call us RIGHT AWAY and try to keep an eye on her but do not approach her… she will run. She is about 28lbs.

RESOLVED: Oceanview Dr. Bedford – Male Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu

Owner read a network post and contacted the finder. Owner and dog happily reunited!

 FOUND ROAMING: Oceanview Dr. Bedford – Black and White Male Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu Thanks. (HeatherM/contacted)

Resolved! Owners Found: Main St. Fairview

RESOLVED: Dog picked up by owners that evening 9:30pm FOUND DOG: Main St. Fairview  (Contacted)

RESOLVED: 2 Dogs Bisset Lk.Rd/Cole Harbour

Owner called – They were found at the pound! SAFE!

2 pups on Bissett Lake Road, in Cole Harbour at aprox. 3 in the afternoon February 24th/2011. Please contact if seen or if you have them! The grey one is Titan (Male 4 months)and the dark one is Bella (female unspayed 1 year), very friendly. Both have collars, Bella has a black collar and Titan is wearing a harness type collar that is red.
Please please contact if you have any info

If contacting back by email, please include your number as we will call to come and get them right away!