HAPPY ENDING: Safe n' Sound:Roaming Dog: Greyhound, Brindle, Male (NOT Bella/Passport) – South and Barrington Sts

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Greyhound, male, brindle (NOT Bella/Passport) - South and Barrington Sts

Happy Ending!  This big guy is safe n’ sound… the owners were all over the South End Halifax looking for him.  Great news.  Happy for the dog and family. YEAH!!

A male, brindle Greyhound was reported roaming in the Park in front of the Westin Hotel at the South End of Barrington St.  It has been picked up by GPAC, Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada.  It is safe and sound, but needs to find it’s owner.

This is NOT Passport/Bella, the well publicized missing Greyhound in the North End of Halifax.  Her last sighting was around 2:00 this afternoon on Leeds St.  Everyone please check your yards, under decks, behind/in outbuildings… P/B is out there somewhere.


HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Ben: Sheltie, male – Trails behind Bayers Lake

Happy Ending: He is home safe n’ sound now.  Thanks everyone!!


Lost Sheltie on trails behind value village in Bayers lake. Answers to the name ben. Good boy, but a little shy.

Received this by email and have mailed back requesting more information. (HeatherM)

HAPPY ENDING: Safe n' Sound: Collie Mix, female, beige, medium sized – East Lawrencetown (HRM) Area

LOST DOG: Sandy - female collie mix - East Lawrencetown (HRM) Area

Sandy has just been reported found! Owner is on her way to pick her up. She was picked up by a lady last night on the Crowell Road and she graciously took her home for the night to keep her safe !!!! YAY!


Sandy has been missing since last night (Thurs April 14th) in the area of East Lawrencetown, Hfx Mun. She is a med sized beige collie cross. Very friendly !

She did not have a collar on, no microchip or tattoos (we rescued her 8 yrs ago), she has all her shots and is spayed … sigh   She went over to the barn with my husband and came home (normal routine) – was sitting on the deck and then disappeared.. not odd for her to walk around out here we have 100’s of acres around us… she has never gone this long…

Please call 827-5002 or 499-3977

HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Shih Tzu, Male, White with Black Face – Herring Cove Area



LOST DOG: Shih Tzu, male, white with black face - Herring Cove Area, NS

This kijiji ad was the answer… Mr. Shih Tzu has been found thanks to their advert in kijiji.ca.  Happy Ending! Yeah!! Safe n’ Sound!





HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Roaming Dog: Dobie/Rottie Mix, small, female – Mountville Rd, MacLellans Brook, Pictou

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Rottie/Dobie Mix, small, female - MacLellans Brook, Pictou

Happy Ending: Home Safe n’ Sound: Thanks to the local radio station CKEH… they announce the local lost and found pets – a great community service.  And thanks to Nikhi for putting all the pieces together… GREAT!!!


We found a dog in MacLellans Brook, around the end of the Mountville rd. It has been there for the past few days. The dog looks like it is part Rottweiler or Doberman and female..


HAPPY ENDING: Twist: English Springer Spaniel, 16 yr old, liver/white – Gaspereau Mtn, NS

Happy Ending… this is so wonderful.  Twist went for a 6 hour adventure today… much to the distress of his family.  He ended up following the tree line down the Mountain, where he met up with two streams.  Fortunately for his family, Twist does not like to get his feet wet, and after such a big adventure… about 10 km from home, he decided to just curl up in the sand and have a nap.  He is so lucky his Mom looked so carefully for him, found him, and brought him home safe and sound where he will continue to have a big nap.  Safe n’ Sound!  Phew!!  Just had to report this story, even though it was resolved by the time I contacted the owner.  Thanks to Darrin Harvey of the radio station K-Rock 89.3 for passing on the info when Twist was missing.  Obviously an awesome part of that community.

Darrin M. Harvey
89.3 K-Rock

HAPPY ENDING: Safe n' Sound: Kaido: Siberian Husky, male, black/gray and white – Glenwood Drive Area, Dartmouth

LOST DOG: Kaido: Siberian Husky, male - Dartmouth, NS

Happy Ending: Safe n’ Sound: Animal Control has picked up Kaido and hopefully he’ll be home before you know it!

Lost Male Husky, he is very affectionate and friendly. Unfortunately a runner. His name is Kaido. he was lost from the Glenwood Drive area of Dartmouth.

HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Roaming Dog: Chocolate Lab, 2 collars – Highway 103, near exit 6

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Chocolate Lab, 2 collars - Highway 103, near exit 6

This dog has been reunited with their very happy owners.  Thanks so much to Melanie for making the effort to stop and catch this guy.  Thanks to everyone who shared the news.

Found…male chocolate lab on Hwy 103, near Exit 6.

2 collars…


Updated April 16/11 Resolved

HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Laya: Am Staff, 11yr old, Female – Ardoise, Hants Co.

FANTASTIC!!! Laya, the 11 yr old Spunky Pup… came home on her own today… the owner was out putting up posters when a neighbour called to say Laya was barking to get in at home.  SWEET!!!!  She has been vet checked and is resting at home.  Wonderful news… thanks to everyone who took the time to care and spread the word.

LOST DOG: Laya: Am Staff, 11 yr old, female, black with white - Ardoise, Hants Co

LOST DOG: Laya: Am Staff, 11 yr old, female, black with white - Ardoise, Hants Co

A very special part of our family is missing! PLEASE HELP US FIND HER!!!!
Laya is our black and white 11year old Am Staff (she looks a lot younger and is still very mobile) and was last seen on the evening of Sunday, Apirl 10th at 9:30pm at our home in Ardoise, Hants County NS. She is wearing her red collar and is friendly but timid of strangers. Laya went out to pee and is always back at the door to find her bed next to the fireplace…she wasnt….and literally vanished. THIS IS NOT LIKE HER AT ALL!!!!! We have searched everywhere we can possibly think she’d be. There are a lot of woods in our area and she could be in just about any part of Hants County!!

Updated: April 12/11 Resolved

HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Toller Mix, male, adult – Barra Glen Rd, Victoria Subd., Cape Breton

LOST DOG: Toller Mix, male - Barra Glen Rd, Victoria Subd., Cape Breton

Happy Ending: Home Safe n’ Sound… This cutie tried it out there on her own, but decided it was a big scary world and came home all on her own.  And this beauty will be sleeping indoors from now on.  SWEET!!!!  Thanks to all that spread the word and congrats to it’s family.

Our dog went missing maybe during the night and we can’t find him anywhere he was on a chain and has never broke off before and we have had him off before and he never left the yard. If you have seen him or anything please call 725-1223 or 371-2813 no emails.


Updated: April 11/11 Resolved