Don't Miss Bark in the Park in Halifax Sept 10, 2011

These Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network Magnetic Bumper Stickers (14 x 3 inches)  are available for a minimum $10 Donation. Thank you to all who have so kindly offered to support us in this manner and always a huge thank you to those who do the everyday work of spreading the word about lost and found dogs.

Magnetic Bumper Stickers will be available at our table at the annual NS SPCA Bark in the Park in Halifax at the Africville (formerly Seaview) Park, Saturday September 10, 2011.


Those interested in picking up a bumper sticker magnet can email Janet at caninecasbah@gmail.com. She lives in central HRM – Quinpool/Oxford area.

LOST DOG POSTER: Tyson: Pit Bull: New Glasgow: Aug 28/11

Please download either download the PDF file on the left or simply copy the jpg on the right… then print, post, and share… thanks so much for your help.

LOST DOG: Tyson: Pit Bull: New Glasgow - JPG


Disaster Preparedness and your Pets

Photo: Animal Hospital of West Chester


This is an excellent link to help you prepare for any disaster you may face with your pet. Please read through, make a plan, be prepared and share your new found information to help make more pets and their owners safe.




The Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia: Here is a local Nova Scotia Group doing all they can to help out our pets in a disaster… lots of good information, courses, kits, etc., are available here:


LOST DOG POSTER: Molly: Terrier Mix, Brown/Red, female, blue collar with rhinestones – Astral Drive/Caldwell Rd Area, Cole Harbour, NS


Please click on the link below, to the left, to download the .PDF file of Mollys Poster, or simply copy the .JPG poster on the right… share, print & post!  Thanks!!



LOST DOG POSTER: Finnegan (jpg)

LOST DOG POSTER: Finnegan – Click on the link to download a .pdf version of the poster or just use the jpg poster on the right.

Here is the PDF version of the poster:



The Importance of the Poster

This was added to the discussions of our Facebook page by a woman who recently found her lost dog with the help of posters.
Janet Patterson

I felt I just had to make a point of how important it is to get those posters out, as many as you can, wherever you can.Yesterday and today I have been pulling them down and also have others gathering up in their neighborhoods. So far, out of approximately 60 posters (about 2/3 of the ones put up) more than 75% had one or more ‘tabs’ removed. That means that at least 45 more people were aware Sasha was missing and were concerned enough to have the info on hand should they have spotted her. How many others did they inform? Had it not been for those posters located in well travelled or highly frequented spots (apologies to Canada Post) I might not have my girl home with me.If you don’t have a printer, ask a friend. Will your place of employment allow you to print some? Check your local pharmacy, hardware store, vet., even your church, they may be more than happy to help. Please do not overlook the importance of getting the word out EVERYWHERE! And believe me you will meet many caring and wonderful pet owners who will also help spread the word and who also may someday be in need of the same support.

HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Nessa: Border Collie, female – Fall River, NS

LOST DOG MAP: Nessa: Border Collie, female - Fall River, NS

LOST DOG HANDOUT: Nessa: Border Collie, female – Fall River, NS

LOST DOG HANDOUTS: Print Four per Page