SIGHTED: ***STOCK PHOTO*** Roaming Dog: Exit 26 Hwy 101, Digby, NS – White Standard Poodle, Female, Adult – “Unknown”


Unknown                                      ***STOCK PHOTO***    Not Actual Dog

Breed:  Standard Poodle, White

Sex:  Female  Age:  Adult

Collar/Tags:  ??

Sighted:  September 28, 2013

Area:  Hwy 101, Exit 26, Digby, NS

Additional Info:  At 310 pm, today two dogs were on the 101 in front of Gates, just outside exit 26 Digby. I believe they are both females. They appear to be poodles or poodles mixes. One black and one white. The black one was about 30 pounds. She was picked up and is safe. The white one ran into the woods and couldn’t be located. She was about 50 pounds.

Contact Info:  Please cross post and if you have any information contact: Courtney at 902 247 1645. Or the digby rcmp detachment, as they have been notified.

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Found: Roaming Dog: Sobeys, South Albion St, Amhers, Cumberland Co., NS — Doodle/Terrier Mix, Female, 1 year — “Unknown”



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!  Yippee!! This adorable dog has found it’s home, it’s new home via Lillian Allbon Animal Shelter – great work on everyone’s part to find the owner and if not, find the right home. Terrific news. Thanks to all who cared and shared.  (9.17.13 – 9.25.13)

Breed or Mix: doodle/terrier mix

Sex: Female, Age: 1 year

Collar/Tags: red collar no tags, leash with LED lights on it

Lost on: 09/17/2013

Area: Sobeys, South Albion St, Amherst, Cumberland, NS

Additional Notes: This little girl was dropped off at the Amherst Veterinary Hospital on Sept 17/13. She is very sweet and very scared. She was found with her leash trailing behind her so I am hoping the person that was holding the other end of that leash is out there looking for her! We will keep her overnight then she will be at the LA Shelter.

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HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Found: Roaming Dog: Old Samrbo Road (near Francie Dr), Williamswood, Halifax Co., NS — Poodle Mix, Female, Young — “Unknown”



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!! Yippee!! From the Owner: “Thank you so much for finding this little guy, I’ve never been more thankful for someone ringing the doorbell at 1145 pm.” Thanks everyone, just terrific! (8.12.13 – 8.12.13)

Breed or Mix: Poodle Mix (Doodle?)

Sex: Female, Age: Young

Collar/Tags: None

Lost on: 08/12/2013

Area: Old Samrbo Road (near Francie Dr), Williamswood, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: Found this evening around 8:30 pm when she wandered up onto our back deck. She is mostly dark brown/black, with some lighter brown patches. Short haired, somewhat curly. May be some sort of poodle off-breed, or have poodle in her make-up. No collar/tags. Very well behaved, quite lovable. Doesn’t seem timid at all, and responds to commands (e.g. come/sit etc. – particularly when treats are involved) – seems to have gotten some training. As of August 13th, we will be calling Animal Control to have them pick her up to scan for a microchip (we unfortunately cannot keep her long term because of our other animals).

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HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dog: Lower Argyle, Yarmouth Co., NS — Golden Doodle & Golden Retriever, Males, Young Adults — “Milo & Hunter”


Milo (Doodle) & Hunter (Retriever)

HAPPY ENDING: Home; Safe n’ Sound! Yippee!!  “Great news, the dogs made it back home this afternoon! I have been to the vet with them & just got home! They were both full of porcupine quills…The vet said they just need some antibiotics and lots of love! Thanks so much for your site!”(5.21.13-5.24.13)

Breed or Mix: Golden Retriever

Sex: Both Male, Age: M – 2.5 Yrs & H – 1 yr

Collar/Tags: M – Blue collar & a tag – tag was scratched up due to wear & H – Blue – dog whisperer collar no tag

Lost on: 05/21/2013

Area: Lower Argyle, Yarmouth,  NS

Additional Notes: Milo is a nervous, but very friendly dog, he is light brown & has been shaved pretty short! Hunter is a very friendly dog, he has brown coat! They could be travelling together or alone.

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