HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Found: Roaming Dog: East Broadway, Sydney Mines, NS – Husky/Retriever Mix, Female, No Collar, Sweet – "Oddie"


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound!! Yippee!!  The Owners have been found.  Thanks so much to everyone who helped share her info. Just Terrific!  (3.18.12 – 3.19.12)


FOUND DOG: Sydney Mines/Pier area – East Broadway/ Cape Breton FEMALE: Husky/retriever mix (?) Not wearing a collar, shy but very sweet.

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Stolen Dog: Public Library, 5381 Spring Garden Rd, Halifax, NS – Border Collie Mix, Female, 5 Months Old, Red Collar/Black Leather Collar/Tag – "Zazu"


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound! Yippee!! Thanks to all the kind folks that were so concerned about Zazu and took the time to share her info.  Just Terrific!!  (3.15.12 – 3.17.12)

STOLEN: Halifax/5381 Spring Garden Road Library/HRM FEMALE: Border Collie cross, 5 months old, wearing a red nylon collar and a black leather collar with red and white hearts with a gay pride dogtag in the shape of a bone. She has a red mark on her back left foot, a small chunk missing out of her nose. NAME: Zazu. She is extremely friendly. Please cross post please contact us directly at novascotia@lostdognetwork.com or Animal Services at 490-4000. We would advise not to approach the person who allegedly took this dog. “There is video footage of a 50yr old Caucasian male with dark clothes untieing her from my bag and leaving with her, headed up Spring Garden Road.” March 15/12 at 7pm.

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Broadway, Pictou Co., NS – Border Collie, Red Collar – "Unknown"

“Unknown”           ***STOCK PHOTO*** Not Actual Dog

Found a roaming Border Collie with red collar in Broadway, Pictou county.  Please contact with any information: Rochelle – rochelleheighton@hotmail.com

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Found: Roaming Dog: Grove St., Sydney, Cape Breton Co., NS — Yellow Lab, Male, Unknown — "Unknown"



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound! Yippee!! From the Finders: “This dogs owner was found! He got out and didn’t wander too far from his home… The next street over!”  Thanks for keeping him safe Brittany.  And thanks to all who shared his info.  Terrific! (3.16.12 – 3.16.12)


Breed or Mix: Yellow Lab

Sex: Male, Age: Unknown

Collar/Tags: Green collar

Found on: 03/16/2012

Area: Grove St., Sydney, Cape Breton, NS

Additional Notes: This dog was FOUND! I have him in my possession… He has a green collar and is very well mannered and friendly. He was found wandering around Grove St. If anyone knows who owns this dog please contact …

Please Contact:

HAPPY ENDING: Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Torbrook, Annapolis Co., NS – Shepherd, Female, Black Collar, Friendly – "Mocca"


HAPPY ENDING: Safe and Sound!! This pouch was found and picked up by Animal Control.  It is injured and being well taken cared for at the Vets.  Thanks to everyone who cared and shared her information.  (3.13.12 – 3.14.12)


DOG: Torbrook/Annapolis County FEMALE: Shepherd wearing a black collar – she may be dragging a green utility cart. She is friendly. NAME: Mocca Please cross post and if you have any information call the owners at 242-5320.

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Pinewood Drive , Mt Uniack, Hants Co., NS — Siberian Husky, Male, 6 mounths — "Ni'cko"


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!!  Yippee!! From the Owner: “it’s 4:45am and my best friend has come home this is the first time he has got away from me and it scared me to death. thank you guys for all your help my family is back together thank you jesus……♥” (3.14.12 – 3.15.12)

Breed or Mix: Siberian Husky

Sex: Male, Age: 6 mounths

Collar/Tags: orange remington color with reflector/rabies green tag and a black tag with phone number and address

Lost on: 03/14/2012

Area: Pinewood Drive , Mt Uniack, Hants, NS

Additional Notes: my dog ni’cko a purebread siberian husky broke free of his outdoor leash  today. He is very friendly but very cautious of strangers.  He will probably bark but will NOT bite.  He is white and black with a medium face mask, he is very healthy and has valid rabies tag and an identification tag, and he is not nutered. We miss him and need him back. Anyone with any info please contact us immediately.

Please Contact: …

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Highway 1, Falmouth, Hants Co., NS — Black Lab, Female, 2 — "Belle"



HAPPY ENDING:  Home, Safe and Sound!! Yippee!!  Thanks so much everyone for your help by sharing her information, wonderful!  From the Owners:  “Home safe and sound! Found locked in a neighbor’s barn! :)))”  It’s so important to ask folks to check their yards, under decks and inside any outbuildings when searching for your dog.  Fantastic!! (3/13/12 – 3/14/12)



Breed or Mix: Black Lab

Sex: Female, Age: 2

Collar/Tags: red collar

Lost on: 03/13/2012

Area: Highway 1, Falmouth, Hants, NS

Additional Notes: Very friendly black lab answers to Belle. Wearing red collar with her name on it. Please contact if you have seen her! Reward offered! 3 very sad children missing their puppy!!

Please Contact: …

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: East Margaretsville, Annapolis Co., NS — Husky/Lab mix, Male, 7 years old — "Alaska"


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound!! Yippee!! Such good news… Thanks to everyone who cared and shared his information… fantastic!  (3/13/12 – 3/14/12)


Breed or Mix: Husky & lab mix

Sex: Male, Age: 7 years old

Collar/Tags: Mostly white dog with tinges of tan on ear tips and back. He is wearing a red canvas collar with an Annapolis County dog tag.

Lost on: 03/13/2012

Area:East Margaretsville, Annapolis, NS

Additional Notes: Alaska is a very friendly dog with everyone he meets. We have a large family and is great with our kids. He loves to wander though, and has taken off before but usually, he’ll comes back in a few hours. Alaska would be very content, however, hanging out with anyone willing to offer him some companionship, so for that reason, we suspect that’s why he has not made effort to head home. We are concerned that since no one has contacted us to let us know he has stopped to visit them, that he may be hurt. Please let us know if you have seen him around or know of his whereabouts.

Please Contact:

Rainbow Bridge: Lost Dog: Bridgewater, Lunenburg Co., NS — Beagle, Male, 2 years old — "Bow"



RAINBOW BRIDGE: We are so sorry to announce that Bow was found, but he had passed away.  From the Owners: “Hello there I would like to Thank everyone for all the help spreading the word about Bow ….He has been found ..but he was not alive…so again thank you all for all the help….”  Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to Bow’s family and friends. We hope in time they will find happiness in their memories of their Bow.  (1.13.12 -1.15.12)

Breed or Mix: Beagle

Sex: Male, Age: 2 years old

Collar/Tags: He is wearing a black collar with a green box on it ( a safeguard box for shock fence )

Lost on: 03/13/2012

Area: Bridgewater, Lunenburg, NS

Additional Notes: He is very friendly dog and he is wearing a black collar with a green safeguard collar (shock collar).Missing since 4:30 pm Tuesday March 13th 2012…..

Please Contact: …

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Leighton St (Happy Hollow Road), Hebron, Yarmouth Co., NS — Golden Retriever, Female, 2 years — "Lexie"


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound!! Yippee!!!  From the Owner: “Lexie is home – I found her a few miles away on the 101 near the Wellington tower – thanks to everyone who put the word out – it is much appreciated.”  Just terrific news, and so glad you received reports of sightings that lead to finding her.  Congrats!  Thanks to all who shared her info.  (3.14.12 – 3.14.12)

Breed or Mix: Golden Retriever

Sex: Female, Age: 2 years

Collar/Tags: n/a

Lost on: 03/14/2012

Area: Leighton St (Happy Hollow Road), Hebron, Yarmouth, NS

Additional Notes: Lexie is a very friendly Golden Retriever. She loves to lick. Went missing during thunderstorm at around 12:30 pm on March 14th. We did have a call that someone thought they saw her on the 101 near the Hebron Tower at around 3 pm but searched and found nothing. Any help would be much appreciated.

Please Contact: …