LOST DOG: 3874 Sterling Rd, Barrington, Shelburne Co., NS – Husky, Male, 1 yr old, Red Collar – "Bear"

LOST DOG: Barrington/3874 Sterling Road/ Shelburne County MALE: Husky, 1 year old, wearing a red collar. NAME: Bear Went missing on Feb.18/12 – Bear is large with a pale color face, black hair on his back he has a big bushy tail. Please cross post and if you have any information contact Ricky at 723-2354, cell 635-1923 or 723-2140.  (2.18.12 –

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Oakwood Ave, Dartmouth, Halifax Co., NS – Amstaff Mix, Female – spayed, Black/Brown, Micro Chipped, Friendly – "Diamond"

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound!! Yippee!! Thanks to the kind folks that took her in and kept her safe.  And thanks to all who shared the information.  Wonderful!  (2.19.12 – 2.20.12)

LOST DOG: Dartmouth/17 Oakwood Avenue/Halifax County FEMALE: Amstaff mix, spayed, chipped. Was not wearing a collar. Went missing Feb.19/12. approx. 4 pm. NAME: Diamond She is a sweet ‘pibble’ – very friendly dog, she is all black/brown but has a few markings of white located on her chest, she has big flop over ears. She has a very smooth and shiny coat. Please cross post and please contact

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Old Post Rd, Scotch Hill, Pictou Co., NS – Japanese Chin, Female, 1.5 yrs old, Black/White – "Moxeymoo"

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Moxeymoo is home again. Yippee!!! Thanks to all those that shared her information. Just terrific!  (2.19.12 -2.19.12)


LOST DOG: Scotch Hill/ Old Post Road/ Pictou County FEMALE: Japanese Chin, 1 1/2 years old. NAME: Moxeymoo went missing Feb.19/12 – no collar. Very friendly and loves people. Please cross post and if you have any information contact …

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Nichols Ave, Kentville, Kings Co., NS – Lab Mix, Female, Black, Senior – "Keely"

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound! So happy this old dear is home.  Thanks to everyone that shared her info and passed on suggestions/sightings on our Facebook page.  Terrific!  (2.16.12 – 2.17.12)



LOST DOG: Kentville/Nichols Ave/Kings Co. FEMALE: Black Lab Mix senior – 17 years old. Went missing on Feb.16/2012 – late evening. Wearing a loopy harness. She looks like a black lab with a longer snout, slight greying around her muzzle. She is weak in the hind end and has a fatty cyst on her head. NAME: Keely Please cross post and please call …

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Found: Roaming Dog: Aylesford, Kings Co., NS – Coon Hound: Black/Tan with a little White on Chest, Female, Young, No Collar/Tags/Micro Chip, Friendly but Nervous


HAPPY ENDING: Going Home, Safe and Sound!!  From Angela who was so kind as to take this pooch in and her friend that found her:  “Thanks to our vet who tracked down this pups breeder she will be returned to her family this evening. Thanks for all of your help!”  Thanks everyone for their care and concern for this beautiful girl.  (2.15.12 – 2.17.12)


We have a young, female coon hound staying with us. She had been hanging around our friends home in Aylesford since yesterday. She has no collar or microchip. She is very friendly but nervous. Appears to be well cared for. Contact with any info: Angela…

Rainbow Bridge: New Edinburgh, Digby Co., NS — Beagle, Female, 1 year — "Bella"


RAINBOW BRIDGE:  After searching for their little Bella, her family found her in the woods behind their home.  They brought her home and she is now buried close to her family.  As much as they are devastated they are comforted in knowing she is home now.  Bella, was found shot dead.  There are few words to express our anger and sadness for this family and their Bella. But, our thoughts and prayers are with them at this terribly difficult time.


Breed or Mix: Beagle

Sex: Female, Age: 1 year

Collar/Tags: Red Collar

Lost on: 02/14/2012

Area: New edinburgh,  Riverside road, Digby, NS

Additional Notes: Very passive and friendly dog.

Please Contact: …

LOST DOG: 1481 Tower Rd, Blue Mountain, New Glasgow, Pictou Co., NS — Shepherd/Terrier Mix, Black and Tan, Wire Haired, Male, 3 years — "Jack (Jacko)"


Jack (Jacko)

Breed or Mix: Shepherd/Terrier Mix, Black and Tan, Wire Haired

Sex: Male, Age: 3 years

Collar/Tags: Black Collar with white bones on it, No Tags

Lost on: 02/10/2012

Area: 1481 Tower Rd, Blue Mountain, New Glasgow, Pictou, NS

Additional Notes:Large dog, black fur with a beige/brown stomach and legs and some of the same colouring on his face. He’s friendly but has a bark. He has terrier in him so his fur is a bit wirey and shaggy. We’ve looked everywhere and called everywhere we could.

Please Contact: Nancy , laurabriggs_13@hotmail.com 902-922-2485
Laura : 902-301-9849

RESOLVED: Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: County Home Rd, Waterville, Kings Co, NS – Husky, Male, Grey, 11 yrs old, Collar with Tags

RESOLVED: Ranger is Safe and Sound with Animal Control.  Unfortunately, that is where he will stay.  We do not know the full story, and can not begin to guess or speculate.  The important part is the dog is safe for the moment.



LOST DOG: A male Grey Husky, 11 yrs old,  wearing a collar with tags missing since yesterday from County Home Road in Waterville. He comes to the name Ranger. Please

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Arklow Drive, Dartmouth / Cole Harbour, Halifax Co., NS — Black lab/ Irish setter, Male, 12 — "Ranger"


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound!  Yippee!! Thanks everyone for sharing this beauties info… home safe!!  (2.13.12 – 2.14.12)


Breed or Mix: Black lab/ Irish setter

Sex: Male, Age: 12

Collar/Tags: N/A

Lost on: 02/13/2012

Area: Arklow Drive, Dartmouth / Cole Harbour, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: Wavy black hair, ~70 lbs,  friendly but nervous. Escaped from back yard.

Please Contact: 

SIGHTED: Roaming Dogs: Irish Mountain Rd, Churchville, Pictou Co., NS – Husky, Large, Collar/No Tags, Skittish & Golden Doodle, Collar/No Tags, Friendly

 Husky: ***ACTUAL DOG***

Golden Doodle: ***Stock Photo***


Sighted: Roaming dogs on Irish Mtn Rd. Churchville Pictou County. There was a large husky (Malamute?) and a golden doodle roaming together on Irish Mtn Feb 13 around 6 pm. Both had collars but no tags. Both were friendly but the husky seemed older and was a bit skittish. Couldn’t get a pic of the doodle. If you have any information please call Pictou Animal Control:  485-8640 and Pictou SPCA: 396-359