HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Roaming Dog: Chocolate Lab, female – Allan St, Halifax

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Choc Lab, female - Allan St., Halifax

HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n’ Sound.  The owner drove by asking if they had seen her dog when the people who found her were posting FOUND DOG signs.  AWESOME!  Thanks to everyone who took care of this dog and helped get her home.

A neighbour showed up at our door this evening with a female chocolate lab thinking it was our dog. She was running around on Allan Street in Halifax and has no collar.

She is tall and slender with a few grey whiskers on her chin and snout.



FOUND: Roaming Dog: Large Dog with Studded Collar – Wellington, NS


FOUND: Roaming Dog: Large Bully Breed: Wellington, NS

Large dog just showed up on our property. He’s really friendly and has a studded leather collar.

This fella is now with Animal Control – 490-4000









HAPPY ENDING: Baby Berta Home Safe n' Sound – Border Collie, female, 10 weeks old!! – Linden Ct, Dartmouth

LOST PUPPY: Berta - Border Collie, female, 10 weeks old!! - Linden Ct, Dartmouth

HAPPY ENDING: Baby Berta is home safe n’ sound this morning.  Yeah!!

My 10 week old border collie dug her way out of my yard around 6:30 Sunday night. Her name is Berta, she is wearing a red collar. She got out of my yard on Linden Ct. If you have seen her or have taken her into your house to keep her safe please call me 422-0296 so I can come pick her up.





FOUND: Roaming Puppy: Mastiff Mix Puppy – Eastern Passage, NS

FOUND: Roaming Puppy: Mastiff Mix - Eastern Passage

Large breed puppy on murray Rd in eastern passage mastiff mix I think call 465 3742 with description

HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Sophie: Beagle, female, 7 months old – Fendwood Rd, Halifax (Chocolate Lake).

LOST DOG: Sophie: Beagle, female, 7 months old - Chocolate Lake Area

HAPPY ENDING: Sophie is home safe n’ sound with her family… thanks to everyone and the people that picked her up.  Yeah!!

LOST DOG: Beagle, female, Sophie, 7months old – Fendwood Rd, Halifax area (Chocolate Lake). Report any sightings to 446-0294









HAPPY ENDING: Safe n' Sound: Golden Retriever, young, male – Outskirts of Truro, NS

FOUND: Roaming Dog: Golden Retriever, young, male - Outskirts of Truro, NS

HAPPY ENDING: This pooch will be going home late this afternoon thanks to a volunteer who called the local radio station.  Yeah!! Safe n’ Sound!

This morning at around 7:30am on the highway near Truro i found a blond male golden retrieve very muddy and running on the highway. He is very friendly knows lots of commands which lead me be think he may have a loving family out there looking for him. He has a wonderful temperament, and appears to be around a year old. If you know of or have heard of anyone in the Turo area that has lost a pup drop me a line or call 476-9009




HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Border Collie, male, 2 yrs old – Eagles Landing Subdivision, Kentville

LOST DOG: Border Collie, male, 2 yrs old - Eagles Landing Subdivision, Kentville

Happy Ending, this fella is home safe n’ sound.  Thanks everyone for spreading the word.

This morning at 8 am we lost our 2 year old border collie in the eagles landing subdivision area.  He is exremly friendly

If youve seen him please call 365-2163

LOST DOG Nov 23: Bailey, female Beagle – Gold River Area, NS

Lost Dog: Bailey: Beagle, female - Gold River Area, NS

We have been missing our 11 year old female beagle named bailey comes to her name and is a very sweet dog. We have been missing her since Nov.23 and she went missing in the Gold River area.If anyone has seen her or has her please email mailto:shellyrafuse@eastlink.ca

HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Beige American Cocker Spaniel/West End Halifax

Happy Ending: Cokie Home Safe n’ Sound

Cokie_April_2011 Click on Link for picture of Cokie.

·         Location:  West end Halifax, off Mumford – Ralston Avenue
·         No collar (has chip)
·         American Cocker Spaniel
·         Markings: Buff or beige colour no special markings except she has a long wavy coat (“feathers”)
·         Female spayed
·         Age almost eleven
·         Very friendly
·         Epileptic and needs medication

I don’t know how to post to your wall but my contact info is:

I have posters on some of the trees/poles in the neighbourhood.  Just had a call to confirm a neighbour saw her heading up Abbott towards Joseph Howe around 10:30 last night.

Will canvass the neighbourhood shortly but please call my cell.

Thank you,

HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Cleo: Greyhound, female, Black with some White – Beaverbank, HRM

LOST DOG: Cleo, female, Grayhound - Halifax, NS

Happy Ending: Home Safe n’ Sound.  Thanks to a neighbour who saw her last night and called Animal Control.  She was safe all night after all… phew!!

Answers to Cleo

Black with white on mussle, paws, chest and tip of tail
Belly is hairless, with protrusion at bottom of ribs
She was wearing a black collar with rhinestone bones
She is from JOAN & RIVENDALE Drive in Beaverbank
She is  very friendly