FOUND: Roaming Dog: Purcells Cove Area, HRM, Halifax Co., NS — Golden Retreiver, Male, Adult — "Unknown"

“Unknown”           *** STOCK PHOTO *** Not Actual Dog

Breed or Mix: Golden Retreiver

Sex: Male, Age: Adult

Collar/Tags: HRM Tag

Lost on: 03/30/2012

Area: Purcells Cove Area, , Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: Found a golden retriever in my yard when I got home from work today. Looks to be about 7-8 years old, very sweet male pup. No id, just an HRM registration tag.

I live in the Purcells Cove Area, walked door to door for over an hour but no one recognized him. He’s safe and sound, please contact me if your missing your pup. He misses you.

Please Contact: Tasha , 902-877-9457


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dogs: Bell Street, Lake Echo, Halifax Co., NS — Husky and lab mix, Male, 3 and 8 — "Duke and Digger"


“Duke (in front) and Digger”

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound!! Yippee!!  These two adventurers returned home last night.  Just fantastic!  Thanks to all who cared and shared their info, helping to get them home.  (3.27.12 – 3.28.12)

Breed or Mix: Husky and lab mix

Sex: Male, Age: 3 and 8

Collar/Tags: Black collar with tags on Duke, Blue collar on Digger

Lost on: 03/27/2012

Area:  Bell Street, Lake Echo, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: Duke is a grey, black and white husky. Very friendly.
Digger is black, white and brown and a tad overweight. He is also very friendly.

Duke was in my yard along with my other dog Digger. Duke is 3 years old and Digger is 8 years old. Both dogs are not known to roam. Both of these dogs have not been seen since this afternoon. Please help.

Please Contact: …


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Craigburn Dr, Dartmouth, Halifax Co., NS — Havanese, White with Brown Patches, Female, ~7lb adult — "Bella"

“Bella”       “Actual Photo of Bella”

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound!!! Yippee!!! We just got word that Bella has been found and is home safe.  Thank goodness!! You can only run across Waverley Rd so many times and remain lucky.  A big thanks goes out to all who shared her information, who offered and did go search and tell their neighbours, and to those that reported sightings… just fantastic!!  Yeah!!!  Well done folks!! (3.27.12 – 3.29.12)

Breed or Mix: Havanese- white with brown patches

Sex: Female, Age: ~ 7lb adult

Collar/Tags: Collar

Lost on: 03/27/2012

Area: Craigburn, , Halifax, NS

Additional Notes:

Dog appears to have escaped today from a small, previously undetected gap under the decking. She has a puppy clip, shorter, right now, with long tail and ears.  Brown may be darker than in stock photo.  She is a sweet small Havanese, under 10 lbs, skittish… please check under your decks, in yards, outbuildings, etc.  Report any sighting immediately. Thank you.

Please Contact: …


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Wentwoth Road, Sweets Corner, Hants Co., NS — Shiba Inu, Male, 13 — "Tucker"



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound!! Yeah!!! From the Owners: “Tucker’s big adventure is over! After a few almost had-him’s yesterday, we caught him in a field in Brooklyn. He seemed to want to be around us, but was hesitant to get too close at first, but when we finally got him, he just relaxed and seemed to say, What took you so long! Heartfelt thanks to everyone for their kind help and support!”  The number of reported sightings were wonderful and what lead to Tucker getting home safely.  Awesome folks… always report the sighting of a roaming dog.  Thanks everyone for caring and sharing Tuckers’ info.  Now lets hope his need to roam is over and he just enjoys his retirement at home.  Yippee!! (3.21.12 – 3.30.12)


UPDATE: 3.27.12 – SIGHTED: From the Owners: “Tucker was sighted just recently heading out the 215 towards the Hants Shore. He appears to have changed areas & is now further from home.A lady out there sat outside with a treat quietly waiting for him to come to her. She almost had him but he ran off again. He is very frightened.”  PLEASE DO NOT APPROACH, Call Owners Immediately if Sighted: 902-798-8036


UPDATE: 3.26.12 – SIGHTED: From the Owners: “Tucker was spotted on the Brooklyn bridge again about an hour ago (~11:30 am Monday, 3.26.12). He was creating a bit of a traffic hazard as he was in the middle of the road. Someone called the police. Also someone tried to catch him and he ran off again. … He will run if people try to catch him. Loud voices tend to scare him and he is afraid of men with booming voices.”


UPDATE: 3.25.12 – SIGHTED:  Friday, 3.23.12,  between 6:30-7:30 on the road that runs from Brooklyn to Windsor. It was on the bridge, (the bridge she is referring to is only 1/2 mile down the road from sweets corner, towards brooklyn [crosses the river]), walking on side of road and heading toward Brooklyn. It was wearing a collar. Did not appear injured.

Breed or Mix: Shiba Inu

Sex: Male, Age: 13

Collar/Tags: Brown leather colour with tag, may have pulled it off

Lost on: 03/21/2012

Area: Wentwoth Road, Sweets Corner, Hants, NS

Additional Notes: Small dog, sandy-coloured coat with white face, curly tail, about 20 lbs, looks like a small husky, likes people and other animals, seen roaming on dykes in the area.

Please Contact: …

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Brandy Drive, Howie Centre, Cape Breton Co., NS — Border Collie Mix, Small, Female, 10 Months — "Babygirl"



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound!! Yippee!!! Babygirl is found and safe at the CB SPCA!  From the Owners: “I received a call from the spca. They have babygirl. I can pick her up …today. Thanks to the facebook coverage.” (3.24.12 – 3.24.12)


Breed or Mix: Border Collie Mix, Small

Sex: Female, Age: 10 months

Collar/Tags: Black collar

Lost on: 03/24/2012

Area: Brandy Drive, Howie Centre, Cape Breton, NS

Additional Notes: Babygirl is white or blonde, with darker butterscotch colors.

Please Contact: …

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Golf Links Road/Eaglewood area, Bedford, Halifax Co., NS — Labrador Retriever, Female, 4 1/2 — "Bella, Whoopers"

“Bella” Nickname: “Whoopers”

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound!! Yippee!!  Bella returned home this evening… fantastic!  Thanks everyone. (3.24.12 – 3.24.12)


Breed or Mix: Labrador Retriever

Sex: Female, Age: 4 1/2

Collar/Tags: Red canvas collar

Lost on: 03/24/2012

Area: Golf Links Road/Eaglewood area, Bedford, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: Bella is a smooth short haired black lab with gray under her chin and on her belly. She is very friendly, loves food, and is missed by her parents and 3 boys. She jumped the fence of our deck in the Eaglewood area and likely ran into Golf Links park at around 11:00 am March 24th. She is wearing a red canvas collar and is microchipped in her shoulder.

Please Contact: …

LOST DOG: Rawdon Hills, , Hants Co., NS — German Shepherd/ Rottweiler, Male, 6 years old — "Taz"



Breed or Mix: German Shepherd/ Rottweiler

Sex: Male, Age: 6 years old

Collar/Tags: Blue NS Tartan collar says wags to whiskers

Lost on: 03/21/2012

Area: Rawdon Hills, , Hants, NS

Additional Notes: Taz is a very gentle, loving dog. He will respond to his name and is overly friendly also will not jump up! My aunt went out to get milk at 7:10am on Wednesday the 21st, on her cameras at 7:45am you can see Taz’s ears perk up as though someone is calling or whistling for him and he runs up the lane of her 100 acre property never to be seen again. In the years she has owned him he has never left the property, he loves to run with the horses and stick by his immediate circle of family. If anyone knows Taz’s whereabouts please contact Caryn at or (902)757-1700 or 221-3224.

Please Contact: Caryn Breed, (902)757-1700
You can also call Kara, Char or George at 455-9246

LOST DOG: 382 Falkland Ridge Rd, Springfield, Annapolis Co., NS — Weimaraner, Male, 6months — "Harley"



Breed or Mix: weimaraner

Sex: Male, Age: 6months

Collar/Tags: blue n grey collar

Lost on: 03/22/2012

Area: 382 Falkland Ridge Rd, Springfield, Annapolis, NS

Additional Notes: Brownish grey short haired dog…he is very skittish and doesnt know the area…last seen on Davidson Mill Rd at 9:30 this morning (3.23.12)

Please Contact: sally hill, 902-547-2772
cell number 902-298-1379

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Around Douglas street school, Lewis rd, Colchester Co., NS — Mixed but looks more beagle, Female, 3.5 — "Maple"

“Maple”     *** Stock Photo ***

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound! Yeah… This one got home before we had a chance to post… just wonderful.  Yippee!! (3.23.12 – 3.23.12)


Breed or Mix: Mixed but looks more beagle

Sex: Female, Age: 3.5

Collar/Tags: Green collar with cap inside is my address and number

Lost on: 03/23/2012

Area: Around Douglas street school, Lewis rd, Colchester, NS

Additional Notes: Light brown and white small dog

Please Contact: …

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: 4 Erncliffe st, Amherst, Cumberland Co., NS — Chihuahua/Terrier, Male, 2 — "Ralphie"

“Ralphie”  *** Stock Photo ***

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound!! Yippee!! “Ralphie was picked up and taken to the Vet and is now being reunited with his owners.” Thanks to all who shared his info and helped in his safe return.  Just wonderful!  (3.22.12 – 3.23.12)

Breed or Mix: chauhau/terrier

Sex: Male, Age: 2

Collar/Tags: slid out of collar

Lost on: 03/22/2012

Area: 4 erncliffe st, amherst, Cumberland, NS

Additional Notes: Ralphie is black with tan markings about 7 lbs and will come to anyone , very friendly

Please Contact: