FOUND: Roaming Dog: Scotia Square, Barrington Street, Halifax Co., NS — Possibly a Valley Bull Dog or mix, Male, Unknown, not too old. — "Unknown"



Breed or Mix: Possibly a Valley Bull Dog or mix

Sex: Male, Age: Unknown, not too old.

Collar/Tags: Green collar, no tags

Lost on: 01/22/2012

Area: Scotia Square, Barrington Street, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: Found young male dog, possible Valley Bull Dog mix, dark brindle in color. Green collar, no tags. Found in the Parkade at Scotia Square Mall on Sunday afternoon. Very calm and friendly. Animal Control has been contacted to pick up the dog. Contact Animal Control at 490-4000 or Scotia Square Security at 422-5546

Please Contact: Scotia Square Security – 902 422 5546


LOST DOG: 1027 Fraxville Road, New Ross, Lunenburg Co., NS — Yellow Lab, Male, 12 years old — "Spencer"



Breed or Mix: Yellow Lab

Sex: Male, Age: 12 years old

Collar/Tags: Spencer was not wearing a collar but is registered with the Municipality of Chester

Lost on: 01/18/2012

Area: 1027 Fraxville Road, New Ross, Lunenburg, NS

Additional Notes: Spencer was last seen near a home on the Forties Road. He took off with my other male dog but the other dog was caught and we haven’t seen him since. He is copper colored and very friendly. I am afraid he’s either got caught in a coyote trap or killed by coyotes. Hoping someone can provide some information on Spencer’s whereabouts whether good news or bad.

Please Contact: Laura Broome, 690-7579
Chris 299-0356


LOST DOG: 929 Canaan Mountain Rd, Kentville, Kings Co., NS — White Shepherd/Husky/lab mix, Female, 6 — "Ninja"



Breed or Mix: white shepherd/husky/lab mix

Sex: Female, Age: 6

Collar/Tags: No collar

Lost on: 01/12/2012

Area: 929 Canaan Mountain Rd, Kentville, Kings Co.,, NS

Additional Notes: Ninga went missing in the woods between Canaan Mountain Road and Hwy 12. She has severe food allergies and is on medication for thyroid. Even if she has been killed in a snare, or found dead under other circumstances, please let me know!

Please Contact: Daphne Cragg, 9026787903


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Coldbrook, Kings Co., NS — Daisy, Female, 6 — "Daisy"


HAPPY ENDING: Home, safe and sound!! Yippee!!  We are so happy for Daisy and her family.  Thanks so much to all that helped and shared  Daisy’s info.  Awesome!  (1/18/12 – 1/19/12)


Breed or Mix: Daisy

Sex: Female, Age: 6

Collar/Tags: Green collar, no tags

Lost on: 01/18/2012

Area: Coldbrook, Kings, NS

Additional Notes: Small Yellow lab, very friendly, answers to Daisy.

Please Contact: …

LOST DOG: Bracebridge, Ontario — Bulldog, Male, a few years old — "Sarge"



Breed or Mix: Bulldog

Sex: Male, Age: a few years old

Collar/Tags: midrochipped

Lost on: 01/06/2012

Area: *********Bracebridge, Ontario**********

Additional Notes: I’m sending this for my friend who has lost her darling Bulldog, Sarge. He went missing in Ontario. There has been an extensive search for him in the area. We have been asked to send a photo and info to all of the dog networks in Canada just in case someone picked him up, so people can keep their eyes open for him.

I know it’s a long shot but it can’t hurt. Thanks

Please Contact: Shauna Black, 416 728 7050
Sarah Dunsworth – I’m the one sending this out. You can email me for any additional information – we will only call Shauna if we think there’s a good possibility that we’ve found her dog.

I know it’s a long shot but she is pretty desperate and I want to do my part to help her cover all of the bases.
Thanks so much 🙂

RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lost Dog: Scotch Hill, Lyons Brook Area, Second division Road, Pictou Co., NS — Boxer Mix, Male, 3 years — “Cheeko”



RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away.  It is with great sadness that we share the news that Cheeko has passed on.  The owners have learned of his fate just recently. Very sad. (1.16.12 – Jan. 2012?)

Breed or Mix: Boxer Mix

Sex: Male, Age: 3 years

Collar/Tags: collar red with playing cards

Lost on: 01/16/2012

Area: Scotch hill , Lyons Brook Area, Second division Road, Pictou, NS

Additional Notes: Cheeko is tan and white color with white on his chest and legs and a bit on his tail. He has short hair. He was let out to pee and wondered off. He is very friendly but please do not corner him let him come to you he will 🙂 Hes been missing since January 16th at 11am. …

Please Contact: …


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Found: Roaming Dog: Gravel pit on Cloverville Road , Antigonish Co., NS — Husky / sheppard mix. , Female, Approximately 2 years old. — "Unknown, dog found"


HAPPY ENDING: Homed, Safe and Sound!! Yippee… This beauty has found herself a new home, thanks to the great folks who took her in and kept her safe, and to the Ladies at the Antigonish SPCA who found her a new family.  Just Terrific!!! (1/16/12 – 2/3/12)

Unknown, dog found

Breed or Mix: Husky / sheppard mix.

Sex: Female, Age: Approximately 2 years old.

Collar/Tags: No tags, no collar.

Lost on: 01/16/2012

Area: Gravel pit on Cloverville Road, , Antigonish, NS

Additional Notes: Found: Husky / Shepard mix, young, female dog with one blue and one brown eye, very friendly…
Found near a gravel pit on Cloverville road.
If you know who’s dog this is, please call … Thank you.

Please Contact: …

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound: Lost Dog: Clearland Rd, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Lunenburg Co., NS — pure bred standard schnauzer, Male, 3 — "MAX"


HAPPY ENDING:Home, safe and sound. Someone found Max and saw his post on our site…Yippee! Thanks to everyone who shared Max’s info. Awesome!! (1/17/12 – 1/17/12)


Breed or Mix: pure bred standard schnauzer

Sex: Male, Age: 3

Collar/Tags: mahone bay current tag and bc rabies tag

Lost on: 01/17/2012

Area: clearland rd Mahone Bay Nova scotia,  Lunenburg, NS

Additional Notes: Max is a 55 lb shaggy grey schnauzer with bushy eyebrows and a beard. He has a multi coloured collar on with peace signs on it and tags. He is very friendly and has never even growled .He has dark brown eyes and a knobby tail.He is very precious to us and we are devastated .

Please Contact:…

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Granville Ferry, Post rd, Annapolis Co., NS — Lab, Yellow, Female, 3 yrs old — "Abby"

HAPPY ENDING: Home, safe and sound: Abby is home… here is what her family says: “Abby is home safe and sound, We found abby tonight before 4, She was very excited once she seen us, She had a few scraps and bruises and some porcupine quills in her nose but she is home, I can not thank you guys enough for all you did, Through facebook and your website and all the tips we recieved it helped more than we ever thought it could, Thanks for the tips it helped us bring home our missing family members.
Thank you from our hearts” We are just thrilled Abby is home, safe and sound. Yippee!!  (1/15/12 – 1/18/12)

Abby (Izzy’s Sister)

Breed or Mix: Lab

Sex: Female, Age: 3

Collar/Tags: Tan collar

Lost on: 01/15/2012

Area: Granville Ferry, Post rd, Annapolis, NS

Additional Notes: Abby is beige all over with a white streak on her face and going over her head, She is friendly but has been gone since 8 oclock this morning so is probably scared. We just want her to come home, She might be with out other lost dog named Izzy Bull Mastiff – Saint Bernard. If you see them or think you might have please call us with any information.

Please Contact:…

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Post road, Grannville ferry, Annapolis Co., NS — Saint Bernard/Bull Mastiff, Female, 1 yr old but looks alot bigger/older — "Izzy"


HAPPY ENDING: Home, safe and sound!!  Yippee!! Thanks for all the help and sharing of information. From the Owner: “At 7 am izzy returned home after 24 hrs but we are still un able to find abby we still need all the help we can get please dont stop looking for her.” (1/15/12 – 1/16/12)

Izzy (Abby’s Sister)

Breed or Mix: Saint Bernard/Bull Mastiff mix

Sex: Female, Age: 1 yr old but looks alot bigger/older

Collar/Tags: She lost her collar at home.

Lost on: 01/15/2012

Area: Post road, Grannville ferry, Annapolis, NS

Additional Notes: She is beige all over, She left our yard at 8 oclock this morning but has not come back, She never goes far or long so she is probably scared and lost. dont be scared she is a big girl, But she is our baby girl and we want her to come home. She is probably with our other missing dog who is a Lab named Abby. Please call with any information, 532 5318

Please Contact: Sarah, 532 5318
wanda and alan weatherbee 308 0296
Jesse and lacey 247 5399