HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dog: Barrachois, Cape Breton Co., NS — Newfoundland Dog, Female, 7 months — “Bella”



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!! Yippee!!  From the Owner: “Great news, bella has been found. After almost 2 days of searching by people the owners nephew josh forrest found her in the woods tangled up by her leash in the bushs. Josh n Tyler went on 4 wheelers looking for the dog and at one point thought they heard the dog barking. Later on that evening josh checked that area again with his parents and sister and followed the dogs sounds right to her, where they found her scared but no harm done…thank you to anyone that helped out, her family is extremely excited to have her back!”  Thanks to all who cared and shared!! Yippee!!  (8.6.12 – 8.8.12)

Breed or Mix: Newfoundland Dog

Sex: Female, Age: 7 months

Collar/Tags: pink collar

Lost on: 08/06/2012

Area: Barrachois, , Cape Breton, NS

Additional Notes: 7 month old nfld dog answers to bella, lost in the barrachois area in cape breton, she is very friendly. She ran into the woods and did not come out….if you have any info please contact Karen, i live on … north sydney and my phone number is ….please call with any info, she is very much missed.

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HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dogs: Prospect Rd, Casey’s Corners/Coldbrook, Kings County Co., NS — Sheppard/Beagle mix, Male, Red, 5 Yrs Old, Collar/Tags — “Rusty” & Spaniel Mix, Female, White/Red, 2 Yrs Old, Collar/Tags – “Ginger”


Rusty (Red) & Ginger (White/Red)

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!! Yippee!!   From the Owners: ” Hi Everyone, Rusty and Ginger are home save and sound but very very tired. Thank you all for your good thoughts, keen sight and caring.” (8.5.12 – 8.5.12)

Breed or Mix: Rusty: Sheppard/Beagle mix Looks like a sheppard sounds like a beagle & Ginger: Spaniel Mix, white/red

Sex: Rusty: Male & Ginger: Female Age: Rusty: 5 & Ginger: 2

Collar/Tags: Collars with Kings County tags and a tag with their name and our phome number

Lost on: 08/05/2012

Area: Prospect Rd (Englinh Mountain Rd and ProspectRd, Casey`s Corners/Coldbrook, Kings County, NS

Additional Notes: Rusty (neutered) was travelling with Ginger, ~two years, spayed female Spaniel mix of white and red. She was also wearing her collar, dog tags and a tag with her name and number. Both dogs love people, other dogs, cats and farm animals and will come to their name. They left our yard at ~0850 this morning, (05/08/2012) Please help us find these two loving and well loved family members.

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HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dog: Lower Springfield, St. Andrews, Antigonish Co., NS — Border Collie mix, Female, 11 yrs old — “Roxy”



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!! Yippee!! Roxy is now home thanks to the kind folks that found her and returned her to her family.  Thanks to all who cared and shared!  (8.4.12 – 8.5.12)

Breed or Mix: Border Collie mix

Sex: Female, Age: 11

Collar/Tags: Red collar

Lost on: 08/04/2012

Area: Lower Springfield, St. Andrews, NS

Additional Notes: Roxy is a friendly but shy dog who spends a lot of time outside, missing since the morning of Saturday, August 4

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HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Found: Roaming Dog: Ardoise Community Hall, Ardoise School House Road, Hants Co., NS — Golden Retriever, Male, Adult — “Golden Retriever”


FOUND: Golden Retriever

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!!  This dog is now home thanks to the wonderful folks who took time out of their vacation to help find it’s owners.  Just terrific effort.  Thanks to all who cared and shared his info. (8.4.12 – 8.5.12)

Breed or Mix: Golden Retriever

Sex: Male, Age: Adult

Collar/Tags: Wearing a collar, no tags

Found on: 08/04/2012

Area: Found running by the Ardoise Community Hall on the Ardoise School House Road, Ardoise School House Road, Hants Co., NS

Additional Notes: Friendly but nervous.

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LOST DOGS: Otterbrook Branch Road, Upper Stewiacke, Hants Co., NS — Beagle Pure Bred, Females, 7 & 3 yrs old — “Jessy & Suzie”


Jessy (7 yrs old) & Suzie (now 3 yrs old)

Breed:      Beagles

Sex:  Females

Age:   Jessy – 7 yrs old & Suzie – 3 yrs old

Collar:   Collar with phone number

Lost on:  July 31, 2012

Area:  Otterbrook Branch Rd, Upper Stewiacke, Hants Co., NS

Additional Info:    They were lost together in the Burnside area of Upper Stewiacke.

Contact Info:   Barbara MacKay, bdmackay@hotmail.com(902) 671-2006 or (902) 956-2709

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dog: Prospect Road, Whites Lake, Halifax Co., NS — Beagle, Blue Tick, Male, 4.5 yrs old — “MAGNUM or MAG”



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!! Yippee!!  From the Owner:  “He’s home he has a couple cuts and road rash but he will be okay!Thanks for all the help and to the person that picked him up yesterday and took him to the vet,dont know who you are but a big thank you to ya!”  Terrific!! Heal quickly little one! (8.3.12 – 8.4.12)

Breed or Mix: Beagle, Blue Tick

Sex: Male, Age: 4.5 yrs old

Collar/Tags: No Collar/Tags

Lost on: 08/03/2012

Area: Prospect Road, Whites Lake, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: He has short hair,his whole belly is all spotted.He could be a little timid,and also he may be injured as the person who seen him this morning thought his hind end was hurt.He got out of his pen this morning around 6:30was seen at about 6:45 and cannot find him,…Thanks Very concerned he might be hurt

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LOST DOG: Main Street, Port Hood, Inverness, NS — Amstaff Mix, Male, 12, Black Collar — “Bowser”



Breed or Mix: Amstaff Mix

Sex: Male, Age: 12

Collar/Tags: Black collar with white lettering “bad to the bone”

Lost on: 07/30/2012

Area: Main Street in Port Hood NS, Main Street, Nova Scotia, NS

Additional Notes: Smooth coat, white with spots of brindle, and short haired. He is friendly but may be timid of strangers.

Please Contact: Please cross post and if you have any information contact:

  • own of Port Hawkesbury Policing Services Animal Control:  625-3315
  • Dog Control Officer: 787-2274

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dog: Downtown Dartmouth Co., NS — terrior, Male, 5 years — “Deisel”



Breed or Mix: terrior

Sex: Male, Age: 5 years


Lost on: 07/27/2012

Area: , , Downtown Dartmouth, NS

Additional Notes: friendly dog, loves other dogs. Belongs to a family

Please Contact:

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dog: Campbell Avenue, Windsor, NS — Springer Spaniel, Male, 13 — “Archie”



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!! Yippee!! Just terrific news from Archie’s Aunt: ” I’m Archie’s auntie, and yes, the old feller is home. Yay!!” Thanks to all who helped and shared Archie’s info.  (7.25.12 – 7.25.12)

Breed or Mix: Springer Spaniel

Sex: Male, Age: 13

Collar/Tags: Green John Deere collar, tag says Rescue Dog and has our phone number on it

Lost on: 07/25/2012

Area: Campbell Avenue, Windsor, NS, NS

Additional Notes: Archie is a 13-year old, deaf and nearly blind Springer Spaniel. He is liver and white, clipped very short, has a long tail, one eye is very cloudy. He won’t be able to hear anyone call his name so you will need to go to him if you see him, he is very friendly. His collar has our phone number on it.

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HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Found: Roaming Dog: Old Selma Rd, Maitland, Hants Co., NS — Boxer, Male, Older Adult — “Unknown”



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!! Yippee!!! This boy is on his way home… the finder did everything right and by networking the RCMP were able to put it together. (6.13.12 – 6.14.12)

Breed or Mix: Boxer

Sex: Male, Age: Older Adult

Collar/Tags: White Flea Collar/No Tags

Lost on: 06/13/2012

Area: Old Selma Rd, Maitland, Hants, NS

Additional Notes: FOUND DOG: Maitland/ 168 Old Selma Rd./ Hants County MALE: Boxer, large, tan and white, appears to be elderly, wearing a white flea collar.

Please Contact: