HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dog: Frank Flemming Rd, Sherbrooke/Goldenville, Guysborough Co., NS — Beagle/Shepherd Mix, Female, 3.5 Yrs Old — “Solar”



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!! Yippee!!  – Solar was found by her owner – very happy ending! (6/1/12 – 6/2/12)

Breed or Mix: Beagle/Shepherd Mix

Sex: Female, Age: 3.5 Yrs Old

Collar/Tags: Unknown

Lost on: 06/01/2012

Area: Frank Flemming Rd, Sherbrooke/Goldenville, Guysborough, NS

Additional Notes: LOST DOG: Between Sherbrooke & Goldenville/Frank Flemming Rd. / Guysborough County FEMALE: Shep/Beagle mix, 3 1/2 yrs., 30 lbs. NAME: Solar Went missing June 1/12 at approx. 9:30 am. Please cross post and if you have any information contact …

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HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dog: Dunrovin Ave, Bible Hill, Colchester Co., NS — Collie/Shepherd Mix, Male, Adult — “Unknown”



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!! Yippee!!!  – this well loved boy is home and safe. Thanks goes to the finder and to Animal Services and networking/sharing that made this reunion possible.  (5/31/12 – 6/1/12)

Breed or Mix: Collie/Shepherd Mix

Sex: Male, Age: Adult

Collar/Tags: Turquoise Collar/No Tags

Lost on: 05/31/2012

Area: Dunrovin Ave, Bible Hill, Colchester, NS

Additional Notes: FOUND DOG: Bible Hill/ Dunrovin Ave area (Foodland) / Colchester County MALE: Collie/Shep mix, wearing a turq. green collar. Very well mannered, gentle. Found May 31/12.

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HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dog: Robert Scott Drive, Lantz/Milford, East Hants Co., NS — Border Collie, Female, 7 Months Old — “Bella”


Bella   ***STOCK PHOTO***

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound!!  Yippee!!  Thanks to all who helped by caring and sharing. Terrific! (5/30/12 – 5/30/12)

Breed or Mix: Border Collie

Sex: Female, Age: 7 Months Old

Collar/Tags: Unknown

Lost on: 05/30/2012

Area: Robert Scott Drive, Lantz/Milford, East Hants, NS

Additional Notes: HAPPY ENDING: Home, safe n’ sound!! Yippee!! ***STOCK PHOTO*** Not Actual Dog: LOST DOG: Robert Scott Drive Area, Lantz/Milford Area, East Hants Co., NS – “Border Collie”, Female, Black/White, 7 Months Old – “Bella”
Please check your yards and outbuildings and report any sightings immediately. Thank you.

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HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dog: Treaty Trail, Millbrook, Colchester Co., NS — German Shepherd Dog/Husky Mix, Female, 4 Yrs Old — “KAYLAH”



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound… in Time for the Holidays!! An Extraordinary Ending! Kaylah was FOUND and is now receiving medical care. She was found with her paw caught in an offset trap (we thank the trapper for doing the right thing and notifying Animal Control). Her status is stable, appears no bones are broken but time will tell if she will have mobility issues or require surgery. Her owner and family are beyond thrilled that after 6 months she will be coming home! Sending healing thoughts to Kaylah! (5.30.12 – 12.23.12)

UPDATE: Sighted – 6/30/12 Irwin Lake Rd, Hilden, Nova Scotia.  There was a good sighting of Kaylah in a persons yard … hoping there will be more in this area soon.

Breed or Mix: German Shepherd Dog/Husky Mix

Sex: Female, Age: 4 Yrs Old

Collar/Tags: Blue Collar/No Tags

Lost on: 05/30/2012

Area: Treaty Trail, Millbrook, Colchester, NS

Additional Notes: LOST DOG: Treaty Lane, Millbrook, Outside Truro, NS – German Shepherd Dog/Husky Mix, Spayed Female, GSD Looks: Tan with Black, White on Paws, 4 Yrs Old, Blue Collar/No tags or chip – “Kaylah”
Hey folks, these people are moving here from BC and their first stop their dog goes missing from INSIDE their truck. Windows open, but not enough to fit a dog through. Please share this info with as many people in the area as you can. Nothing is confirmed as to whether this dog escaped or was let out, either way we need to find her.

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HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dog: Crescent Ave, Kentville, Annapolis Co., NS — Black Lab Mix, Male, 8 — Cannon


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!! Yippee!!  From the Owners: “Cannon is home!!!!”  Simple, but says a lot.  Thanks so much to all who took the time to care and share his info… it is just wonderful news!! Yippee!!! (6.13.12 – 7.3.12)

Breed or Mix: black lab mix

Sex: Male, Age: 8

Collar/Tags: green and cream colored collar

Lost on: 06/11/2012

Area: Crescent Ave, Kentville, Annapolis, NS

Additional Notes: Our boy has escaped from the house again!!! except this time there is NO trace of him anywhere!!!! He is black with white on his chest, he is older so he has some grey on his face and paws, he is an excellent behaved dog loves people and other animals. He was wearing his green and cream colored collar. He went missing around 1pm June 11th 2012. He ran behind the curling club in Kentville and got on the trail and we haven’t seen him since . He is not fixed. We are offering a reward for his safe return. We just want our boy home!!!!

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LOST DOG: Shortts Lake West Rd, Shortts Lake, Colchester Co., NS — Akita, Female, 3 Yrs Old — “Kita”



Breed or Mix: Akita

Sex: Female, Age: 3 Yrs Old

Collar/Tags: Electric Fence Collar

Lost on: 05/27/2012

Area: Shortts Lake West Rd, Shortts Lake, Colchester, NS

Additional Notes:STILL MISSING: LOST DOG: Shortts Lake/ 902 Shortts Lake West Rd/ Colchester County FEMALE: Akita,3 year old, grey / white /black brindle coat. About 80 lbs, maybe wearing an electric fence collar. NAME: Kita She is aggressive towards strange dogs, but is not aggressive towards people, is actually shy when approached. Went missing May 27/12 early afternoon.

Please Contact: Please cross post and if you have any information contact Cat at either 639-1758 or 986-2072.


RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: Lost Dog: Doty Road, Digby Co., NS — Pomeranian/Chihuahua, Male, aprx. 1 — Grizzer, Grizz

Grizzer, Grizz

RAINBOW BRIDGE:  It is with profound sadness that we report that Grizzer has passed to the Bridge. Our sincere condolences to Helen, Kate and their families. Mere words do not suffice. (6.18.12 – 6.18.12)

Breed or Mix: Pomeranian/Chihuahua

Sex: Male   Age: aprx. 1

Collar/Tags: red with black snout/face tag with name and phone number of owner

Lost on: 06/17/2012

Area: Doty Road, Digby, NS

Additional Notes: We are sick over the loss of Grizz. He is a happy, friendly little dog. He is a very fast runner and enjoys the company of other dogs. Very loving and enjoys cuddles and being held. He is a beautiful red dog who had been recently shaved so his body hair is quite short still. And his fluffy, feathery tale is short now as well. On his collar he wears a small medallion with the name Grizzer and his home phone number.

Grizzer is a creature of habit and keeps to his same routine. His owners were leaving the house and he was being left with his grandmother. I assumed he was in the house with the 2 other dogs. They were quiet and it was rest time. After about 2 hours I decided to take them outside and that is when I discovered Grizz was not in house.I went up and down the Doty Road looking for him. His owners searched the woods and went on the local clay shoot property to look as well. We went up and dwon the main road looking and went to all the properties on our road.

We are just so scared he may have been taken.

If you can help we would appreciate it for ever.

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HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dog: Hidden Valley Drive, Valley , Colchester Co., NS — Jack Russell terrier, Female, 6yrs — Kay



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!! Yippee!!!  Kay found her way back home in the middle of the night – safe and sound. Thanks everyone. (6.17.12 – 6.18.12)

Breed or Mix: Jack Russell terrier

Sex: Female, Age: 6yrs

Collar/Tags: All white, broken coat, brown ears no collar on

Lost on: 06/17/2012

Area: Hidden Valley Drive, Valley , Colchester, NS

Additional Notes: Dog is very nervous, may not come unless you have a cookie

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HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Sackville Drive, Middle Sackville, Halifax Co., NS — Yellow Lab, Male, 2.5-3.5 years old (adopted) — "Max – will respond to "sit""

Max – will respond to “sit”

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound!! From the Owner: “Max was found the next morning on Sackville Drive holding up traffic :) He made the morning traffic report. He was returned back home safe, but dehydrated. It took him a few days to feel comfortable going outside again. Must have been afraid that he’d get lost in the front yard. Thank you everyone for all the phone calls who showed support. This case is closed.”  (6.13.12 – 6.14.12)


Breed or Mix: Yellow Lab

Sex: Male, Age: 2.5-3.5 years old (adopted)

Collar/Tags: Just his leash. Nylon black and grey in color.

Lost on: 06/13/2012

Area:  Sackville Drive, Middle Sackville, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: I let him out for a pee, turned back for just a second and he was gone.
He’s a yellow lab, white in color with tan mixed in. He may not respond to “Max”, but he will to “sit”. He’s very kind, does not bark or rough play with humans or other animals. His tags are at home, but he has an embedded chip, if scanned.

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HAPPY ENDING: Safe n' Sound: Found: Roaming Dog: Pine Hill Dr, Elmsdale, Halifax Co., NS — Lhasa Apso/Terrier Mix, Male, Adult — "Unknown"


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe and Sound! Yippee!! This wee dog is safe and sound thanks to the kind folks who took him in and kept him safe.  Thanks also to all the people that shared his info.  (5.27.12 – 5.30.12)

Breed or Mix: Lhasa Apso/Terrier Mix

Sex: Male, Age: Adult

Collar/Tags: Red Collar/No Tags

Lost on: 05/27/2012

Area: Pine Hill Dr, Elmsdale, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: MALE: Terrier/Lhasa mix (?) wearing a red collar, no tags. Friendly and good with other dogs. Found May 27/12 – am.

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