LOST DOG: 3785 Hwy 316, Guysborough Co., NS — Airedale Terrier, Female, 4 Years — "Katie, Kate"


Katie, Kate

Breed or Mix: Airedale Terrier

Sex: Female, Age: 4 Years

Collar/Tags: No tags, but Red Collar

Lost on: 01/12/2012

Area: Cole Harbor Area, Guysborough County, 3785 Hwy 316,, Guysborough, NS

Additional Notes: Black and Brown, Curly and shaggy with winter coat. Very Friendly, would go up-to anyone. We have two dogs, let them out-side Thursday afternoon around 2:00 PM together, and around 6:00PM, only one came back. No tag or microchip but Red collar.

Please Contact: Michael, Cathy or Sterling, shipright@ns.sympatico.ca 902-358-2399


LOST DOG: 4342 hwy#1, Three Mile Plains, NS – Black Lab, male, 8 yrs old, blue collar – "Miller"


Breed or Mix: Black Lab
Sex: Male, Age: 8yrs
Collar/Tags: Blue collar

Lost on: 01/09/2012
Area: Three mile plains 4342 hwy#1,

Additional Notes: Jet black with grey under chin.

Please Contact: Jerry, 902 791 0303, jlake72@hotmail.com

LOST DOG: 476 Whiteburn Rd, Caledonia, Queens Co., NS – "Scamp": German Shepherd, male, 1.5 yrs old, brown leather collar

“SCAMP”  –  Updated Photo

LOST DOG: Caledonia/476 Whiteburn Road/Queens Co. MALE: German Shepherd, 1.5 yrs. old. Wearing a brown leather collar. Went missing Jan.7/12 mid morning. NAME: Scamp Please cross post and if you have any information call Penny at 682-7937.

LOST DOG: Purcell's Pond, Purcell's Cove Area, HRM, NS – "Fly": Beagle, male, blue tick, stocky, 8 yrs old, timid, camo collar with bell

UPDATE FROM OWNER (1/13/12): He is very timid especially of men but loves kids and women, He has really big, floppy ears.  Fly is white with brown/black markings, and spotted feet/legs. He almost looks like he has a headband because of his markings.  Fly is a very cute little beagle, very loveable and will curl right up on you. He has an eleven year old boy who is missing his little brother very much, so if you see a beagle running in your area, or anywhere from Purcell’s Cove to Spryfield, or anywhere around that loop, please contact us immediately. WE MISS OUR FLY GUY SO MUCH!!  (1/13/12)

LOST DOG: Purcell’s Pond/ Purcell’s Cove area/ HRM/Halifax Co. MALE: Beagle, black,tan and white. Stocky build, 8 years old. Timid. Wearing a camo collar with a bell. Went missing Jan. 5/12 on the trail running from Ferguson’s Cove to Purcell’s Pond. NAME: Fly or Fly Guy. Please cross post and please contact Billy @ 880-0107, KELLY 405-6061. or Steve @ 475-1376 and/or 802-9941.


LOST DOG: Sissiboo Rd, Weymouth Hills, Digby Co., NS – "Smokey": Chocolate Lab, male, 7 yrs old, red collar

LOST DOG: Weymouth Hills/917 Sissiboo Road/Digby County MALE: Choc Lab, 7 years old. Wearing a red collar. Went missing Sun, Jan.8/12 around noon NAME: Smokey Please cross post and if you have any information contact Art at 837-4617/837-8330, Sandy at 837-4725 or Pam at 841-1945

LOST DOG: Westwood Blvd, Upper Tantallon, HRM, NS – "Bear": Lab/Shepherd Mix, male, black, blue collar

UPDATE: 1/24/12 12:58 am – Peggy A. MacIntyre We believe we found Bear.Carrie & her hubby are going down tomorrow morning .http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/22029197  Our fingers/paws are crossed that this is Bear.  There’s a story there if it is Bear, I just he’s able to tell it! ;^)

UPDATE: 1/18/12 – “The latest possible sighting for Bear was in Mason’s Point. It’s past Allen Heights going towards Hubbards.”  This was from Saturday, but the family only heard about it Monday.  So, let’s spread the news farther as Bear could be following the Trans Canada Trail.


LOST DOG: Upper Tantallon/Westwood Blvd/HRM MALE:Black Lab/Shepherd NAME: Bear He is wear a blue collar (same in picture). Went missing on Jan.6/12 on Westwood Blvd, Westwood Hills, Upper Tantallon, behind the Sobeys. Friends and neighbours are looking for Bear – Bear has epilepsy and needs his medication! Please cross post and please contact Carrie at 826-1780 or call Animal Services at 490-4000.

LOST DOG: Kempt Head Rd, Kempt Head, Ross Ferry, Cape Breton – "Copper": Beagle, spayed female, tri coloured, green collar


UPDATE 1/17/12: From the Owner: “Hi, one of my neighbors said he was out for a walk and it was a very calm day and he thought he heard her bellowing in the woods but we still haven’t seen her anywhere… We miss her terribly.”

LOST DOG: Ross Ferry/9116 Kempt Head Rd, Kempt Head/Cape Breton FEMALE: Beagle, mostly black and white with brown ears, spayed, wearing a green John Deere collar. Went missing on Thurs. Jan.5/12, she bolted out the door. NAME: Copper Please cross post and please if you have any information contact Kim @ 902-674-0998.

LOST DOG: 2 Gardenview Rd, Sheet Harbour, Hfx Co., NS – "Boomer": Husky: male, 3 yrs old, white/black, friendly

LOST DOG: Sheet Harbour/ 2 Gardenview Road/ Halifax County MALE: Husky, 3 years old, white and black,brown eyes – one has a white spot. He slipped his collar but does have tags to the city. Went missing Dec.21/11. Last seen on Pool Rd. He is very friendly and gentle. NAME: Boomer Please cross post and if you have any information contact JoAnn or Travis at 885-2842.

LOST DOG: 102 LaPierre Crescent, Dartmouth, HRM – Miniature Schnauzer: Rosie: Female, Silver, Gray, or Gray/Black

***NOT ACTUAL DOG*** Stock Photo

LOST DOG: Dartmouth/102 LaPierre Crescent/Halifax Co. Female: Schnauzer
Name: Rosie NOTE: no other information is available. Thank you to Kelly for wanting us to post in case anyone finds this dog, the owner was out looking for this dog this morning. Dec.25/11 (Janet C) ***STOCK PHOTO***

HALF A HAPPY ENDING: Piper is Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dogs: Twin Oaks Rd (previously Junction Rd), Brooklyn, Annapolis Co., NS – Maggie: Boxer, female, 2.5 yrs old & Piper: Boxer, female 1.5 yrs old: Both have collars/tags

LOST DOGS: Twin Oaks Rd (previously Junction Rd), Brooklyn, NS - Maggie: Boxer, female, 2.5 yrs old & Piper: Boxer, female 1.5 yrs old: Both have collars/tags

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HALF A HAPPY ENDING: Piper is home, safe and sound.  She’s been to the Vet to have her porcupine quills taken out, blood work done, and overall check.  She is okay, all went well, and is now home recovering.  She showed up behind a neighbour working his field… just looking up wagging her tail!  Dog love her! (As Janet would say!) From her owner: “I was floored when I saw her!!”

Let’s get Maggie home next.  Please share this info.  Thanks everyone… Such fantastic news… fantastic!!

Updated 1/1/12

LOST DOGS: Brooklyn/ 651 Twin Oaks Road (previously known as Junction Road – north of highway 101 exit 18 in Middleton)/Annapolis Co. FEMALE: Boxers – both tan and white. NAME: Maggie – 2 1/2 yrs. old NAME: Piper – 1 1/2 years old. Both are wearing collars with county tags. Went missing Monday, Dec.19/11 – 10 am. Please cross post and Please contact Penny/Barry @ 825-4368 or 840-3647