LOST DOG: 442 West St., Milton, Queen's Co., NS – Scruffy Mix, Male, Blonde, 1.5 Yrs Old, Collar/Tags – "Maverick"


UPDATE: 4.20.12 – MORE DETAIL on LOCATION LOST and his HOME BASE: actually went missing from 442 West Street, Milton…and resides at 1225 Shore Road in Brooklyn/Beach Meadows, Queen’s County, NS so folk – please look in the wide area as he may be trying to make his way home.  Thank you.

Breed: Scruffy Mix

Sex: Male   Age: 1.5 Yrs Old

Collar/Tags:  Yes

Lost on:  April 19, 2012

Area:  442 West St., Milton, Queen’s Co., NS  (Dog Sitters) to 1225 Shore Rd, Brooklyn/Beach Meadows, Queen’s Co., NS (Home)

Additional Info:  LOST DOG: Milton/ 442 West St./ Queen’s County MALE: Mix Breed – 1 1/2 years old, blond/tan with a med. length coarse ‘scruff’ coat – ears have slight dark shading. Wearing a collar with tags. Went missing April 19/12 approx. 5:30 pm. NAME: Maverick Please cross post and please contact Joanne at 350-6199 if you have any information.

Please Contact:  Joanne at 350-6199

Extra Contact Info:  Jeff Wentzell 356-2650. Una Lawerence. 354-5947. Jason. 350-3492

LOST DOG: Union Street, Westville, Pictou Co., NS — Rottweiler Mix, Light Brown, Female, 5 Months Old, Puppy — "GIZMO"

“GIZMO”           No Photo Available ***STOCK PHOTO***  Not Actual Dog

Breed or Mix: Rottweiller MIX, light brown

Sex: Female, Age: 5 months, puppy

Collar/Tags: slipped out of collar and disappeared

Lost on: 04/13/2012

Area: Union Street, Westville, Pictou, NS

Additional Notes: I don’t know the dog personally, but am posting for a friend. She tells me the puppy is light brown in colour, small, and answers to “Gizmo”. She slipped her collar and leash and disappeared about a week ago.

Please Contact: Donna Belanger, rollerdonna@hotmail.com 902 485-9170


LOST DOG: Delcon Ave, Pine Grove, Bridgewater, Lunenburg Co., NS – German Shepherd Dog, Female, Long Haired, Senior 9 Yrs Old, Nervous – "Foxy"


UPDATED SIGHTINGS: 4.26.12 –  There have been several “100% Correct ID” sightings of Foxy along the #10 Highway outside of Bridgewater… the most recent being in Upper Branch.   Please keep sharing her info… Let’s get this beautiful girl home.  Thank you.

Breed:  German Shepherd Dog

Sex:  Female   Age: Senior, 9 yrs old

Collar/Tags:  Unknown

Lost on:  April 15, 2012 ?

Area:  Delcon Ave, Pine Grove, Bridgewater, Lunenburg Co., NS

Additional Info:  LOST DOG: Pine Grove – Bridgewater area / Delcon Ave/ Lunenburg County FEMALE: German Shepard, long haired, 9 years old. NAME: Foxy She is timid of other dogs and people so may get easily spooked if you advance towards her. Please cross post and if you have any information call 541 -1172 or Animal Services at either 543-2022 (Bridgewater: 527-0063)

Please Contact:  541-1172 or Animal Services at 543-2022 or in Bridgewater at 527-0063

LOST DOG: 415 Ripley Rd, Mount Pleasant, Cumberland Co., NS – Lab/Border Collie Mix, Male, Collar, Friendly – "Buddy"


Breed: Lab/Border Collie Mix

Sex:  Male  Age:  Adult

Collar/Tag: Collar

Lost on:  April 10, 2012 – 9:30 a.m.

Area:  415 Ripley Rd, Mount Pleasant, Cumberland Co., NS

Additional Info:  LOST DOG: Mount Pleasant/415 Ripley Road/Cumberland County MALE: Lab/Border Collie mix, wearing a collar. Very friendly. Went missing April 10/12 at around 9:30 am. NAME: Buddy Please cross post and if you have any information contact Lisa at 669-3411 or 669-4111

Please Contact:  Lisa at 669-3411 or 669-4111

LOST DOG: Old Marshdale Rd, Hopewell, Pictou Co., NS — chocolate lab/ husky, Male, 14 years — "Hershey"



Breed or Mix: chocolate lab/ husky

Sex: Male, Age: 14 years

Collar/Tags: green striped collar

Lost on: 03/28/2012

Area: Old Marshdale Rd, Hopewell, Pictou, NS

Additional Notes: Hershey is a very gentle dog. He is very friendly and looks for treats from everyone. He always looks like he has just been brushed. Hershey has had surgery in the last 3 months and has a spot on the top of his head where he was shaved and it is just growing in. He went for his daily run and has not been seen since.

Please Contact: Mona Gay, mona_gay@hotmail.com 902-272-2023


LOST DOG: Mt. Cameron Circle, Antigonish, Antigonish Co., NS — Cocker Spaniel Mix, Male, Adult, No Collar — "Corey"



Breed or Mix: Cocker Spaniel

Sex: Male, Age: adult

Collar/Tags: no collar or tags

Lost on: 04/05/2012

Area:  Mt. Cameron Circle, Antigonish, Antigonish, NS

Additional Notes: Lost Dog: “Corey”, male, Cocker Spaniel – Shaggy brown, good-natured.

Please Contact: Jacqueline Smith Please call 319-5295 or 870-3091 anytime


LOST DOG: Quarry Road Area, Glace Bay, Cape Breton Co., NS — *Black Poodle-Terrier mix with curly fur and floppy ears *She’s deaf and blind… and has arthritis in her back legs , Female, 18 — "Gizmo"

“Gizmo”      ***STOCK PHOTO***  Not Actual Dog

Breed or Mix: *Black Poodle-Terrier mix with curly fur and floppy ears *She’s deaf and blind… and has arthritis in her back legs

Sex: Female, Age: 18

Collar/Tags: Unknown

Lost on: 04/03/2012

Area: Quarry Road Area, Glace Bay, Cape Breton, NS

Additional Notes: Found this ad on our local 101.9 The Giant. No photo. Info given is copied from the ad on Facebook. – Donna MacDonald

*Lost Female Dog – 18 years old – Gizmo

*Black Poodle-Terrier mix with curly fur and floppy ears

*She’s deaf and blind… and has arthritis in her back legs

*Went missing in the Quarry Road area of Glace Bay

* Phone 842-9574 or 574-7221

Please Contact: Donna, pitluvs@gmail.com 842-9574 or 574-7221
* Phone 842-9574 or 574-7221

LOST DOG: 70 Kemt Road (Highway 203), Carleton, Yarmouth Co., NS — German Shepherd, black, Male, Almost 3 years — "Wolf"



Breed or Mix: German Shepherd, black

Sex: Male, Age: Almost 3 years

Collar/Tags: Micro chip from Europe

Lost on: 03/31/2012

Area: 70 Kemt Road (Highway 203), Carleton, Yarmouth, NS

Additional Notes: Wolf is a big dog, but he is very friendly to humans. He is scared of noises like from cars, chainsaws, ATV’s etc. He was fenced in our garden but managed to open the gate. Probably because he was scared by an ATV in the close neighbourhood.
His coat is medium to long, like a German Shepherd, but completely black with a brown shade at his mane and feet. On his breast he has a few white hairs. Reward offered.

Please Contact: Margriet and Matthew Van Duin – Knubben, margrietknubben@hotmail.com 902 761 2181


LOST DOG: Prospect Ave, Kentville, Kings Co., NS – Chihuahua, Male, Blonde/Tan, 2.5 Yrs Old, Tall, Black Collar – "Biggie"


LOST DOG: Kentville/Prospect Ave – Downtown/Kings County MALE: Chihuahua, 2 1/2 yrs. old light tan, large sized Chi wearing a black roll collar. NAME: Biggie Missing since noon, March 26/12. Please cross post and please contact Charlotte at 690-7893 if you have any information.

LOST DOG: Rawdon Hills, , Hants Co., NS — German Shepherd/ Rottweiler, Male, 6 years old — "Taz"



Breed or Mix: German Shepherd/ Rottweiler

Sex: Male, Age: 6 years old

Collar/Tags: Blue NS Tartan collar says wags to whiskers

Lost on: 03/21/2012

Area: Rawdon Hills, , Hants, NS

Additional Notes: Taz is a very gentle, loving dog. He will respond to his name and is overly friendly also will not jump up! My aunt went out to get milk at 7:10am on Wednesday the 21st, on her cameras at 7:45am you can see Taz’s ears perk up as though someone is calling or whistling for him and he runs up the lane of her 100 acre property never to be seen again. In the years she has owned him he has never left the property, he loves to run with the horses and stick by his immediate circle of family. If anyone knows Taz’s whereabouts please contact Caryn at cbreed@ns.sympatico.ca or (902)757-1700 or 221-3224.

Please Contact: Caryn Breed, cbreed@ns.sympatico.ca (902)757-1700
You can also call Kara, Char or George at 455-9246