HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dog: Seabright, Halifax Co., NS — Beagle, Male, 11 — “Gabe”



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!! Yeah!! From his Mom: “We got him! We are just getting back to the car with him and he seems great, very healthy and looking good.” Wonderful news. A huge thank you to NSLDN followers who cared and shared his info. From Gabe’s Friend: “We would be still looking in (other area) if it wasn’t for the person who reported the sightings both days.” And she had somewhere to report those sightings because of all the sharing of Gabe’s info. IT WORKS!!! YIPPEE!!!! (3.19.16 – 3.22.16)

Breed or Mix: Beagle

Sex: Male, Age: 11

Collar/Tags: Purple collar/black leash

Lost on: 03/19/2016

Area: Seabright, Halifax Co., NS

Additional Notes: Gabe got off his leash while hiking on the Woodens River Trail at Beech Hill Road. He is an 11 year old neutered male beagle. He has a purple collar (if it hasn’t come off) and a black leash. He is microchipped and has an East Hants municipality dog tag. Gabe lives in Mount Uniacke. He is very friendly and approachable.

Please Contact: …


  1. Ellen Wilcox submitted this update

    Spent the day searching but Gabe is still at large. There have been no sightings or no one has heard him baying in the woods to date. Please keep sharing and thank you for your support, everyone!

  2. Ellen Wilcox submitted this update

    Also, if anyone would like to help search for him — drive around the area (Seabright/Tantallon/St Margarets Bay), post flyers, search the woods with me, please TEXT me at 292-4033.

  3. Merri-Lee Boutilier vanBerkel submitted this update

    Last night around 8:30 pm I was driving back the Old Halifax Road when I saw a beagle dragging a short black leash, I turned around to get him and see if he had a collar or tag, but he had disappeared into the woods, I didn’t know his name at the time, but did try calling but he wouldn’t come. Hope this info helps you find him, so sorry you are going through this. I too lost my beagle many years ago in the same area.

  4. Ellen Wilcox submitted this update

    Gabe was seen near House No. 25, Dauphinees Loop in Glen Haven around 10 p.m. last night and again this morning around 7:00 a.m. He wouldn’t come when called and by the time I got there, he was back in the woods and the snow had covered any visible tracks. He still has his collar and a short black leash on so probably still has his dog tag or Municipality of East Hants.

    PLEASE KEEP SHARING!!!! We need to catch him before he gets on Hammonds Plains Road!

  5. Rita Newton submitted this update

    Gabe has been spotted on Dauphinees Loop in the Seabright/French Village area. This road is attached to Old Halifax Road. He still has his purple leash hanging and his black collar. I went there this morning to try and get him (tracks everywhere) but he took off into the woods. Two residents saw him last night (Sunday) and early this morning (Monday). So anybody in the Seabright/French Village/Tantallon area PLEASE contact Ellie or Rita at the above numbers. He is out there but is really being shy right now. He must be starved so food would be a good thing. Thanks! It’s just a matter of crouching down with food and grabbing his leash when he comes near.

  6. Ellen Wilcox submitted this update

    Gabe was sighted this morning on Dauphinees Loop in Glen Haven but hasn’t been seen since. Tonight, he’s still at large.
    The urgent work got finished today — posters were hung and toys blankets, food (even bacon & cheese burgers), etc. were strategically put out in the area an, I’m tired but ready to soley concentrate on searching for my boy.
    SOOOOO ….If I don’t catch him tonight or tomorrow morning, here’s the plan for tomorrow:
    For those of you who are NOT working tomorrow:
    1:00 p.m: I’ll meet you at 25 Dauphinees Loop, Glen Haven. We’ll spread out as much as we can and go up all the side roads along Peggy’s Cove Road in the Glen Haven area and see if we can draw him out of the woods.
    Bring anything greasy and smelly — hamburgers, bacon, hot dogs, cheap dog food — and any dogs Gabe may know such as Charlie, Cleo, Jemma, Zoey Newton, Zoey Ward, and any other canine friends (and he has MANY!!!!).
    For those of you who ARE working tomorrow:
    5:00 p.m. I’ll meet you at 25 Dauphinees Loop, Glen Haven and we’ll do the same thing until dark or whenever.

  7. Ellen Wilcox submitted this update

    We heard Gabe way back in the woods near the Woodens River Trail and ball field at the end of Old Halifax Road this morning but couldn’t get to him. We will meet at 25 Dauphinee Loop in Glen Haven at 1:00 and 5:00 p.m. and try to get to him. He may be snagged or caught in a snare.

    Please dress warmly and be prepared to bushwack deep into the woods. I almost got lost this morning so please bring a charged GPS and/or compass and cell phone.

    Thanks, Everyone.

    • Grace submitted this update

      Could you not set up a live trap?

    • Ruth Boutilier submitted this update

      I’m walking the old halifax road and almost back to where the cars are parked, there was a marker on the tree blue and orange, and I could hear a dog howling in the distance. Almost seems like the sound was coming from the ball park area off in the woods.

      • Ellen Wilcox submitted this update

        Hi Ruth. Are you the person we met on Old Halifax Road after Gabe was found? If so, you already know the blue and orange markers didn’t have anything to do with Gabe but the howling certainly did — he was ready to come home and on his way back to us. 🙂 I’m so grateful to you and everyone who searched for him. THANK YOU!

  8. Molly submitted this update

    We have been working on trying to get one…..not having any luck, any suggestions? Have tried animal services and DNR…..

  9. Rita Newton submitted this update

    Thanks to this awesome organization, Nova Scotia Lost Dog network, Gabe has been found. Otherwise we would still be looking in the wrong place but thanks to the posted sightings of this dog, Ellen was able to find him!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Ann Morrison and all her fabulous advice!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ellen Wilcox submitted this update

    A very special thank you to the residents of Seabright, Glen Haven, and The Bay area. Your support, concern, and generosity were amazing, and I’m truly grateful to everyone who searched for Gabe, shared his NSLDN posting, and let me traipse through their yards and leave food, blankets, and toys on your doorsteps and/or lawns. You are very special people and I promise to pay it forward.

    Lastly, words cannot begin to express how grateful I am to NSLDN and the power of social media. You’re doing a truly wonderful thing for the dog lovers of Nova Scotia and it really does works. YOU ROCK!!

    Love, Ellen and Gabe.

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