LOST DOG: Cameron’s Beach, Port Howe, Cumberland Co., NS — Siberian Husky, Male, 4 — “Arson”





Breed or Mix: Siberian Husky

Sex: Male, Age: 4

Collar/Tags: Teal colored collar with tags for Fort Sakatchewan, Alberta and owner contact numbers

Lost on: 08/07/2014

Area: Cameron’s Beach, Port Howe, Cumberland, NS

Additional Notes: Arson is a white and brown/red husky. He is friendly and responds to food. Don’t chase him as he may think it’s a game and keep running. He is friendly and probably very tired and hungry by now. He does not know the area as we are visiting from Alberta.

Please Contact: Please cross post and if you have any information contact: Abby Corbin, abbyc5@hotmail.com 780-257-8898
Sam Smith 780-257-8898
Bev or Jim Corbin 902-225-1660


  1. Bev Corbin submitted this update

    Arson is still missing. Now gone over 24 hrs. Is there a dog search and rescue team in NS? Thanks

    • Catherine submitted this update

      Hi, We thought maybe we had some luck last night spotting Arson but to no avail.. ( it was at the corn field)
      I suggest getting some posters up in Pugwash today. Places like the Chatterbox, Co-Op, Outdoor Market etc because it will be busy today with people for Harbourfest. I have shared the website with as many as my Northumberland friends as possible. Dogs are extremely resilient so fingers crossed.

  2. marilyn williams submitted this update

    Looked for him today in my travels from Heather Beach ….praying he will be found soon .

  3. Bev Corbin submitted this update

    Well, Arson has been on his own fo 4 nights now…still searching!

  4. Carey MacDonald submitted this update

    Can a police tracking dog be used ??coming
    Up to gulf shore later tonight -will try to look

    • Ann submitted this update

      No, they restrict their use to police work. You just need to keep getting sightings by putting up Posters… now with the sighting farther away in the park – posters could go up in that area. Being prepared to go to sightings and knowing how to react when you see Arson, as he is likely to be in fright/flight mode is important as well. Please learn all about how to approach these dogs here: http://www.lostdogsearch.com/spotthedog.htm

      Fingers/Paws crossed here…
      Ann Morrison

  5. Bev Corbin submitted this update

    Family are back looking in the toney bay road area. This is closer to the home site… received a call this afternoon of a sighting. Continuing to follow all sightings.

  6. Bev Corbin submitted this update

    Today is a new day.. let’s hope there is an Arson sighting today.. or better yet he is found!

  7. Wendy Angus submitted this update

    They should leave a coat or blanket with the owners scent on it. Pets often go to this. Hope the dog is found soon.

  8. Tony George submitted this update

    Heading to the shore to have a look today for Arson. Will update later.

  9. tont george submitted this update

    Walked heather beach, Cameron beach and around a corn field with no success. Hopefully arson will turn up tomorrow.

  10. Carey MacDonald submitted this update

    Searched on Tuesday ( heather/Cameron )but did speak with
    Some people out walking dogs;thought
    Arson was a light white/grey mix -told them
    He was reddish brown -said they saw a
    Dog earlier( unsure when) but they were looking for a
    Light color one..said they heard about lost dog on radio …good to get it out there!!oh my ..thinking of him..

  11. Bev Corbin submitted this update

    Thanks everyone for all your searching. Last sighting was near Shinimicas Park on Monday morning. We continue to contribute flyers in mailbox and expanding the search area. On a rainy day like this he could be hiding cover in the woods;porch steps etc. Still praying for a sighting.

  12. Carrie Casey submitted this update

    Is there any update on Arson?

  13. Bev Corbin submitted this update

    Busy weekend with lots of posters distributed and searching. Still no Arson.

    • carla submitted this update

      Hi we have a cottage at Cameron’s beach facing PEI, we will definitely watch for your dog. We haven’t had any sighting but if we see him we will do our best to connect immediately. All the best. Our friends Kayak we’ll pass along your information incase they see him.

  14. Steve Canning submitted this update

    I was driving up Heather Beach road on Aug 18/14 around 7:45pm. As I turned left onto Toney Bay Road I could see a dog/coyote in the cut farmers field to my right. I rolled down my window and called several times to the animal, it hesitated and watched me for 20-30 seconds before running into the corn field in the direction of farm house. It was dusk and difficult to make out if it was Arson but it was definitely a 30-40 pound canine. I hope this helps! I will be back at Heather Beach on Aug 21 around 5pm if you would like me to show you where I saw it.

  15. Jim Corbin submitted this update

    Bev and I thank all of you who are keeping an eye out for Arson.
    We continue to search, hand out flyers, and expand our search area.
    There have been sightings of two or more coyotes in and around the fields on Toney Bay Road. But, who knows, Steve, maybe you did see Arson. I am coming to the cottage later this evening, so if you could call my cell (225-1660) maybe we could get together and look at the location.
    Thanks folks.
    Jim Corbin

  16. Bev Corbin submitted this update

    No Arson yet. Thanks everyone for your support. Please call if you see Arson.

  17. Abby Corbin (SMITH) submitted this update

    No update or sightings on Arson since Sunday Aug. 17, 2014. Please share near and far. I believe he’s still travelling. It’s been almost 3 weeks sinces he’s been gone. The shelters and vets in Truro and Sackville, NB have been contacted as well.


    • Bruce submitted this update

      hi Abby

      we are still looking as well as all of our friends, i have a scent hound lined up for the next sighting and flyers have been sent to every mail box on every rd from the beach to amherst, oxford and springhill. i am sure we will find him sooner or later. hang in there 🙂

      bruce and marcia

  18. Vicky submitted this update

    There’s a dog running on the beach at blacks beach in linden that looks like arson. I wasn’t there but saw pics on Facebook. Good luck!

    • Bruce submitted this update

      hi Vicky

      do you know who on fb had the pic? i would like to call them to get more info.
      thank you for the post maybe this is the one that brings him home.

      • Bev Corbin submitted this update

        Hi, Abby checked this lead . It was a a coyote. She didn’t get a chance to update before her flight. Thanks to everyone who continues to look and please do not hesitate to call with all leads. Thanks to all who read the flyers and continue to keep a watch for Arson.

  19. Abby smith submitted this update

    Bruce – Vicky emailed me the photo, it was NOT Arson. Looked like a large coyote .

  20. Abby Corbin (SMITH) submitted this update

    Arson is still missing and hasn’t been spotted in over 3 weeks. Please share his photo, we need a sighting.

  21. Bruce submitted this update

    Arson was spotted between the sandpiper resturant and the old lucky star bar (about 2 miles down the rd). thank you for all of your efforts, he is still out there and around the same area that he was lost from so please keep an eye out for him.

    thank you

    • carey macdonald submitted this update

      Hi Bruce,My friend Catherine Fitzsimmons is checking out that area now as they have a cottage nearby. I ill be coming up fri night- how can we help ???

  22. Catherine submitted this update

    Hi, we did not see Arson yesterday. Stopped at the EnvirDepot (between Sandpiper & Tavern) they had not heard a dog was missing. Showed them a picture and gave Bev’s phone number. I am concerned that no posters are in
    Pugwash since Pugwash is such a hub. Perhaps this can be arranged?
    Suggestions: Co-Op, Chatterbox, Post Office, Farmers Market , Basic Spirit etc. thank you.

  23. Abby smith submitted this update

    It was determined the last possible sighting was not Arson near the Sandpiper Pugwash area.

  24. Abby smith submitted this update

    Thank you all for your efforts. Arson was last spotted in west Leicester end of August/first week of September. There is lots and lots of posters in that area and beyond.

  25. Abby smith submitted this update

    There has been no updates on Arson. Please keep sharing, he could still be out there.
    – a lonely owner missing her pup

  26. Abby Corbin (SMITH) submitted this update

    No signs of Arson, he could have travelled far and may still be out there. Please keep an eye out and continue sharing. He’s a tough dog and I know he could survive on his own.

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