HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dog: St. Margaret’s Bay Rd, Halifax, NS — Standard Schnauzer, Male, 4 yrs — “Buster”



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound! YIPPEE!!! From the Family: “I want to thank everyone who searched so hard and so long for my Buster! It was an unbelievably stressful experience but at the same time, it was amazing to feel so connected to so many people, all working together to help a dog find his family!” I was so impressed with the effort put into finding Buster by his family (Kim/Rachel, Cousins and Grandmother), friends (Michelle/Tara/Hugh/and many others) and complete strangers. A huge thank you to all who called in sightings as well. Great job everyone! (3.7.14 – 3.11.14)

Breed or Mix: Standard Schnauzer

Sex: Male, Age: 4 yrs

Collar/Tags: Tan tartan collar

Lost on: 03/07/2014

Area:  St. Margaret’s Bay Rd, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: Grey long hair, shaggy, approximately 45 lbs. Buster bolted from a dog sitter when he went home to check on him so he may be in flight mode. He is generally friendly and likes other dogs. There was a possible sighting on Herring Cove Rd.

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  1. Michelle submitted this update

    Buster was staying with a friend while his family is on March Break. He bolted unexpectedly from a home on Fairmount Dr and does not know the area very well.( He lives on Poplar St in Halifax) . The last confirmed sighting was approximately 7:15 pm March 7th at the intersection of Herring Cove Rd and Cowie Hill Rd. He crossed towards Mellville Ave. He can be nervous of men, but generally likes other dogs. He is very likely in flight mode and very scared.

  2. kim scaravelli submitted this update

    he was last seen at Cowie Hill/Herring Cove Road intersection at about 730 Friday night.

  3. kim scaravelli submitted this update

    sighted about 10am in cowie hill/herringcove road area. still on the run.

  4. kim scaravelli submitted this update

    sighting at Chocolate Lake community centre about 10 minutes ago ( 11:10)

  5. Heather LeBlanc submitted this update

    I am sure I saw him on the herring cove road around 4:30pm yesterday, he was running towards spryfield just before the Cove store. Has he come home yet, we will go look for him around that area.

  6. Jonathan submitted this update
  7. Michelle submitted this update

    Buster was sighted numerous times between 8-11 am on Winchester Ave. so he seems to be staying in the area. We have left blankets and a toy from home in the last sight he was spotted (behind Winchester near Melville Heights) hoping the sound of Rachel’s voice today and familiar scent of family will keep him in the area and help draw him out. He is obviously in “survival” mode and still very scared. Please report any sightings to Michelle at 830-7767. We have met many kind and wonderful people and are truly grateful for everyone’s help. LET’S KEEP WORKING TOGETHER AND GET BUSTER HOME!

    • Janet Chernin submitted this update

      Please take the time to read over on how to find a lost dog – especially a dog in flight/fright mode. GENTLY calling his name may help but it is normally best in these cases to wait and if sighted go low and slow to draw him in. If you have blankets that Buster sleeps on … cut them up and scatter – creating a scent trail ( dogs are more inclined to go into their own smell).

      This article was written about Shelties but applies to all breeds and especially dogs that are skittish.

      Further tips on how to find a lost dog:

      It is a good thing that Buster has ‘established’ a radius – do make sure however that there is NOT too many folk trying to ‘capture’ him – as he may then expand his radius. The best times for ‘searching’ is dawn and dusk. Continue to update under our post.


  8. Gale submitted this update

    I’m just wondering if Buster has been found. I don’t live in Halifax but I am worried about him. I hope he returns safely.

  9. Michele submitted this update

    Any news.. I looked around the area he was last seen tonight for about 1 hr no luck or sighting.

    • Ann submitted this update

      Thank you for Helping Michele… He’s been sighted in Ravenscraig several times on the weekend… subdivision off Williams Lake Rd. Thanks so much for your help, I know the owners greatly appreciate it.

      Ann Morrison

      • Michele submitted this update

        Wish I could so more , no problem. Just worried about him being out there. I have a dog as well and can’t Imagine how worried the owners are. Hopefully home safe soon.

  10. Ruth thomsen submitted this update

    So happy for Buster and his family and friends..I have a fur baby and I have been thinking and so worried about him..great ending to a busy few days for you ..

  11. Kimberly MacKinnon submitted this update

    OMG I am SOOOOOO happy to hear this!!!! I saw a woman at the Armdale Rotary with a sign the other day looking for him, probably his Momma. I knew he was missing beforehand so I was heartbroken that he was still out there scared and hungry 🙁 This news just made my week! YAY Buster! xoxo

  12. Susan Knudsen submitted this update

    Thank goodness Buster was found. The family and/or friends were by my place on Saturday morning and I haven’t stopped calling him (Buster) every time I leave or come back to my house. Stay safe Buster…we were all worried about you!!

    • Ellen submitted this update

      So happy to hear Buster was found. I was especially touched by his story as I also own a Standard (black) Schnauzer. Regardless of type of dog I can imagine how upsetting this must have been for his family n friends and am very happy to hear they have been reunited.

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