LOST DOG: 35 Erin Drive, Dartmouth, NS — Terrier/Beagle Mix, Male, 1.5 years old — “Buster”



UPDATE: 6.10.13 – ” This afternoon we got a call from someone who said they saw him running up Spring Avenue from Portland St. that’s the latest siting.”

Breed or Mix: Terrier / Beagle mix

Sex: Male, Age: 1.5 years old

Collar/Tags: Blue cloth collar, no tags

Lost on: 06/03/2013

Area: 35 Erin Drive, Dartmouth, NS

Additional Notes: He is a rescue dog from a neglected home so he is not familiar with his name, nor does he approach people easily. He is a wire haired black & tan ‘scruffy looking’ do with a long black tail & was just neutered last week so still has the scar visible. He has big long floppy beagle ears – otherwise he looks like an over sized Yorkie, He stands about 9 inches high & weighs approx 12 – 14 pounds.

Please Contact: Please cross post and if you have any information contact: Ron or Bonnie PIlkington, ronbonp@hotmail.com 902-446-9010


  1. Bonnie submitted this update

    Please call 311 Animal control as soon as you see him – they will come out to the area if called within 20 minutes of the siting.

  2. Elizabeth submitted this update

    Do we know his “previous” name ? That might help.

  3. patsy submitted this update

    I saw him yesterday, did not see this until after the fact. I live on Grandview Dr off Spring. Had him in my backyard. He wad gone down the back bank before I could get to him. Looks like he is not leaving the area.

  4. denise submitted this update

    I think I saw this little fellow a couple of days ago on Aberdeen crt . I knew he was lost , he wouldn’t come to me and ran off . I searched a few streets but didn’t see him …..I will post on my facebook for neighbors to watch out for him . Good luck

  5. denise submitted this update

    He may be heading to wherever he was rescued from 🙁 ??

    • Ann submitted this update

      Sometimes that may be true, but I believe Buster is from Montreal so let’s hope not. ;^) Ann Morrison

  6. Barb submitted this update

    Saw Buster on Sunday on Granview at 2ish I was unable to catch him. He wasnt hurt just sauntering along heading towards Spring.

  7. Mary submitted this update

    Has Buster been found yet??

    • Bonnie submitted this update

      “Buster” is his original name but he does not recognize that as he was not given much human attention in his life. He is still out there in relatively the same neighbourhood. 3 sitings today Thursday June 13 – Albyn st, Patterson & Walters St. in Woodlawn area.

  8. Mary submitted this update

    Have you thought of setting up a live trap to catch him? If he is shy of people it might be a good idea.

  9. Bonnie submitted this update

    Sat June 15 – 2 sitings: approx 8:30 am on LaPierre & Steven Harris heading toward Cranberry. Then approx 8:45pm on Lucien heading toward Mount Edward Rd. Please keep the faith & the word moving. He’s so close to home but just doesn’t know it!

  10. Suellen submitted this update

    Thought I saw him on Mount Edward Road close to Stewart Harris around 8:00 pm. A car stopped by him and the people were getting out. Turned around and went back and the car was gone and didn’t see the dog. Thinking the may have gotten him. Has he been found?

  11. Andrew Baird submitted this update

    I believe I saw him this morning on Caldwell Rd down near the military beach heading towards Hynes Rd. In my mirror I did see him go into the bushes on the side of the road but when I turned around and went back I didn’t see him.

  12. Joan moir submitted this update

    My daughter said she saw him on Ellenvale. not knowing the story she tried to catch him, last seen heading towards Morash park Guysborough ave area

  13. S Reid submitted this update

    He was definitely in a backyard on Woodlawn Road across from the church and duck pond at 5:45. My neighbour called to him and he looked up but kept going. So unlikely he is the one spotted on Caldwell.

  14. Wanda Hill submitted this update

    about 1 hour ago I saw a dog that looked like his running on Woodlawn road just past the store Not sure it was him but called the owner. Hope they find him soon. Will keep an eye out if I see him again I will try to get him in the car

  15. Bonnie submitted this update

    last seen last evening around 7pm between holes 3 – 7 on brightwood golf course running in & out of the wooded areas. keep reporting your sightings please to 311, animal services, as that’s the only way they’ll agree to put out cages to try & catch him. thanks for all your efforts everyone.

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