LOST DOG: Hollow Mountain Road, Delaps Cove, Annapolis Co., NS — Great Pyrenees, Female, 7 — “Rebecca”



Breed or Mix: Great Pyrenees

Sex: Female, Age: Seven

Collar/Tags: Blue Collar with Red “Noah’s Farm” Tag

Lost on: 10/04/2012

Area: Hollow Mountain Road, Delaps Cove, Annapolis, NS

Additional Notes: Rebecca is primarily white with some light tan markings. She has medium-length hair. She is average-size for a Great Pyr. She has extra toes. She is a trained livestock guardian dog – friendly but also very independent and resourceful. She was raised with livestock rather than in a house setting. She was pregnant – close to term. She began throwing up the night she disappeared and was let out. It’s possible she found a spot some distance from her home to have the pups (we have three other dogs, and she gets along with all but one). We conducted several searches in the bush (our home is surrounded by bush) and put out loads of food for her each morning. For the first few weeks the food disappeared before noon, but lately there has been no activity. The pups may have become too difficult for her to bring with her as they grew older, and she may have found another food source. We are still hoping and praying she will turn up at the house with pups. Rebecca is a very capable dog – we can see her being extremely protective of the pups. She can also travel quite a distance in a short time.

Please Contact: Please cross post and if you have any information contact:  Diana Fletcher-deZeeuw, fundy3931@hotmail.com 902-532-0155
902-532-7197 (after 9:30 PM)

Ian deZeeuw can also be contacted at the above numbers.


  1. Diana deZeeuw submitted this update

    Received an email from a lady saying that she had seen a dog similar to Rebecca on the way to Parrsboro from Truro – along the road in a wooded area. This is quite a distance from Rebecca’s home in the Annapolis Royal area, so the only possibility (if this dog is Rebecca) is that someone picked her up and took her to that area. My husband believes this is what happened, but I’ve still been hoping that she is close by. Anyway, another lady told me today that there is a group that targets purebreds – takes them from their homes and resells them. She stopped them from trying to lure her dog into their car. Of course, as Rebecca was pregnant (my fault – I wanted her to have one litter of border-pyr pups – the perfect farm dog. One of our males is a border collie), they would have received a real bonus. It’s possible they kept Rebecca until the pups were weaned then let her go in these woods. Rebecca is not the easiest dog to handle. She is wonderful on a farm setting, but she will fight tooth and nail against any attempt to confine her. She is unbelievably strong. Anyway, thought I would share this if anyone else spots a big white dog in that area. She does like watching cars go by. In fact she has been known to chase cars, viewing the road as her own private driveway and the cars as intruders!

    • unknown submitted this update

      yes there is a bf and gf that take pubread dogs, they breed and sell, also will bye pups for breeding purpose. they are all over fdacebook, they are oringinley fr digby area, and have been all over scotia since they were charged. i hope u find ur dog. and puppies, best bet is to look on the kijiji and everyothere site for puppies and a pic that match ur dog so, srry to here. i hope u get ur dog back

  2. maryanne dunlop submitted this update

    Diane there is a face book site called lost and found pets kings county they have found a female with tan on her in the Hilz rd area around Brow North Mountain they do have a photo up

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