HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!! Lost Dog: Highway 2, Lantz, East Hants, NS — Chihuahua/Jack Russell Mix, Male, 3 — “Arthur”



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!! YIPPPPEEEEE!!!! Arthur is home, warm, sleeping in a bed tonight.  WELL DONE EVERYONE!! It was a hard catch, but after getting another sighting reported, they relocated the trap and within six hours were able to catch him.  FANTASTIC!!! From the Owner: “Found!! I found him in a live trap I relocated earlier this evening.”  Everyone is exhausted.  I want to praise the owners and the Community of Lantz for doing so much to help Arthur and get him home safely.  He was a skilled street smart dog that loved the outdoors, but I bet he is having the best sleep of his life tonight.  Thanks to all the NSLDN folks that were so concerned and worried about Arthur and helped by sharing his info.  Yeah!!! (11.17.12 – 12.7.12)

UPDATE: Sightings – Nov. 30, 2012:  There have been sightings daily of Arthur in and around Lantz, most recently on Loyd St: http://goo.gl/maps/6TVVW  As well, he is back over on Poplar St. occasionally.  He was rescued from a High Kill Shelter in California and probably was on the streets before that. He loves the outdoors and is shy of people.  A live trap will probably be the only opportunity to catch him, but reported sightings are vital to getting the live trap into the right area. Thank you to all who are concerned about Arthur.

Breed or Mix: Chihuahua jack Russell

Sex: Male, Age: 3

Collar/Tags: Red collar with paw prints on it

Lost on: 11/17/2012

Area: Highway 2, Lantz, East Hants, NS

Additional Notes: Short white coat with large tan marking on back and a tan left ear. Tip of nose is pink. Neutered. Has a chip implanted from when he was rescued from a kill shelter in California. Very skittish but loves all natural beef liver treats. Not very playful unless comfortable with the other dog even then it’s minimal. Balls and toys that make sound don’t draw him closer. Will normally freeze up when a larger dog approaches ( this is while on a leash though and not sure if its the same with him off). Doesn’t like being wet and steers away from puddles and long grass on walks.

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  1. Gerry submitted this update

    I have had a little dog like this hanging around my home in Lantz NS I can not get close enough to him to
    catch him but he looks like this guy. He is very skittish and is starving, Ive put food out but he wont come to me

    • Julie Price submitted this update

      Im going to try on friday to look for arthur can you give me a cross road or area to look I live in Dartmouth but will drive to lantz using my gps. I don’t know any areas in Lantz so I need a place to start looking.

  2. olga submitted this update

    Hi, Arthur is sleeping in my back yard every night now. I have put out blankets and started to feed him. If you are here around 630 am you maybe able to catch him. It’s not a one person job. You need one to come up from behind and one to come at him in the front. Also, once I start my bus he’s back on the run again. It scares him off.
    Please contact me at 902-579-2291 olga

  3. Kim spurrell submitted this update

    I too would love to help in any way I can. Please let me know wha is needed and where to go look.

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