SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Sobeys, 68 Robie St, Truro, NS – Chocolate Lab, Blue Collar, chain collar, black cat as friend


I was just at Sobeys in Truro (on the side by the NSLC section) and there was a full grown chocolate lab with a blue collar (with tags?) and one of those small metal choke collars. He saw me, hackles went up and tail went between his legs and he gave a scared growl and took off. I was probably 10-15 feet away. When he took off a dark cat also followed him. I called to the dog, crouched down, etc and whistled. He stopped about 50 feet away but refused to come closer and when I took 2-3 slow steps he took off behind Sobeys. The cat was with him/her the entire time and followed the dog. The dog even sniffed/possibly licked the cat once so they know each other.

Sobeys in Truro at 8:30pm, full grown chocolate lab, light blue collar and choke chain, very skittish with a full grown dark coloured cat as a side kick.

Please contact if sighted again:

  • Animal Services: 897-3175
  • Colchester Branch SPCA: Truro: Shelter: 902-893-7968

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