Sighted: Roaming Dogs: Brookside Junior High School, Prospect Road, Hatchet Lake, Halifax Co., NS – German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever, running in the school fields alone

***STOCK PHOTO***  Showing Breed Examples Only:  SIGHTED: Roaming Dogs: I was walking my two furries and noticed a German Shepherd and perhaps a Golden on their own. They ran when they saw us, which doesn’t seem right if they are homed dogs. They ran down past the fields by Brookside Jr High, Prospect Rd, Hatchet Lake, Halifax Co., NS. If you have lost them, try there. If they do have a home, but like to go for walks by themselves, can you let me know? I have been worrying about them being lost dogs.  If you see these dogs roaming please call HRM Animal Services: 490-4000

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  1. Laine submitted this update

    Ad ID 357298999
    Date Listed 22-Feb-12
    Address Lower Sackville, NS B4E 2X6, Canada
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    Found a dog, actually there were two that seemed to be friends but one of em bolted. They were walking around in the middle of the road soaked, cold and hungry.

    One was a Golden Ret. the other seemed to be a shephard mix.

    Please contact us as we have the Golden here at our place.

    from Laine….
    someone else has seen these dogs, in Sackville. they have gone far. the person managed to get the golden inside, but the shepherd bolted. they could have come from anywhere and no one has been looking for them?

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